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I know this isn't 100% /biz/ related but losing weight has helped literally all aspects of my life (including being A LOT more productive and focused). I used to be a fat fuck just 1 year ago and thought losing weight would take tons of effort. It didn't. Here's my "diet":
> go for 30 min walk most days
> drink tons of diet soda (I know it's not good for you but it deals with the sugar cravings)
> meal prep TONS of low calorie food e.g. chicken, broccoli, carrots, pees, spinach etc.
Every time you get hungry you just eat some of the food you prepped in you fridge. If you feel it's too boring just add some ketchup (contains a lot less calories than you think). Stuff like chicken and veggies have very few calories in them so you can almost eat as much of them as you want and still lose weight.
You DON'T have to eat healthy all the time. I still eat/ ate candy and junkfood sometimes. As long you stick to your prepped food for most (but not all) meals/ days you WILL lose weight.
I've literally never felt better, had more energy, been more productive, had more confidence in myself, been happier etc. than now. My depression has gone away for the most part too. And it honestly wasn't that hard after the first 2-3 weeks.
As an added bonus, I save(d) a lot of money on food that I can invest.

If you're a fat cunt like I used to be then losing weight is one of the best investments you can make. Prepping your meals many days in advance makes it A LOT easier.

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Taking a break from alcohol atm. feelsgoodman

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i'm eating very healthy but i'm drinking a lot. probably a wash, healthwise

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Tbh the best thing I could do for my health would be to stop gambling with shitcoins... I've been doing well but it's too stressful. Being a day trader must be awful

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Thanks for this.
My gf just dumped me. Quit smoking weed cold turkey. Have started drinking beer more, but I dont really give a shit about alcohol, so I'll phase that out easily.
Cigarettes will be harder, but ill work on it.
I've got guns, ammo, and gear which is more than most people have if shit truly hits the fan.
Living above my parents' garage right now working from home.
Just turned 26.
About 14k total net worth.
Anymore advice /biz/ can give a guy who is really hurting and down on his luck lately?
Thanks. Love you guys and most of the 4chan community.
I really hope we all make it.
God, I feel so alone..

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Keto or carnivore or intermittent fasting

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>Try and Eat very healthy
>Stop eating for 2 days
>Only eat 500-100 calories
>The mental anguish forces me to binge eat 3000 calories

This sucks man

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that's why you don't starve yourself, dummy. eat small meals throughout the day

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It's not good for your health that's why most successful ones move on or shill training courses, not because they aren't successful but because it's suck ass work.

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Good job OP. I’m trying to lose weight but the progress comes slow. Seems like I eat pretty well throughout the week then fuck it up on the weekends. End up staying the same weight month after month

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hey anon. Im in a similar situation. Also living above my parents garage, kek. Are you investing in anything?

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Make sure you have at least 1K LINK and you’ll be set. Best advice you will get on this board.

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I started with 2500 in August (just in time to buy for everything to dump) and I'm at 10k now. I really just want to make one or two smart trades and hold something longer term but I for the life of me cannot find what it should be

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People here are going to shit on you but you are doing pretty good for your age man. Keep stacking.

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I don't know. It's hard whether I eat multiple times a day or whether I eat intermittent fast.

I just need to acclimate to it.

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Majority is in a 401k.
I've got some oil, gold, and silver stock
About $2000 worth of home depot shares.
A bit of ETH and LINK (pulled out alot before the September drop ((not quite sure when to buy more)))
And I'm starting my own sign fabricating business with my ex's dad whom I have a pretty good relationship with separate from my ex (me and my ex are still trying to stay friends and I'm hoping I can still hop in her pants from time to time).
Thanks I guess. I dont really know a whole lot about link or even crypto for that matter, but was impressed by the moves it was making during rona.
Thanks dude. I didn't think life would be this hard. My interpersonal relationships feel like they're being flushed down the drain lately and its tough.

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What are you invested in, my friend?

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>If you're a fat cunt like I used to be then losing weight is one of the best investments you can make.

Whats the apy on this

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nice so you got some stuff in the works then. my social life has been absolute shit too. My friends have all gotten back together so far but it seems like it happened without me.

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stop being fucking fat anons. i went from 110kg to 75kg in a year by only eating every second day. shits not hard once you get used to it, hunger goes away quickly. life is so much better and i spend SO much less on food. fasting helps you understand that hunger is a habit, and you don't need to be constantly processing food.

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I have about 8k in apple, google, fb, and some of the other bluechip stocks my grandparents gifted me about 15 years ago. I also have 4k in BTC after doing pretty well Link. I think I'll lay low and stay in BTC because I felt like I got so lucky on Link

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Something else I forgot to mention: Start looking at the calories on EVERYTHING you buy. Some things contain a lot more calories than you think (avoid these), but some tasty things actually contain a lot less calories than you might think (e.g. low fat yoghurt, ketchup, and popcorn).
Hope you make it fren. I'm 26 too.
I'm not an expert, I'm just sharing what worked for me as a normal (fat) dude. I don't think I have/ had the discipline to do intermittent fasting.
You have to do something that is sustainable. Starving yourself for a few days isn't sustainable. Also, for me balance was key. I didn't try to eat healthy every single day and every single meal. Balance ensures that you don't give up after a few days/ weeks.
Thanks. I eat/ ate shitty food sometimes too, but 4/5 days I was/ am at a pretty big calorie deficit so I still lost weight overall. Don't feel guilty when you eat fastfood, candy, drink etc. every now and then. It's part of a normal diet (most skinny people eat that too sometimes). Just don't overdo it.
If you eat a lot of low calorie food like I suggested (veggies and lean meat) then you can almost eat as much as you want and still lose weight. Add things like onions sauce, ketchup, (a little bit of) sesame oil etc. to make it more tasty.

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Eh most of my friends are aimless socialist/commie neolibs and snakes in other ways. The hard part is my ex was and remains my best friend... she was seriously so cool. She just kept saying that she wasn't ready to meet her "forever partner" yet. Eh fuck I dont even know...
I'm sorry about your friends though. Do you still like them or wanna get together with them?
Nice dude. You've got a pretty sweet folio going on. Im considering getting some BTC. What I really need is a dedicated percentage based system that I use to distribute money i get from future jobs. Since I'm basically self-employed now, ive really gotta take charge of this shit.

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You're going to be alright, man. Keep on working on yourself

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Thank you. I will. I have a real procrastination problem that I need to deal with.

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shut the fuck up healthfag

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Im in a worst situation and my mental cope is stronger so there you go anon, try to find a better perspective.

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imagine loosing weight instead of going bloatmode

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the thing is, not really. they're neolibs like yours and I've realized that they just dont have much to talk about. it still would be fun to go out and get drunk with them again though like it used to be.

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Tell me about your thing, man. It might give me some clarity and allow you a chance to vent?
My friends and I are in a group chat on discord. Im still pretty close with at least two of them and we hang out solo from time to time. I haven't told the others that I'm single now. They've been really annoying throughout this election season and I can't really handle that kind of energy right now, especially when I disagree with the core tenets of the philosophies they espouse, regardless of whether or not they know their philosophy themselves.
Maybe you could do a groupchat type of deal or try to talk to one of them and later get together with more at a time?

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If you want to take the time to give it a thorough lookover, Bidao is something that exists.
That's all I'm gonna say.

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I didn't change my diet at all. Yesterday I ate a full pizza and tonnes of ice cream, today some greasy chicken roll. Going to demolish a bag of chips in a second. Will probably make some tacos for dinner. Just eat 3 normal sized meals and avoid too many snacks. Easy.
Was skinny fat all my life until I decided to work out daily. Went from doing nothing for years to 20 push ups and 40 sit ups daily. Occasionally pushing for more. After 3 months I had more definition than I'd ever had and more energy than ever. Added yoga and more exercises. 6 months in and I felt better so did more, added running.
Here I am today with a tidy 6 pack.
Just work out anons. One punch man it.

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Diet soda is literally just as bad for you as regular non diet soda. Your body produces the same amount of insulin in response to fake sugar as real sugar. The insulin production is the main cause of diabetes

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Very nice. This is good motivation.
I'm going to do the actual one punch man workout daily minus the running because I fucking hate running. Till I get more comfortable going down to the gym and picking up the barbell again.
Been such a slob this summer because of the heat.

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> Your body produces the same amount of insulin in response to fake sugar as real sugar
Did a quick google search, every search result said this is false. Source?
Either way, I aknowledged that diet soda (probably) is unhealthy but it does help with weight loss.
/fit/ doesn't need a thread like this. Some Anon on /biz/ gave some tips last year which helped me lose weight. I was trying to do the same for other /biz/ anons.

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Are you in your teens? I highly doubt someone in their 20s+ with a normal metabolism would be able to reach a healthy weight if they ate pizza and ice cream every day and the only exercise they did was a few push ups and sit-ups. The math just doesn't add up.
But good for you.

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How many pounds were you and how tall are you? I’m 6 ft at like 230 but it’s mostly all in my gut. I’m gonna start doing some of this and maybe try fasting too

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Im in my 20s and I can luckily be pretty loose with my diet just walking a couple miles every day so it could be possible with a high metabolism. Although ice cream and pizza every day sounds like a lot for anyone

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I don't eat that shit every day and I wouldn't want to because my insides would feel like shit regardless of my shape. The point was you don't need to be as meticulous as you think.
I started with a few push ups and sit ups. Over time I increased. But always keeping a pretty low intensity so I could keep going day after day. If you YouTube Firas Zahabi he has a good bit on jre about workout intensity.
Don't want to scare anons off talking about my 3 hr stretching sessions.

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I definitely could try, thank you anon. the thing is I think I kind of revealed my power level when I told them about how I dont at all like Kamala Harris or Biden and will be voting libertarian. That really freaked some of them out for some reason.

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>by only eating every second day

this is so simple but i had never ever considered it

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Oh, just noticed that you weren't fat before and never said you ate tons of unhealthy foods in the first place lol. "just do a few push ups bro" might be good advice for skinny fat lanklets who already have (somewhat) balanced diets, but it won't work if you weigh 50%+ too much and you eat unhealthy food every day.
If you're a fat cunt then you HAVE TO change your diet. You can't lose weight just by doing a few push ups if you're eating 3000+ calories/ day. Push ups and sit ups don't burn that many calories.

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Good for you. But I think your starting point was very different than mine. I was way too fat and my diet was horrible (same goes for all other fat people). If you're really fat then you have to change your diet.

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I forget about Americans diets sometimes desu. I eat a shit load compared to the avg person in my country who doesn't work out and has no definition. Every at my work eats salads every meal. I don't get it.

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True, we can probably combine powers here. Fattys listen to this guy.
But also listen to me and just fucking start with bare minimal. Any neet can get on their bedroom floor for 20 push ups, 40 sit ups a day. Guarantee its more than 95% of people on here do.

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Based. Since May 1st this year I have lost 20 pounds almost exactly by changing my diet habits and working out, working in sedentary tech field as a dev. I want to lose about 10 more and get to about 175 (6’0, then I want to bulk and get fucking HUGE).
I have also stopped taking adderall daily, I have stopped smoking weed, I have stopped drinking alcohol, and I am almost done with cigarettes, still working on it.
I feel better than I ever have at 25 years old. I’m taking vitamins and supplements, and have totally turned my life around. I am also more financially healthy than I’ve ever been, and it’s a direct result of the good diet and cutting the drugs. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

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Ok yes however it does increase insulin resistance the same way that sugar does which is why it has been linked to causing diabetes.

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just buy link retard

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Fucking based. Keep up the good work. I feel great too. Recently started working out a bit (mainly just pushups, sit ups and dumbbells at home but it's better than nothing).
I don't at all look like a bodybuilder or anything like that, but for the first time (ever?) I actually kinda like how I look without a shirt on. Pretty nice confidentce boost desu.
For sure. I recently started doing some light strength exercises too.

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You can get a complete state of well-being with $RFUEL of @riodefiofficial.
Rio DeFi's Stablecoin (Instant Loan program) gives room for users to persistently monitor all assets and transactions occurring on Rio DeFi's network, which makes it more transparent and secure than any traditional lending mechanisms.

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yes, the essence is high fat low carb.
my diet is derived from the same philosophy Sergey's shirt is, decision fatigue
so for every meal I eat eggs (omelet), chicken thighs, that's it. add broccoli if you want. also take multivitamins and fiber supplements.
and remember retards, things like cooking oil, butter, etc, that you cook with are calories in your meal too. but if you eat what I eat counting calories is pointless.

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>Ketchup as a low calorie food
Nope stopped reading.

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Jesus christ. Really? Where the hell do you live, man?

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Glad to hear it anon, good for you. I am not doing much more than what you are doing. Sometimes I go jogging but i still hate cardio. Working on it. Dumbbells, pushups, stuff I can do around the house. I got a pull up bar and starting to work on that. I wish you best of luck on your journey anon, sounds like you are already over the biggest hurdles

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You want the redpill on eating whatever you want (within reason) and losing weight at the same time? It's a supplement that literally reprograms your cells to burn more fuel. Stabilizes and reduces your blood sugar. Lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure. Well studied and proven. No side effects for most people? Do you really want to know? It changed my life.

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Why not just say it

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I'm not saying it's healthy, but it's low calorie compared to the other shit I used to put on my food to make it taste good. Ketchup is 100 kcal/ 100g. Mayonaise is 600 kcal/ 100g. That's a HUGE difference. It's not that big of a deal if you eat 75 kcal worth of ketchup per day if it helps you eat a healthy diet i,mo.

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Thanks anon! You too.
I'm sure it's obvious to some people that mayonaise has a lot more calories than ketchup, but I didn't know stuff like this in the past because I never bothered to look at labels. I thought ketchup and mayonaise roughly had the same kcal/ 100g.

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Read the book of Proverbs. It is distilled wisdom and offers tidbits of easily digestible practicality to enhance the life of a young man. It was written by King Solomon to his son. King Solomon had a net worth of roughly $2T (trillion) dollars at his peak.

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Keto + IF but exercise is the X factor. Just a simple 30 min walk a day does wonders for the first half of the weight you need to lose. Eventually though you gotta hit the weights.

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Divide your current weight by your goal weight. For example 300lbs / 180lbs = 1.67. That's a total 67% simple interest on weight upon maturity. Let's say you make that a one year goal. You have two coupon payments of 33.5% interest to make but a YTM of 144.7%. That is one outrageous bond, absolute junk, but a killer investment if you have the guts to stick it out.

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I don't need nor want your magical jew pill

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I needed someone to take real interest. And to tell you I'm not fucking around when I say this. It's 500mg of Berberine per day or up to 1500mg. With that said you can go read the studies. I take it daily for 2 years now and I cannot gain wait unless I stop taking it. I've reduced to 500mg because I was losing too much weight at 1500mg. Got below 150 pounds. Now hover around 156.

>> No.23186809

It's only $20 for a months supply and it's not a gimmick. I am a true biz bro that doesn't fuck around

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>Berberine is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults for short-term use when taken by mouth. Side effects include diarrhea, constipation, gas, stomach upset, and headache.
>Diabetes: Berberine can lower blood sugar. Theoretically, berberine may cause blood sugar to become too low if taken by diabetics who are controlling their blood sugar with insulin or medications. Use with caution in people with diabetes.
>Low blood pressure: Berberine can lower blood pressure. Theoretically, berberine might increase the risk of blood pressure becoming too low in people who already have low blood pressure. Use with caution.

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Drink raw milk and raw eggs

>> No.23186890

There were no liver or kidney toxicities from a year long study. The gastro side effects are probably gut flora related as berberine can kill parasites and bacteria. This compound is well known in Chinese medicine. It stopped my diabetes in its tracks and I lost 30 pounds by doing nothing. Go read some reviews if you're worried about mild side effects that happen to a small percentage. I tell my diabetic friends and unfortunately they are all cynical just like you. I gave you the yellow pill. Now it's up to you.

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Berberine is a complex-I inhibitor. This is highly “catabolic” substance. Balance it with anabolic stuff DHEAS.

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he probably hasn't even heard of API3 yet. dao action

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link. that's literally all you have to do.

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who here /bizfit/

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Where did you learn this? Wise wizard of ancient Chinese medicine? I will research this.

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fuck off to /fit/ you gigacringefaggot

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I’m of the opinion if you have ever been fat, you have a low iq.

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I’ve always been in shape and my biggest hobby has always been lifting. I cut out all processed sugar about 7 weeks ago and I’ve literally never felt so good in my life. The withdrawals were actually crazy.
I’d recommend that if you are already one of those “yeah but I work out” types.
Bless you for this post, anon. You’re completely right. Your health is the best thing to invest in on this earth

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Small improvements consistently is the only advice you'll ever need.

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cash out your home depot shares and put the money on drumpf, odds are the lowest they've been all year. Having an 80% chance to triple your money within a month sounds like a shot worth taking. chances like these don't come around often.

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also don't fuck around with your ex. there's no reason to be having relationships with women outside of marriage. it drains your focus, weakens you, and dulls your intuition. see a prostitute if you have to, but don't tie yourself up with women who have no intention of bearing your seed.