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Chainlink worshiping thread. Hodl on, Stinkers. 2021 is going to be great.

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Reminder that 10k LINK is a so called suicidestack

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This is complete weaktier FUD.

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It’s actually true

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Hold the fuck up, ok. For years now we've been seeing LINK shills and for the most part it was somewhat believable that it could moon (because it had the space), but these days it's a top 10 coin. For chainlink to moon these days the crypto space either has to absolutely explode into mainstream adaptation or chainlink has to somehow rob every other high mcap coin of their market share, which is somehow even more unlikely.

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nufag detected.

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>$110k is suicide stack
this is why that isn't true if you already have $110k you're fine with any legit hold unless you think you'll make $50mil in crypto which makes you retarded. 1k is the suicide stack for poorfags that want $100k at all

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>imagine not having 10K

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I'm here since early 2018, asshole and aware that's nothing to be proud of. Fuck off.

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10k was $3000-5000 for the most of 2018.
you faggots had 3 years

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>mainstream adaptation
KEK >.<

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No worries, just vibes

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Yup. Maybe in 10 years but who the fuck knows where the technology will, or can, be by then.

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Yeah imagine making it with such a small investment that's why Sergey is based. And for poorfags $300-$500 makes them enough to not kill themselves for missing out. It has always been this way stop trying to scare off poorfags by making them think they have no chance.

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Stop giving newfags hopium. They missed out long ago

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They could still make enough fiat to actually take serious profits on the next one. $50k is nothing to sneeze at for most people, especially young people.

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its over for those youngins with college debts

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anything post december 2016 is newfag tier
t. august '17 newfag

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fuck off trannies.

1k was the 100% unanimous decided upon suicide stack by every Link OG from day 1.

t. Link OG

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>implying anyone is paying those debts
People can’t even pay for housing right now. The debt-based economy is about to be replaced, out of necessity.

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when 20 usd again?

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