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Wait, you guys are telling me that ChainLink today is supposed to be worth 1/4th of Tesla's average market capitalization between 2017 - 2019?

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>Cherry picking years

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dude, with the market cap calculated on the total supply, it's actually almost the same.

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Yes markets are totally different. It’s like oh the kids lemonade stand isn’t worth Koolaides mcap?

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You can’t really compare a stock ‘s market cap with a utility coin’s protocol value.
That said, Chainlink is overvalued compared to Quant, which is why I’m short LINK and long QNT.

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Link, or should I say the oracle problem, is worth more than all of crypto currently is. As there are no competitors currently near where Link is, then it is likely going to become the standard. $1000 eoy is no meme, and you well know it. The world just doesn't know it yet.

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oldfag here... what's Chainlink?

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LINK is undervalued right now and heavily undervalued compared to what the end goal is.
Checked. This anon understands.

The rest itt are retards

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Yeah it has that jason parson guy developing stuff

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>one quarterth

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Link is what all these anons do to pay each other for gay Chinese sex. Chinky-linky

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It's a brainwashed cult.

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Stock capitalization and token market caps are not the same.


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checked, thank you Lucifer

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I'm telling you link will be $81k a token, and you can either scoff and laugh and miss out or you can hold until then.

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this anon >>23210236 hit the nail on the head

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Satan trips says so. Based and 216pilled

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Imagine what ARPA and Bella can do in 2 more years. *swoons*

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Based and checked!

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>durr da price low right now that mean it can't go up
You've been saying this shit since $0.17. At some point you have to realize maybe you are wrong and everyone else really was right.

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>arbitrum isn't even out
>staking doesn't even have an ETA
$81k eventually is FUD, but $1000 EOY is retarded

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Comparing a utility token to share price is dumb they are not equivalent. Better comparison would be comparing LINK to the total value of all cars produced ever and building in the value that they maintain over their lifespan cars depreciate, crypto doesn’t.

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It's always been $100 EOY anon. The year in question is in doubt but most of us OGs believe 2021

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Market cap is a meme.

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the delusion. Maybe sell it all and start again then if the "promise" of being a multimillionaire doesnt excite you. Linkes are retarded

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I am already a multimillionaire. Thank you for your concerns...

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it's all so tiresome

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no concern, just observation, hope you dont feel dead inside for all of eternity

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Almost everybody participating in the rat race and working as a wage slave is dead inside.
They just don't realize it until they make it and are free.
Only after making it will you start focusing on doing meaningful things.

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No. Everything is inflated right now, including LINK. After the elections we're in for massive dump. Best case scenario ti stabilizes around $5.

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No I'm telling you it should be worth multiples of it

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bro I know, but if youre telling me im going to still feel this dead inside after making it then whats the point, might as well rope now.
Answer then, if youre a multimillionaire now, why are moderately depressed? are you not already doing meaningful things? If not, why not?

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This happens when you make it. It's important to have goals in life and once you make your biggest goal a reality you are left empty until you find your next goals in life.

You are depressed for some time in this transition period because the tiredness caused by what you went through comes up.
The trick is to always aim for new things and think of what you will do next before it happens.
If you can't think of anything just add a new temporary goal of increasing your wealth by a few millions and use this time to think of things you wanted to do in your childhood but gave up on.
Ironically after making it you find out you don't need money for some of your dreams, just the will and time to do something new.

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Checked. Def undervalued based on actual promise but yep it’s still a risk may not deliver at all but you want to tie your boat to massive potential not piddly squat.

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Should be worth a lot more to be fair. Tesla makes no money and Chainlink does.

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I am not depressed at the moment, but waiting years to make it is hard when you experience it.
That post expressed how we felt from last year until a few months ago.
If you invest in a project and have to wait years to see a result it's good to not wait to make it to start living your real life, but to start preparing it now and not wait for an event to happen to trigger this process.

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Meme coin of the world elite (WEF) vs meme battery from alphabet agency plant ...

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This post is dripping with your lack of life experience. I don't think you have realized that simply acquiring wealth, or a gf, or getting fit... buying that thing you always wanted? None of it simply makes you happy for the rest of your life, no one single thing or thingism will ever make you happy forever.

The secret of living well is not in money, status, or power - it is more or less a measure of your spiritual maturity. Knowledge and meditation are free.

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mc doesn’t work the same as stocks
you turd

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Wow this better be bait you newfag. $1000 EOY

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Let me guess, you traded stocks for a little while, decided to dive into crypto, and are now suddenly having second thoughts because “muh fully diluted market cap” makes it seem like a bubble. Just know that market cap does not matter in crypto. It does not correlate to the value of the company itself like stocks do, because it does not represent percent ownership of said company. This is a blessing and a curse, because it means useless projects can pump to insane prices, and good projects might not ever make good returns, but it also means that good projects can reach face melting, retard level, “nobody” saw it coming market caps without really being in a bubble. What separates the plebs from the future elite is being able to figure out which one of those categories ChainLink belongs in. Good luck.

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oh misplaced the 0, you are correct anon

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So many see "market cap" and don't understand this

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you are one of those fags that says "money isnt everything" or "money cant buy happiness" gtfo faggot you belong at mcdonalds

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Money can't buy happiness, but we're truly in a shitty clown world where are wage slave captors will make us miserable. Money can buy independence from this system, which in turn can create the autonomy to help us find our purpose in this world.

In order to win at clown world, you must play clown world. If I can make what a person makes working at McDonalds in a lifetime with a couple grand and a well-timed but, it's beneficial to me. However, I realize I need to work on myself too. I don't want a nice car, or a nice house. I just want to be free.

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Couldn't say better.
I got tired of telling this to /bizlets

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Thanks guise! I feel really safe with your advice. I found this forum couple of days ago and you write so much about chainlink, its so informative. Really, thanks a bunch! Fantastic forum, lots of knowledge obviously. I already acted thanks to you guys. I scrapped everything I coud and put 64k in chainlink. Life savings, everything. Even pawned the first ring I bought my wife, 2k! I hope this goes up fast though, she kills me if she founds everything out bc I did it behind her back. And it also better never goes down bc then Im pretty fucked, selling house would be a certainty. Whats left my wife will take when she divorces me lol.
You better wish me luck guys, or else :D
But I have a great feeling about it. Thank you all once again! This might really turny life around. All the best!

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I don't understand someone who would larp like this as I cannot even fathom having such a low opinion of my own times worth. I hope you're okay my friend. We're here with you.

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Link short term and Quant long term?

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holy fucking checked

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yes because tesla back then was struggling hard and was close to bankruptcy. only when his rockets were making success did the media shill for his shit

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Huh? Dude, I even had to look up 'lahp', not yet familiar with your terms here :) But anyways, Im not roleplaying, dont know how you got the impressuin. But thank you anyways for the response. I guess? :)

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Money can buy happiness anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves

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666 has spoken

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It has been written, $666 dollars EOM

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its a distraction dummy to make biz zoomers buy russian startup instead of ripple(the american tech company)