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Daily reminder that Christopher Columbus deserves his holiday tomorrow.

>balls of steel
>not his fault natives died of diseases
>the Caribs he discovered were cannibals
>the Spanish explorers should be blamed for atrocities and for ignoring his laws...as proof look at the Roldan rebellion
>the Caribs were actual cannibals
>the Bobadilla Report is slander and even the king and queen realized it which is why Columbus was let out of jail
>Columbus started the tribute system not the encomienda that was Roldan

If anything Columbus was a bad colonial manager but he was also dealing with psychos and cannibals so cut him a break. Dude was a chad navigator and he is in heaven right now

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Based AF!

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he didnt discover shit, we should be celebrating Leif Erikson day.

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Vikings were there for a year and then forgot it existed

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image being born into power in those times... you could get away with literally anything as long as you were above 70 iq. raping anyone of all ages in club penguin, not that I would of course haha

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Strider Groyper. Very based anon

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One of the main reasons Columbus wanted gold was to fund a crusade to retake Jerusalem. He talks about this extensively in the “book of prophecies” he wrote and in his diary. He also added a clause to his will before he died directing all funds to the crusade that sadly never materialized

The only reason he shifted to enslaving natives was to make up for the lack of gold...he just enslaved cannibals but gave after they kept dying en route to Europe. There is nothing wrong with enslaving cannibals it’s good for them

Explorers treated Columbus like shit because he was a foreign Italian and a lot of them didn’t listen to him when he told them to do basic shit like farm or build forts...so they went off into the jungle to rape Indian hotties and kill manlets for fun

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as >>23203242, they didnt establish anything

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You mean some randon chink that crossed the bering strait 12k years ago, right?

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The Bobadilla Report surfaced in 2006 and it’s what faggots use to slander Columbus. Unfairly

During the 3rd voyage shit went crazy. Hand the island of Hispaniola rebelled against Columbus abd his brothers because he wouldn’t let them rape natives or randomly commit murder. Inspector Bobadilla shows up from Spain and holds a trial. The people who testify against Columbus abd most likely the rebels and C never gets the chance to defend himself

C gets removed from power arrested and sent home. Bobadilla takes over, sides with the rebels, eliminates all taxes and legitimizes the emcomienda system that was notorious for its brutality

King ferdindand and Queen Isabella read the Bobadilla report and decide to let C go free.

Modern critics today use the Bobadilla report to attack Columbus without realizing they are using the testimony of rapists and murderers who rebelled under Francisco Roldan

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Endless respect for who ever sailed the seas in a fucking small wooden ship

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Columbus was a glownigger of his day and merely played the front man. (((They))) where sailing all around the world thousands of years before that.
Imagine thinking any of that official narrative is real.
>One of the main reasons Columbus wanted gold was to fund a crusade to retake Jerusalem
Especially this retarded bile you spewed.

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It’s not an official narrative you idiot. Columbus was a Millenialist and thought he could help bring about the 2nd coming. His major motivations were religious but atheist historians fail to recognize this

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Go learn something

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None of that shit is real especially not the lies you made up to support your retarded narrative. Not only do you regurgitate lies but you also make them up. Idiot.

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>when you try too hard to be redpilled and loop back around

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Glad you know more than a Stanford history professor

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it will always be Columbus Day
fuck liberals
fuck indians

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Know enough not to buy any of their lies. I don't pretend I know what glownigger Columbus thought, said or his motivations. None of that shit is real or accurate. You are merely spewing the official lies and then making some up yourself. Idiot.

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This isn’t an XRP thread dude

The official narrative is that Columbus is a Nazi. The truth is that he was a good man, an amazing navigator and got screwed over by Spanish assholes and now is getting slandered by faggots who couldn’t cross the Atlantic with a GPS

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Laugh faggot but this isn't the only lie you bought into. If you had any brains left you would have noticed something is not quite right with our history or the current state of the world.

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I’m just talking about Columbus

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