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Imagine not buying the next Coinbase listing

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Where to buy?

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is he based, doxxed, and sec compliant?

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why exactly is he trying to dodge the sec so much? very suspicious if you ask me..

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on the contrary, he's following their guidelines instead of going against them. he's got like 10 years experience as a finance lawyer.
if you're actually interested, check out the medium article


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you can copy the token address from the website and then search it on uniswap

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If he's following the guidelines so much why is he literally asking people on twitter to not bring sec investigation to the project?

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checked. because it's super early.

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He indeed is based, doxxed, and sec compliant.


You're not gonna get a better entry than now.

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Except it is a security and it'll be doubly hilarious when the SEC singles them out for claiming not to be a security, and ignores all the other non-securities

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>Except it is a security


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how is it a security?

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Once again, they have nothing to back up their FUD.

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valkyrie here

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Checked. Jarl reporting in sir

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High King!

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jotun Chad here who got in early. I refuse to dump on my Viking bros. see you in Valhalla.

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No one ever said DRC is getting listed on coinbase.

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checked. what a difference a month will make for this project. hope you got a small bag just in case you're wrong, fren
based as fuck
OMEGA BASED, may Aesir and Vanir bless you

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slap his ass?

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The samefagging/stages replies in these threads are getting more and more obivious

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Post link to the project website?

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It's discord poos.

They don't even have a website lol

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I don't get it. Why are they trying so hard to catch a pump for a token that already pumped x1000 since its inception when it has literally NOTHING worth its current marketcap?

Why isn't anyone pointing out how the TG has 1500+ members for only 200 holders or so? Or how strange it is for Maxim Nurov to list the token with $1000 initial liquidity considering his backing and available funds?

This is probably an advanced case of identity theft, but the pajeet who managed to get access is too braindead to properly use this lifetime opportunity. Just like the guy who hacked major Twitter accounts in July

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>useless shitcoin created a week ago

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I want the project to grow. You may be referring to one of the copycat jeet projects with anon devs because there is just over 600 in the telegram and there are just under 700 holders.
>advanced identity theft
hey pedro you pulled that same shit in the telegram and couldn't back it up
>useless shitcoin
screencapped. see you in a month, shitskin

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The 1000+ member telegram is a fake scam one.

Jotun here

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Odin screencap this

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NRCT is far superior

We actually have a website on the way


Telegram: t.me/nationalreserve

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street shitter detected

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you're gonna get rugged lmao

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this thread has nothing to do with dracula token... get on the right token topic

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what will you do when you go to sleep, wake up the next morning and the dracula token telegram is closed so you open up your blockfolio and see that your tokens are now worth pennies because you trusted a fork from an anon dev. you are so fucked, I hope you realize you now have to watch the chart every minute of the day because at any moment the project can get rugged without you knowing in advance. good luck, anon

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lol imagine being such a fragile sissyqueer you had to type that up to not cry and shit your diaper over someone saying this isnt dracula token. imagine being such a queer that the mention of a token you dont invest in causes you to have that meltdown and look like a bitch made faggot online. imagine being so hilariously unmanly you cant just laugh it off and move on with your night.

now I hold both tokens and a massive amount of both so yes I prefer seeing dracula over this cuz this is another generic boring token and dracula is not and has halloween hype. please reply with more tardqueer seethe so I can laugh at your diaper shitting ass

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Rofl, did anyone even take a look at their site?
>the whitepaper is two pages long and says literally nothing
>the guy that keeps being memed literally doesn't even exist
>a literal thousand bucks in initial liquidity
>poor literary skills of whoever wrote this

very good coin! thank you sirs!!

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Where the fuck was Dracula token ever mentioned before your post you fucking retard.

>another generic boring token

Says the guy shilling another generic boring staking token that will be forgotten just like the many that came before it.

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Alright just bought 1mil when moon sirs?

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imagine realizing you were dead wrong from the start so you had to type an even longer reply to the guy who ostensibly shits diapers (kek) instead of moving on with your night. let me guess, you have nigger genetics and don't fit in anywhere so you reddit space and project your way out of being so utterly devastated on an anonymous cloudwatching forum? remind me what will you do again when you get rugged? streetshit?

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Have I been curried? The fud makes me think not, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

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>the guy that keeps being memed literally doesn't even exist

That's when your FUD loses all credibility.

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yeah now sell me your bags

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I bought like 10 minutes ago anon, you're not getting my bag

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well it was worth the shot since these fudders have set the bar so low. tomorrow i might exclusively fud lol

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there are 700 + holders and 560 in tg. there is a fake tg filled with bots that you may be referring to.

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Sorry, I didn't realize that the DRC group wasn't related to Digital Reserve Currency.
Nonetheless, my point still stands. As it is today, the DRC token is essentially worthless and useless. You can't expect people to buy a given token just because the dev is not anonymous. If it's really him, to begin with.

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Oh god it's about to go to zero

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>calls it reddit spacing
>its been called double spacing for over 100yrs til tardqueers like you wrongly started calling it reddit spacing
>reddit has only been around a few years

hmmm me thinks you have a touch of the tardqueer in you

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>essentially worthless and useless
this can be said about many projects that have over 100M mc, including bitcoin. say what you will about the usecase, but the fact that the dev isn't anonymous and has a real big boy job in finance in DC with his name and face already on this finished project speaks volumes. you must be new to crypto to think otherwise. spend $30 and get a small stack, or don't, you will see what happens after this gets listed because it will get listed and then rise from there. It's funny how people on the board ape into cronje projects yet are so quick to call this one a useless jeet scam
even more reddit than your previous posts, nignog. ask me how I know you have weak arms and an effeminate voice

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cry moar tardqueer. ask me how I know you're a virgin and look at the ground when you talk to people and have never been in a fight

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>you must be new to crypto to think otherwise.
Name me one project who does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Bitcoin, or even fiat if you really want to push it that far, don't count because they're either first movers or backed up by arms. What will convince people to buy a token anyone can create on the ETH network in ten minutes? Because the dev worked in the SEC?

This is not even FUD. This is not even like the time where people unironically fudded about the philosophy major stuff for LINK. Please tell me how the guy having worked in the SEC give DRC its valuation. It's not valuable unlike BTC's whitepaper or government "backed" fiat.

Unless DRC is aiming to become a meme token or a yield farming scam there is currently no reason to buy this other than muh low mcap

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>Name me one project who does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
dogecoin you ignorant new faggot. literally ANY memecoin, jeetscam, or fork of this project. there are SO MANY I refuse to believe you're not being disingenuous. thanks for bumping the thread with weaker fud than the streetshitting ape I replied to above you.

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That's what I was talking about in my post you fucking troglodyte.
>unless DRC aims to become a meme token
I unironically believe dogecoin and other similar meme scams to be worth more than DRC.
Let me ask you the question again.


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you should unironically buy doge, this is going to 0 any minute wtf!

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The fact it's not a scam, and has this maxim guy involved is good enough for me to put a few eth into it.
Why are you mad?

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you bought the dip right, anon?

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damn skippy. still a Jarl though. for now

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Everyone thinks the dev owns only 15% of the DRC. No one is asking who the other tops holders are that gradually sell. No one asks how this project that has only one person supposedly behind became known to /biz/. Almost like it's a scam or something

>> No.23255443

dev has two wallets with 15% and 10%. there's another big wallet that belongs to a sniper bot that buys every new coin on uniswap as soon as their out.

as far as how it became known on biz, you can check the archive (if it's up), but some anon saw it on uni researched the name and connected it to maxim.

not saying it's a guaranteed success, but I'm pretty sure it's not a pnd

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Well said Anon

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Checked. High Kang here

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>100% of the supply has been listed on Uniswap

Uhh, that's a lie though.

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>A new asset that has a limited supply and is extremely secure has TRUE VALUE. The fact that it is censorship-resistant, trustless, and portable makes it more advanced than gold or fiat money.

Where does the value come from? Can I use DRC as a currency to buy LINK with? Looks like I can't.

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This project, or may I say side experiment, might unironically be the next gem in the rough needed in crypto because it's actually very straightforward. No bullshit included. People looking at DRC thinking that the token is worthless because it does nothing are missing the point. Once you just take the time to think about why the token was named Digital Reserve Currency, you quickly realize how simple the idea is, while nobody in the past attempted it. Nobody with a background like Maxim Nurov's, that is.

I'd say that the main problems for DRC to be adopted and recognized are :
>ERC-20, meaning it's tied to ETH if it shits the bed
>Scarcity narrative falls flat since literally anyone could create the token with a fixed supply, DRC is not unique
>Store of value narrative falls flat when the price is this volatile because of the low liquidity
>But at the same time, a single actor providing massive amounts of liquidity directly goes against the decentralized purpose of the "currency"
>People seeing "SEC" possibly being scared thinking it'd be regulated by the government

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>Can I use DRC as a currency to buy LINK with? Looks like I can't.

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All of those problems are negated by the fact that I just sold, though. It's going to the fucking moon in about an hour or two, I suggest you guys get in now.

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non-DRC holders are no worse than Statera "scam" posters
they have no legitmate fud so they make up anything their sub room temp iq can put together

>> No.23257471

liquidity has dropped 75% in the last 12 hours. going to zero. lmao. fucking rugpulled by pajeets again, /biz/ xDD

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i'm genuinely curious what kind of retard buys this coin, it's a blatant rugpull in progress and i still see people putting eth in lmao.

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added to the screencap. see you in a month faggot

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cope lmao, this pajeet rugged almost 24 hours ago and you're still here defending this shitcoin LOL.

>> No.23257926

there's literally not a single jeet involved outside of the threads you faggots keep making lmao. keep bumping the thread, shitskin

>> No.23257969

This is already on sale so deep I don't get why these pajeets don't just buy in now rather than try to push it even lower.

>> No.23257983

anything over 40 gwei gas is too expensive for streetshitters

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This is the future of crypto.

>> No.23258089

Imagine not reading the Ecochain whitepaper daily.

>> No.23258138

who actually bought this pajeet scam lmao. literally, it's down 90% and still dropping, liquidity completely gone, and people are still defending it xD

>> No.23258150

yeah lmao, the future of crypto is /biz/ running a lemming train into every pajeet rugpull in the world xD

>> No.23258165

You missed your chance already ranjesh, we're already heading back up. Up about 30% now since you started curryposting.

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just listed on CG you dumb nigger. keep feeding me screencaps

>> No.23258192

Whoops, make that 40%.

>> No.23258196

lmao this thread full of bagholders

>> No.23258204

make sure you get my rape dwarf poem in the screencap, i cant wait to drink your salty tears when this goes to $0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

>> No.23258213

>just listed on CG
Looks like your time's up, Panjreesh. You've been officially priced out, better luck next time, buddy.

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>he's still bumping the thread
you're getting priced out while you type, rakesh

>> No.23258254

LOL, fucking coingecko lists every rugpull right before the rug LMAO. idiots lmao, i'm here trying to help you gtfo of this scam before you lose it all, and you're actually defending it.

>> No.23258264

this thing was almost 3 cents a few days ago, now it's fucking 0.001 cents lmao, and you're defending it. THE DEV ALREADY PULLED OUT LOL.

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>it's real
>he's STILL bumping

>> No.23258274

it's not 'REAL' because it's on fucking coingecko lmao. fucking LUIGI was on coingecko.

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File: 2.93 MB, 1280x720, 1602058442532.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol, try to login to the discord, shit is gone buddy.

>> No.23258339

>this thing was almost 3 cents a few days ago,
No, Dapreek. It was $.003, which is three-tenths of a cent. Please learn to read numbers, I know it's hard to get to school when the village toilet is in the middle of the path and you gotta go the long way to avoid the toilet witch but trust me, math is important in life

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kek he's priced out, pump it

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i'm genuinely going to be upset when this stupid useless token makes me rich and not one of the dozens of projects i've thoroughly researched and broke even on

>> No.23258458

I happened to throw some shitcoins into this and then caught the moon mission. got out at the top, and 15x my investment. felt good.

this project is literally useless, and actually a copy of Unicrap. I still have 20k DRC and will now unironically never sell. thanks for the ETH.

>> No.23258477

What's the token symbol please?

Imagine not hodling a gem cryptocurrency before it got listed on Coinbase: $CKB


>> No.23258508

$DRC. checked
clownworld amiright
>literally useless
what does SOV stand for again

>> No.23258596

>What's the token symbol please?

>> No.23258605

idiots it's already dumping again lmao.

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>> No.23258673

Up 80% now since you started flinging your spicy, curry-infused feces all over the walls, Garpreeksh.

>> No.23258686

$0.0000000000000000 end of year, i'm just trying to save yous money.

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File: 132 KB, 960x546, 32927acb-46d6-4cbd-bfc5-bf771e71ea20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>larping as an altruist now
see you in the screencap in a month, rakesh. PRICED OUT FAGGOT

>> No.23258715

FYI, this has 0 decimals meaning it's more scarce than eth or btc

>> No.23258737

this has literally nothing, it's a fucking shitcoin and the rug was pulled almost 2 days ago. yet the thread is full of people defending it xD

>> No.23258746

i'd continue drinking my beverage and ignore him
as my girl is smart enough to not take him seriously.

I would then bet 200 bucks to by buddy on the left that he would get thrown out of the club in the next 10 minutes.

>> No.23258756

thrown out of the club for calling out the owner on watering down the drinks lol

>> No.23258763

The simplicity of it is what's appealing. No stupid gimmicks just a token to speculate on backed by a wealthy and experienced chad.

>> No.23258767

>lmao XD

>> No.23258826

DRC just listed on coingecko and is pumping !


Get a bag quick

>> No.23258863

Viking :(

>> No.23258892

Im ready lol this better not be an elaborate scam

>> No.23258926

How can this be a scam when the creator is public and a well known figure? Not even Satoshi was this public and "out THERE"
Think, dude
We can be a loyal army, together. We weren't early enough for BTC, for ETH, or even XRP
It is the people behind the coin that make it what it is

>> No.23258948

This is going to be the next BTC - imagine buying BTC when it was $10. 2nd pump is always higher than the 1st (we reached 0.5 cents yesterday)

$DRC is not even 1 cent yet.

>> No.23258956

I get the point, i snatched 500k, but it seems too good to be true you know

>> No.23259040

you fuckers are getting scammed by a pajeet that has already rugpulled this coin once. you're adding liquidity back in when HE ALREADY STOLE IT ONCE LOL. holy shit, the absolute state of /biz/, getting scammed twice on the same fucking shitcoin. this might as well be fucking coomcoin.

>> No.23259057

only an idiot buys this coin. literally it does nothing, dev's twitter is fake, discord deleted, fucking LMAO.

>> No.23259061

>16 posts by this ID
Give it a rest dude

>> No.23259103

you are literally never going to make it

>> No.23259127
File: 109 KB, 1544x1260, 1602055257476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not until people stop putting liquidity into this garbage. it's burning my eyes just watching the ongoing rugpull, /biz/ getting scammed and no one else is even calling it out.

>> No.23259143

i hope you're just trolling and didnt actually buy this, DRC is the lowest liquidity pair on fucking uniswap right now lmao, if that doesnt tell you it's a scam i dont know what will. w/e, enjoy losing your eth.

>> No.23259150
File: 458 KB, 517x437, shamesh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the altruistic brainlet fud
this is new

>> No.23259160

nothing altruistic about warning the /biz/ community about an obvious pajeet rugpull scam in progress.

>> No.23259177
File: 109 KB, 168x254, rumat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>more lies
>still bumping
the /biz/ community thanks you for your low quality effort and bumping the thread, streetshitter. WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER YOU WIPE YOUR ASS WITH THEM

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File: 41 KB, 474x345, 1602182185813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone redo this with NIZBEY93 and DRC please

>> No.23259314

i'm bumping to warn people not to buy DRC.

>> No.23259328

DRC is not decentralized. DEV wallet has 90% of the coins and he's been periodically dumping bags. the liquidity in this is going to vanish and /biz/ will be holding bags per usual.

>> No.23259351

imagine having any more than a 1k ministack of this just incase it isnt a pajeet rugpull. it is a pajeet rugpull though, so atleast you're only out a little bit. viking is, what, 100k lmao? fucking idiots throwing even 1/10th of an eth at this are retarded.

>> No.23259450
File: 157 KB, 512x386, 1602664249201222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now go wash the shit off your hands

>> No.23259499

just trying to help dude, the rugpull is in progress and you're actually defending this scam.

>> No.23259500

lmao bless you anon

>> No.23259512

yes, bless this anon for defending a known scammer, and helping /biz/ posters get their eth stolen by a blatant pajeet scam.

>> No.23259530

you've done your part. thanks jeet

>> No.23259533

Should i throw 1k link at this?
>t. 3k linklet

>> No.23259553

I sold some link to get in on this over the weekend and has since paid off massively

>> No.23259564

imagine taking 1k of an actual legitimate project's coin, $10,000 worth of ChainkLink (the actual standard), and throwing it into a pajeet rugpull shitcoin like DRC. why not just invest in Luigi or Coom bro, same outcome.

>> No.23259577

i doubt it, shit is at IPO prices unless you sold the top in which case you're probably the DEV and involved in the SCAM yourself.

>> No.23259596

I hold DRC and think it's a great entry anything under $0.01 even, currently much better than $0.01 entry
I would never get rid of LINK or STA for any other pick, I would recommend buying ETH to go to DRC
If you cannot buy ETH then it will be a hard decision and you would be best to sleep on the thought rather than fomo in (same with most investment decisions)
1 million is the make it stack and should be affordable with much less than $10k-$11k~

>> No.23259619

make it stack of what lmao, the fuck do you think this coin is going to do except rugpull and get delisted?

>> No.23259636

Definitely, if you got in with the posts on Saturday morning, you are still heavily in the positive, that was a hell of a pump from well under $0.0005 up to almost $0.01. We are on our way back to $0.01 and there will be dumps along the way, adoption has increased and supports have been tested. Hopefully there is not another surge of paper hands youtuber viewers that sell at the first red candle and the continuing pumps are organically grown

$1 EOY is likely fud
$0.10 EOM is possibly fud as well

Only time will tell and please keep this thread bumped NIZBEY93, thank you for helping anons make it

>> No.23259682

exactly. I entered in at .0009 then tripled my bag at .0005, then again at .007 this morning before listing. feels good. can't wait for the nizbey93 jeet to come out of the closet and admit he was wrong (after he washes his hands, of course)

>> No.23259871

This is the best coin of the year. Early buyers got a 100x, swingers make a lot of money, holders are looking at a bright horizon. And its only the beginning, you can't make this shit up

>> No.23259900

>based as fuck
you realize that this is a letter sent from DRC's lawyer to coinbase right? coinbase did not request for it

>> No.23259917

what does this change?

>> No.23259947

dumping in progress, pajeet rugpull, liquidity all gone lmao. fucking /biz/ scammed again. DRC is like Luigi and Coom, it will be gone and you'll be holding worthless bags.

>> No.23259949
File: 15 KB, 640x640, photo_2020-10-14_08-53-37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based, doxxed and now CoinGecko compliant.

>> No.23259968

guess what was also coingecko 'compliant' lmao you fucking brainlet; https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/coomcoin

>> No.23259974

you might as well go wash your hands, come back and switch IDs at this point, rakesh

>> No.23259991

why would i switch IDs lmao, i want to make sure you idiots know it was me here telling you 500x that this was a scam. i'm going to be laughing like a motherfucker when the 'wheres my fucking money' posts start flooding the front page and this fake ass coin is delisted.

>> No.23260014

At what price point will you buy in? Or are you already invested and youre just trying to fud the price lower to accumulate?

What is your game plan here anon?

>> No.23260044

>what does this change?
it means anyone can sent this shit to coinbase

>> No.23260061
File: 69 KB, 500x500, 1602299311433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jotun, never selling.

>> No.23260084

One man fudding is bullish as fuck. It also happened to Yeld when It was 5usd

>> No.23260145

>waking up to coingecko listing

>> No.23260173

i would buy a small bag if it went to 0.0001, but it's 0.0015 now and that's insane for a shitcoin that has literally no use case.

>> No.23260191

no fudding here, just pointing out the obvious, as other anons have, that this is the most obvious pajeet rugpull scam since LUIGI and COOM.

>> No.23260294

and it's dumping again lmao. this is priceless. thank you everyone who's buying this despite my efforts to save you, i am fucking laughing my ass off watching you get rug pulled.

>> No.23260340

Swap DRC for ETH
2 minutes ago

whale just pulled 2.5 million lmao. it's over. good game brainlets, go vote for trump now and complete your idiotic destiny.

>> No.23260401

I have never seen such autistic fud in all of my years on /biz/ you need to get a life Gagandeep.

>> No.23260405

the rugpull is clearly visible on uniswap lmao. i'm watching it in real time laughing my ass off. you are a brainlet.

>> No.23260413

Listen here pal, you can say the coin does nothing, you can call it vaporware, you can say it will fail. And you are entitled to your opinion. But you will NOT call our based WHITE VIKING dev a pajeet.
Are we clear?

>> No.23260415

and we're down 20% in less than 10 minutes lmao, dev dumping another bag, will /biz/ buy the devs bags yet again? survey says, YES!

>> No.23260420

the linkedin and twitter arent even real brainlet, it's a pejeet who took some random white guys picture off fucking google, holy shit you literally cannot be this dense.

>> No.23260438

This is the Ultimate Fucking Shit Coin

>> No.23260441

Coin has been out like 3 days and we already have a one man fud army.

Like the other anon said, bullish as fuck.

>> No.23260457

it's not FUD and other anons have chimed in. this coin is a blatant scam and the dev has already rugpulled several times. /biz/ just comes right in and buys the dumping bags.

>> No.23260458
File: 34 KB, 679x299, IMG_20201012_152813_200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>37 posts by this ID
kek. you need to Google what a rugpull is, anon. Some early buyers have taken profits, but the devs two wallets still haven't sold a single DRC.

>> No.23260472

it's the ultimate shitcoin, yes, it is worth shit, EOY $0.0000000000000000000000000000000001

>> No.23260487


>> No.23260636
File: 58 KB, 563x166, 20201014_121201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23261484

rugpulled lmao. down 70% in an hour, again. when will you idiots learn?

>> No.23261603

rugpull in progress, DRC dumping.

>> No.23261642

Didn't read, never selling

>> No.23261655

yeah, you dont have to sell to lose everything lmao. look at LUIGI. look at COOM. look at BRAPPER. this is the same tier of pajeet scam as those.

>> No.23261840

DEVs dumping lmao, DRC down 40% in an hour.

>> No.23262025

liquidity down 50% LOL

>> No.23262038

You're working over time with the FUD lol

>> No.23262108

it's not FUD, look at the fucking charts.

>> No.23262442

Explain to me why a millionare would rugpull a shitcoin? To tarnish his reputation and be known as a scammer?

>> No.23262627

shut up you fucking nigger

>> No.23262767

uhmmm... but it almost did a 3x from when the time I went to sleep until now?
Are you guys stupid?

>> No.23262790

To hell with the fudders, I believe in this project!

>> No.23262866

Stay mad and poor shitskin, I already made lots of money of this, now I'm just waiting for a GC listing to make even more.

>> No.23262874

CG listing*

>> No.23263230

it already listed this morning my dude.

>> No.23263344

I did, and I'm seeing green!

>> No.23263599

CG listed!! Let's GO!!

>> No.23263680

>To hell with the fudders, I believe in this project!
It's not a project.
It's a useless ERC token whose only purpose is to be a useless ERC token.
That's it.
If anything, this is a social experiment on the nature of "value."

>> No.23263880
File: 46 KB, 473x500, 0154 - oiHhR9f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha just in time for the screencap!

>> No.23264246
File: 3.70 MB, 4200x3300, drc fud screencap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wash your hands, jeets

>> No.23264701

hahahahah holy shit, lol'd so hard

fuck it I'll buy into this

>> No.23264730

also NRCT looks yummy as fuck rn,


>> No.23264871

>dext score: 1
hope you get out before the rug my man

>> No.23264920

down 50% in an hour LOL. fucking rugpulled by pajeets, classy /biz/.

>> No.23264936

Glad to see I'm in the screencap
cheers fgt

>> No.23264951

Are you starting over again?

>> No.23264971

im going to laugh so hard when this shit drops to 0 liquidity and $0.00000000000 and faggots are reeeeeeing and trying to dox some pajeet they'll never find lmao

>> No.23264984

Every token right now worth it's salt is doing the same thing. They all are trying to avoid being called securities. No one wants the SEC swinging dick

>> No.23265007
File: 30 KB, 570x538, 1601418931132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes they are kek

>> No.23265029

totally getting STA day 1 vibes. All this fud, all these morons. Even the heavy price dumps by weak handed faggots....
See you at 2 cents in a few days

>> No.23265093

It was listed on uni, he bought out of the uni pool. This is stated in the white paper as well

>> No.23265156
File: 167 KB, 435x388, good gambler bad father.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cheers lad. im comfy with a big bag of this, link and sta. this is only the beginning, and i hope they keep fudding itt. every jeet goes in the screenshot

>> No.23265179


>> No.23265187

imagine not getting listed at all

keep buying pajeet bags just because he said he lives across wall street and SEC

>> No.23265218

it is listed, jeet. WASH YOUR HANDS

>> No.23265268

it will never get listed in CB coz they dont list scams.

>> No.23265290

exactly. it's a fucking scam. the coingecko DRC isnt even the same one as this DRC /biz/idiots are buying lmao.

>> No.23265333

pathetic, honestly
*SNAP* see you in a month

>> No.23265352

This FUD is beyond bullish im feeling good

>> No.23265371

the iq level of these jeets. Can't even find a token on CG

>> No.23265522
File: 22 KB, 804x743, 1588889958898.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they just want a lower entry so they have to fud until jeet payday

>> No.23265575
File: 32 KB, 600x655, c2d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It worked for Uniswap, anything goes in crypto circa 2020

>> No.23265639

10 billion market cap eoy. for a worthless shitcoin. you fucking brainlets.

>> No.23265781

*SNAP* go wash your hands

>> No.23266108

Why do you care so much.

>> No.23266137

DIA, yeah, we know.

>> No.23266802

Just picked up a bag thanks to the jeet spamming this thread with weak bait. Thanks nigger!

>> No.23266848

who's the street shitter saying this is rug'd? you're never going to make it, go buy your y coins

>> No.23267089
File: 90 KB, 248x287, nizbey93.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's cleaning this morning's overfilled shit bucket. hopefully he has washed he hands by now

>> No.23267138


>> No.23267177

meant to kek to this