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You did accumulate under $10 didn't you anon? You didn't trade shitcoins and get left behind, did you? You believed in the meme magic, right?


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These smug threads really don't age well considering Link is probably below $10 towards end of the week, Bitcoin only needs to make one big move and it's down back to $8 range

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it will pump to 20$ sometime in the future and everyone will sell for a 2x

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cope you had 2 years

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For reference: Link has dumped over 20 cents since op made this thread 5 minutes ago.

The price is $10.81 currently

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False, friend, it was at 10.70. I'm now up 10c and as I hold at LEAST 1 chainlink I'm now up AT LEAST 10c. How does that make you feel?

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$10.69 now.

Enjoy dump

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Oracle integration has been cancelled

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Why are you lying? You know the price is $1000. If you want my Link you need to push the price to at LEAST $1000 and only then will I sell you ONE stinky linky as a gesture of goodwill.

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I invented this fud

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Is this guy around anymore? Any OGs here or just minow discord pajeets swinging the higher high? Not seen one of his threads in a while

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This was great from earlier this year, the announcement of smart con that only like 50 anons saw.

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Dumping hard now.

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you had 2 years subhuman
stop shitting up the thread
if you want to seethe about missing out on link do it on reddit instead of this link board

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There's no heart in this fud, it's paid likely by one of the parties with over 21 million short on aave who don't want to lose their shit. Telling him to fuck off wont work man >>23210934

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