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So it will dump straight to $0 over a span of...1000 days?

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Retard of the year found

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>Mom!!! Mom, mom!!! I posted it again!!!
>What's that honey, what?
>The chart mom! I posted it again!
>What chart honey? I'm in the kitchen making you more tendies?
>The stock to flow chart mom, remember?!!
>W-what? O-oh yeah good job. Mommy is proud of you!
>Mom, a-are you gonna put another gold star on my good boy chart on the fridge?
>Sure dear! My, what a good boy you are! Someone's getting a big gold star!
Please post the chart again for the 9 billionth time, OP.

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Reminder that there's a 3,400 $ unfilled CME Gap. We're not going anywhere but down.

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>My ISP blocks access to it

Fuck off nigger

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i wont, already sold at $3k, dont regret it at all seeya at $1k

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Kill yourselves

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cope and seethe harder

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>ReMiNdeR tHaT tHeRe'S a 3,400 $ UnFiLlEd CME gAp.

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btc was worth 10.3k in february
Its worth like 11k now
I guess its fine and all if you like funny stocks but pretty lame overall.
Its been literately 3 years since it was at its ath.

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oh sure, we will see when we are at $1k. lol fucking noobs.

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also sage this shit thread

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I just looked up what a CME gap is. Its basically the healing crystals and essential oils of trading. Fuck off, you may aswell trade based on astrology

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although the S2F is complete garbage and completely wrong, your chart is till gay.

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i seriously hope for you sake that this is low-quality fud. if you're sitting on the sidelines waiting to buy bitcoin, you're going to fomo in at 20k when you realize that the CME gap is a meme.

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>CME Gap

is even more retarded than TA and Harmonics. Fuck the tradfag futures market.

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Is this the legendary fat finger market selling his bank to bankruptcy?

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95% of CME Gaps get filled.
Good luck with your longs.

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if you believe in cme gaps then you dont believe in crypto currency and decentralization and thi isnt the market for you lol

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pls mommy ethot gf give star

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>Ok Doomer

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patience zoomer

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the last push up was to trap more longs, quite obvious
tether manipulation is off the charts

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> CME Gaps don't work
> The Bitcoin stock-to-flow model works

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why bother anon, /biz/tards will never get it

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> t. every bear last night before they got cucked by green dildos

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fucking bingbong spotted

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sometimes they don't

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The market will crab until elections. S&P will fall back to the 3,200 support line and Bitcoin along will crypto will follow too.

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and down it goes LOL

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Both is obviously bullshit and hindsight. Only the biggest idiots believe btc will go to $100k in 1-2 years.

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>copy pasting the temperature scale the way you did
Fuckin kek

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>minimum shooping
A great thread died for this/10

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$30k by nye

>> No.23228886

I was thinking the same thing

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just a healthy correction nothing to worry about

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