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The moment India and China started having border clashes the shill rate for this coin have dropped significantly. With the pajeets hands tied dealing with the open combat skirmish... who will shill this coin?

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Let's be real here, the only thing this token does is pay for Francisco’s alcoholism. Kleros does nothing useful besides trick idiots into paying for some stupid kleros court or whatever. This is why only heroin addicts like vitalik keeps blabbering about it simply because it makes no sense to anyone reasonable. He just thinks he can eternal jury duty checks to pay for his bags of yellow powder.
If you just buy some every month, by the time it is $0 you will not care whether you bought it for 15c, 10c, 6c, 4c, 1c, whatever. You’ll be a strung out heroin addicted alcoholic like them. There has never been a more overrvalued project in crypto and /biz/ is just incredibly retarded.

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How much you got now bro?

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I have 250k will I make it?

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Yes. I have 100k and am comfy

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where. to buy sirs

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Have 400k myself.
I'm thinking maybe 2-3 years for $5

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Invested 500$ just for the sake of it, lost 50%, it's a scam, avoid

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buy buy buy
there you go, now your FUD is neutralized and I don't even hold PNK

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I don't hold it either but I think the memes are great so I join in every thread I see
Kleros just rolls off the tongue so nicely

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Why would the memes are good? Did you learn nothing from link?

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Why would you not invest if the..*
Fuck i'm pajeeting without memeing, this is a new low for me anons.

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Why would you npt invest if you think the memes are solid? Did you learn nothing from link and the 2016 election? Meme magic is real, anon!

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