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/biz/ bros. i have $3k/month for the next 5 years to put into crypto. what buy so i make it, or at least have enough for a moderate sized house? i don't have time to daytrade or anything like that. something that i can dca into and come back to in 2025

All in btc? all in link? eth? monero? pls help bros. cute asian for your troubles.

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20% eth, 40% XRP, 40% ALGO

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usually don't like korean whores but she's FINE

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Xrp and Iota. You won't have to wait 5 years.

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she chinese, but she is damn fine.
fuck sake. really?

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Research or regret, anon.

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feet ass armpits nape

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depends where you want to buy a house
I'd do a 50/50 split of btc/eth, more eth if you're ok with risk

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is it Cheng Xiao? Looks she's the girl playing Qin Sang in the serie Legend of the Awakening.

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is it. no idea what the rest of your post mean tho soz.
yeah 180k, but only allowed 3k/month. i'd be happy if i could get it to 400k or there about.

so many choices ffs. maybe i should just stick with sp500 or some shit.

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so fucking cute. Gives me the urge to race mix tbqh. Why do white women feel like they need to be masculine?

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>Why do white women feel like they need to be masculine?
because white men are forcefed estrogen and turned into sissyfags

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white women arent "masculine" but the standards for masculinity in american society are ridiculously exaggerated and toxic so naturally women are less feminine as both gender roles are shifted more towards the masculine.

tl;dr you're too much of a bitch for white women but that's not necessarily a bad thing because masculinity in american society is fucking retarded and you wouldnt want an american normie girl anyway

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So you have one whole month to dyor for every shitcoin you want to dump your money in, which looks like the best method to invest. Don't get spoonfeeded by pajeets you giant faggot

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just do it, you know every girl you'll ever go with has had at least 400 black dicks. at least a real qt from asia (not born in the US) will be worth it,

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>standards for masculinity in american society are ridiculously exaggerated
Yet white boys are flabby and weak?
Trannies are ever increasing?
Homosexuality only increases?
White women go to black/brown men for more masculinity?
Yet most liberal faggots are white?

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lmao you sound like you have an inferiority complex anon. let me guess, you're a flabby weak white boy and you larp as a tough guy snowflake smasher. have sex and rid your heart of hate and maybe one day you'll find a woman who will tolerate your ass

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First thing I'm going to buy when Link hit $100

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guys buy calls on my dick

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white women on tv and in sports seem masculine, but ive known plenty of feminine white girls. there are a lot of hard-drinking, loud, obnoxious white girls with no class though... and im a little tired of all the girls in america wearing only blue jeans.

the ones i realy hate are the tsunderes. those are almost never cute in real life.

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more homos is fine, it means you can stand out by acting straight. seriously our culture is so fucked right now that anybody who just acts normal and intelligent will look like a god. sometimes i feel like im the only american left without a tattoo. that said your chances are probably better in asia but go for whatever you want the most.