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Has there ever been a more annoying shilling brigade on biz?

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Fuck pajeets. I hope every indian on earth dies, along with niggers, kikes and jannies

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STAtera is far from dead. The dashboard is coming in a few months which will make it attractive to people, we have a partnership with toast.finance and other major players in the DEFI space.

Not buying STA at 8 cents is like not buying BTC at 8 cents.

Your IQ is probably too low to understand the whitepaper. IYKYK

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Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE!!!

All of this fud that I always see in Statera threads, saying that it's a scam, has no usecase, or that the Telegram admin is a tranny...

Why would anyone care so much, and take so much time to shit-talk something that they aren't invested in?

Fud must actually be a good sign. All of this Statera fud is just from people trying to tank the price so that they can buy more for cheap. They're doing this because they know it's going to moon. Holy shit, how come I never thought of this before?

I've gotta buy more Statera!

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This kind of language is uncalled for.

The entire point of crypto is to give the entire world financial freedom, regardless of borders, gender, race, nationalities, sex, etc. Anyone can use the blockchain anywhere, and I think thats beautiful.

Thankfully STA will survive without bigots like you.

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>Not buying STA at 8 cents is like not buying BTC at 8 cents.
Imagine believing this

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The price is being artificially deflated by digifinex and hotbit, its actually 12 cents on uniswap retard.

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the level of faggotry in this response gave me aids

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If you actually read the whitepaper you would know that its perfectly possible.

STA is the king of defi

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Wew you people are obsessed.

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It’s trading even lower on Uniswap compared to digifinex you delusional coping bagholding retard

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Adjust your dosage.

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>5 posts from this ID
>denies the existence of visual facts presented right before him
>resorts to typical 4chan meme insult as defense mechanism instead of addressing the actual point

Yep, delusional bag holder cope detected. Thanks for reassuring me there’s still more retards like you in the crypto space to dump my bags on, I’m actually going to make it holy fuck

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>we have a partnership with toast.finance

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Honestly? Xrp. Chainlink too but our shilling is justified

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Literally kill yourself

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complete brainlette I'm not saying it's not true i'm saying TOAST.FINANCE IS A LITERAL WHO?

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Hahaha genuinely good response. Biz needs to stop shilling shit coins

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>he doesnt know
Its a fork of ZZZ.finance but with improvements

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yes the most annoying shilling brigade is chainlink shillers.
20-50 threads daily for 3 yrs. obnoxious AF
than comes the XRP loons next with their constant ITS DA STANDARD!

these 3 have added to making the board insufferable over the years

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no your 3 yrs of 20-50 threads daily nonstop is NEVER justified cultist

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>the elites will allow us to use a decentralized currency that they can't control and can't track long term

This absolute level of cope

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What does this coin do again?

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It's over.
Sta bros we had a good run. We broke the thing.
Let's all pack out.

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It provides a deflationary index fund and balances blockchain transfers.

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$1 EOY

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no just no with this delusion

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Why would I hold it then?

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DOnt hold it and stay poor retard

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What would make the number go up?

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Thank GOD

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Its delfationary which means that the supply goes down as STA is burned.
STA burned = price goes up, thats how supply vs demand works

millions of STA has been burnt so far and millions more to go

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not buying statera at 8c is like not buying buying deepbrainchain at 8c

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Uhh yeah all the luigi fags that were here the last 7 days

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I don't know....Fantomfags are pretty cringe.

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kek. Absolutely brutal.

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Why Statera when ARPA exists?

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so you're saying the number goes down. the website says the number goes up when people buy statera because arbitrage? what?

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when people buy statera = sta is burned + people buying means price goes up
when people sell statera = sta is burned reducing supply so price goes up and holders get richer

there is no way to lose money on this iykyk

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then why did the price go down?

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Oh look, the sun has finally risen over in the land of pajeets.

Time for the endless FUD threads to begin again.

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>a few months
>last week it was two weeks

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you're stupid as fuck aren't you

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STA will never die

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The date was never announced, everything else was speculation by other people. It could still be released tomorrow.

Only price worth using is uni, the rest is wash trading.

Any legit FUDs? let's hear them. Convince me to sell now and walk with my 40% profit. I know you want what's best for me anon

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OG stinker here. I promise you STAfags will never outdo us in hectoring /biz/raelis. Except, y'know, we were right. And we still are.

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God you are a faggot.

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Ok you’re legitimately just a retarded telegram shill with your bullshit and lies about STA. Even I own this cunt token and assume I will never ever break even. I’m down what....to one quarter of my original investment on this steaming shit.

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How the fuck are you down to a quarter? Did you buy at above 20c?

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Then sell and recover your losses elsewhere or just accept you are never gonna make it.

No need to come here and whine about either FOMO buying, then not selling at a profit or buying before the price bottomed out.

Either way that isn't on STA, that is your own inadequacy.

No lies, no scam, just telling you that not everyone is equal and not everyone is gonna make it. Sell now, because making it clearly isn't for you.

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> Shutup you telegram shill, I invested at the top of a token I don't understand nor believe in, i'll never break even because I'm a complete fucking idiot.

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Haste the day when I can hang faggots like you with impunity. May god damn you filthy kikes to the eternal hellfire you all deserve

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Price hasn't budged since you faggots started fudding, try harder

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You sound like that sarcastic faggot in the telegram that only chimes in with smarmy comments on in a while

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Dead shit coin. Front page post. Choose one.

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>spam the board with absolute garbage shitcoins like statera
>get told to fuck off
>o-oh it must be people trying to accumulate my worthless shitcoin
I think your heavy statera bags are safe from anyone with an iq above 80, Ranjesh.

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>baseless fud against a project literally proven to not be a scam
Yeah, I'm thinking it's you that needs to fuck off.

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7c - 8c is the new bottom floor for STA

It will slowly crawl up from here, with some big pumps along the way.

I don't expect $1 EOY, but could definitely see 25 cents EOY and $1 sometime mid 2021

>and I'm keeping a keen eye on Oct 23

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>no just no
pantypooper detected

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i can wait 3 years

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>n-no it's not a scam sir it just looks like a scam and we sound like scammers spamming it on biz

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am i retard for even googling this shitcoin? im embarassed for getting that far

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only 1 of them gave anons 6 figs+
And I can guess which one u don’t hold faggot

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I remember when people were saying it was going to be 1$ 6 months ago and they just keep coping and pushing the fabled moon date back.
When the year ends and it does nothing there will be a grand new round of cope claiming that if you just hold for another year you will make it and the cycle will restart.

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>plugs his ears and goes off to make another statera scam thread where he gets told to fuck off again
Wow, he sure showed us.

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Gave the chance to give me a legit FUD

No takers.

Feel free to take up my offer champ.

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the price went from over 30 cents to 10 cents, so a lot of people lost money even with deflation which is a main idea of this coin

so why do people still believe the number will go up?

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burn baybeee

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>copies link memes
>wants people to “legit fud”
My god fuck this board where my og’s at bros

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What are you talking about Hank Hill? Burning small amounts of this token wasn't enough to keep the price up and stable.

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no sir please in doing the needful and buy STA coin, very good and makes a deflation!!!

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i asked chainlinkgod about STA and he didnt think much of it. if you know him, he's the highest IQ link marine there is.

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they only lost money if they couldn't hold. that s was only 2 months ago, not an unreasonable time to hold an investment
They also could have used the coin as intended and pooled as it dropped, then unpooled at the bottom.

Those who bought the original ATH saw a 3x after a little over 2 months if they held on.

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Your token is dead

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Not in the telegram. Banned like everyone else I spoke to who tried asking hard questions. Standard practice for a dying token mate.

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>a few months for a dashboard
Are they writing the next UI for an OS or something?

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statera and rot holders are on another level of mental deficiency

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