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My parents gave me $9k for my 18th birthday so I could buy a car, but I decided to put it all in crypto (except for a bit I spent on clothes and weed).

How did I do?

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Your parents should have aborted you

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You fucking blew it

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Learn to code

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Vechain is a good bet, But the rest is absolute retard tier. Ask the manager of crypto to give your money back and get some linkies

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Better hope we hit the fucking BULL RUN in the next year.

You either make it or you spend the next decade wondering what you could have done better.

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Looks pretty good, should be worth 1-3m by 2021

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i have literally not heard of any of this except lite, which has already peaked.

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The other anons are right. Immediately change your portfolio of everything that isn't eth
Do not buy shitcoins. There are two, maybe three coins worth it right now.
Your alt coins should all be in a coin that starts with a b and ends in itcoin

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you could have bought hundreds of LINK

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So whats your plan for when your parents ask where your car is that they gave you money for?

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wat le fug am I reading and how did you possibly decide on these?

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you're 6 months too late. this is not the time to be holding that portifolio. sell to bitcoin or usdt immediately or you'll regret it

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Wow...even if I seriously geniuenly tried I couldnt have gotten a worse folio than yours...it is SO FUCKING BORING and also NOT GOING ANYWHERE BUT DOWN AHAHAHAHAHAH

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2017 called, it wants your portfolio back

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He thinks like a women. Hang on this guy Is a women

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worst portfolio I've seen so far
this is unironically good advice

your portfolio should have BTC, ETH, XMR, LINK, and maybe one or two shitcoins if you want to gamble (the shitcoins should not be too much of your portfolio)

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Put it all into UBXT if you want at least a 10x..they are still at a low mcap and lots of room to grow

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Sell everything and buy eth

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OP honestly you fucked up, put it all in ChainLink and just sit back.
stable coin 40$ soon to be worth nothing

rest of the coins you bought...no comment.
but atleast you are trying.

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my parents gave me nothing for my 18 birthday a few months ago..

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Really, really bad, honestly. Good luck kid.

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>Doesn't hold solid defi projects like aave, snx, comp, link. Defi literally kickstarted this bullrun...


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what a load of shit coins. ETC! you deserve to lose all that money for buying that.
If your parent are not rich, sell, cut your loses and give the money back to them

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>new to crypto
we can tell.
buy ETH, XMR, LINK and RSR in equal amounts. don't bother with BTC until you have at least 5 figures to play with.

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Garbage portofolio might as well spend everything on weed at you will get some value.

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Wear a potato sack grow weed at cost and buy LINK you newfag

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You're already down 775 in 1 day.

Jesus fucking christ you bought all trash buddy.
And you're still walking

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I'm going to spoonfeed you:
$3k in ETH
$2k in LINK
$2k in BTC
$1k in XMR
get a hardware wallet too

spend the rest gambling on shitcoins if you want

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>reddit spacing
youre fucked

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You did good with HOT. You should honestly go half HOT half LINK. You’ll have close to 10 million HOT which means 100k each penny it goes up. And 500 LINK is barely enough to kinda make it in time

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Edit...thought your hot was Holochain. Holochain is what you should buy

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Do this OP you will be sitting at 10x by 2022

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> 1 post from this id
Can’t believe how many of you thought this was serious. Some solid advice in here though.

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very nice

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lmao good one

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How to getgardware wallet? What program is using op? I have 9k aviable and want to do this. New to cripto no to investment
T. Omega boomer grandpa

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Get a ledger or a trezor, trezor's probably better because they had less security fuckups but both are fine. Always keep your crypto on your hardware wallet or else it might get stolen by viruses. NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR SEED WORDS!!! There are a ton of scammers and pajeets here too, don't listen to them. Just invest in the coins I listed and you'll be fine. Make sure to also read up on all the crypto scams, there are tons of pajeets here who will try to scam you.

OP's using blockfolio to track his investments.

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Dear Anon, Why not just buy COCOS-BCX since it's literally the next bubble and then you don't have to waste your time with whatever the hell this is.

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you fucked up

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What the fuck is wrong with you

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Wow good advices on biz, can't believe this happened

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nice get
checked and based advice

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and they still can

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Anon, you really fucked this up. Just buy BTC, ETH, and Link. If you want to get risky maybe some Fantom and suterusu

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This portfolio is terrible. Your max gain in 20 years with this is 20%. Sell all of this and restart your research.

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All of these coins are in perpetual downtrends. You'd literally be better off shorting them.

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buy PNK a bit of LINK and STAtera faggot

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holy shit you bought all the bad ones

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>no link
>no pnk
>no statera
not going to make it

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pick one

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Do this. But don't put all into 1 hardware wallet. Let alone not hardware wallet only.
Big exchanges can be safe for that amount too.

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Dude this is fucking hilarious thanks for the chuckle.

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>$9k for his birthday
>equivelant to my whole life savings at 26

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stoploss now. then, wait for bonded.finance

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Only God forgives anon
This must be bait, otherwise you must be retarded

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Jesus christ dude... please tell me this is a larp...please... i dont want to think theres portfolios this terrible.

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Should have invested it all in bitcoin. You're holding a lot of hot shit there. What the fuck even is CELO? You shouldn't gamble more than 3% on obscure shit like that.

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Pretty well fren
I would swap LTC for BTC
and add OM, DOT and FLETA

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How come nobody suggests algorand as an alt coin?

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Keep it up.

Stake some FLETA, ALGO and OM and you're all set for financial freedom and a world of possibilities

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on your 18th birthday

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You could have picked bullshitcoin

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why the fuck didnt you buy link or xsn? are you mentally retarded?

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Not even joking, it is a terrible portfolio. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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how in the fuck did you pick all losers? you gotta be fucking with us

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Imagine being this fucking retarded. Your parents are absolute fools. Personally I would have disowned you. They should have just bought you a car and never given you free money to blow on internet money scams.

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It's never too late.
>You could have thrown your money away even faster than you already did!

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Then you have shitty parents. Sorry bro.

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You didn't do any research at all did you?

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this looks like a portfolio from 2018.
Absolutely get rid of HOT. Pure poison, team are deluded hippies.
ETC and LTC are pretty cringe, i'd drop at least ETC.
I dont know what CELO is.
Get yourself some Linkies and Litties. Lition is going to do an AMA tomorrow and announce some new developments. Look for an easy 20% rise there, then stake for a year with a 30% ROI, cant lose.

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leave crypto and spend your money elsewhere

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boomer coins

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the most shitty folio ive seen this year

>> No.23260259

Those are hodl plays so anon could split across different exchanges to cut risk given trade fees aren't going to be a thing.

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>How did I do?
kys retard

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Seriously do this, your current portfolio is an outrage.

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Honestly terrible, ETC is literally dead it gets attacked constantly it's a wonder it's no delisted everywhere. LTC is literally useless, every coin does what LTC can do and more and has no where near the security of BTC. Never even heard of CELO and HOT, unless you meant to buy Holochain in which case you fucked up again. VET is okay but I wouldn't put any more in, all in all terrible job should have just bought BTC and ETH if you don't know what you are doing.

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nice bait 7/10

>> No.23260381

Buying a used car would of probably lost you less money what you invested in.

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Holy fuck ahahhahaahahaa

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>1 post
I hope you're here bro. Get out until you have at least 50k to fuck with. And fucking USE ROBINHOOD. At least with enough money you can cover your losses

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Reading through all the pajeets shilling their dogshit is mentally taxing so finding some actual advice leaves me surprised.

>> No.23260746

Never buy anything with >10mm mcap.

>> No.23260839

What about putting $50 or 100 into many of them? Surely some will pop off!

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This the greatest bait posted on /biz/
No one is this stupid

>> No.23260957

This. OP has a hot bag of trash. Seriously my dude, dump this shit and buy Eth and BTC until you know what you're doing.

>> No.23261514

did you even lurk for 2 years before jumping in?
what is this trash

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He spent some of the 9k on clothes and weed. Now take another look at his portfolio and learn to read and learn to math.

>> No.23262045

>no RSR
>all that HOT

>> No.23262105

Holy fuck hahah what are those shitcoins?

Should have gone all in on LINK

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>1 post by this id
>My parents gave me X to buy Y
>How did I do?
>95 replies
hiromoot pls delet biz

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put it in a fund you fucking zoomer. you're too late to the crypto game. smart money already pulled out.

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