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And yes I mean from a business perspective, how low salaries is and how bad companies are and business climate too

almost like you are coping because your own country is overrun buy h1b indian scammers and even if you make 400k all you get is a 2M paper wall 3 room house without proper draining?

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our superiority sparks controversy

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I wonder who made this thread

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You guys have been flooding your nation with Muslims for years. We make our h1b’s work, your brown people just rape.

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thanks for showing my point about not caring about culture or cities, just money

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nice thread pointed nose shekel chasing man

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At least we dont spend it all on jews

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Lmao, what ? America is the most jewed country there is

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Given the choice I'd much rather live in Europe. Got to do the backpack thing there a few years back, coming back to America was a major let down.

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Wow. It's not bad enough to constantly paint all americans as trolls and constantly vilify our country as if everything on the other side of the pond is perfect, but now your own people being corporate bastards is our fault, too?

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check who donate most military support to Israel

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I can't believe you said it