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EXPONENTIAL GROWTH EDITION. dont fall for these other fake ass scam coins that you see on biz. all they want to do is rob you of your hard earned money. instead, how about you invest in something REAL that will have actual lasting demand on the buy side and will make you RICH.

BAT is going to hit AT LEAST $40 and the 20m+ people that knew about it are going to be talking about how they missed it just like they did with BTC.

alright lets see some fuckin brappers n shit

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i got quite a few new ads this week. I think things are about to pick up thats why theyre doing all these ama's on reddit.

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Like I said in the other bat thread, it feels like 90% of the Saturday thread hype is just waiting for the thotposter to dump thots

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I just installed Brave on my family members devices and opted them in for rewards. 9 devices in total. I told them that if they keep the ads enabled then within the next 2 years the earnings will be worth enough for us to take a family vacation just with the BAT from our combined ads.

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yeah so whats wrong with that you some kinda faggot or somethin?

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I’m not complaining, just something I realized. It’s pretty based to have that Anon around, his stuff is good

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It looks like bat actually fell out of that big range and might finally fall back into my buy zone. I doubt that I'm the only one waiting for it so we'll see if it actually happens. Is there any news from this week from the AMA with Luke or anything?

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checked. ahhhh her voice is so soothing. jennie should start an ASMR channel.

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~15 cents is buy

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yes btc pair is buy range

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Yeah in USD almost the entirety of BAT's volume is between 15c-28c with god-tier support at 10c. After that big pump and dump we just had BAT probably needs some time to fuck off before it does anything meaningful and breaks either way out of that range.

Yeah I'm hoping it hits under 1800 sats

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Forgot pic

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~~Hi gents. Cam here with some drops from Luke Mulks, Director of /biz/ness for brave.~~

"Regarding future adoption by other browsers - we blogged early on (April 2017 IIRC) about our intent to produce a BAT SDK and extend the BAT beyond the Brave browser. We still intend to do this, but are still proving out primary utility cases in Brave."

"In Development:
- Publisher Ads (initial integration work)
- Self-service (we have a set of advertisers testing this with us now)
We're exploring:
- Video Ads
- Sponsored Content
- Out of Home use cases (QR codes additions, etc.)"

"There's a big focus on shipping new features and services that provide recurring revenue. These offerings are likely to be a result of strategic partnerships with like-minded companies that deliver solid products.

The first big step into this direction was with our Brave Firewall+VPN on iOS that we introduced at the end of July, in partnership with Guardian."

(Question) Brave email? Is this in your future road map
(Answer) All I will say is stay tuned on this one. :-)

"When you look at the value that Brave brings out of the box (privacy, security) along with providing a web3 wallet (Crypto Wallet) and a track that aims to bring the mainstream to web3 over time (Brave Rewards), Brave is well positioned to be a gateway to DeFi and web3 protocols."

RE: Ads opt in:
"We have not officially released this figure on https://brave.com/transparency - but we're observing a range of between 15-25% of users opting in, depending on the country and operating system."

"I'm very optimistic for our long term position. As we scale, privacy regulations and anti-trust cases are beginning to impact the mainstream more and more. As the public becomes more educated, they're going to look for solutions. Brave is well-positioned to deliver value through Rewards and in delivering privacy by default with performance."

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"Brave remains very committed to BAT. While we may release some features and offers that do not initially support BAT, that's not a sign of a lack of interest. In most cases, it's the reality that it takes a little longer to connect the web2 world with web3 concepts and technology, both at the commercial and user level."

"The project was not created with a UGP dependency. The UGP has been a great way to bootstrap growth of Brave, and adoption, but when the UGP is exhausted there will be global ad demand fueling the ecosystem."

"Brave Ads (requiring opt-in, and utilizing our ad confirmation event reporting protocol) will provide the user rev share.
Sponsored images do as well, for users that have opted-in to Brave Ads.
Widgets do not reward users. They provide functional utility, and the branding is required to identify the service provided by the widget."

"We began to market across broader audiences back in Nov 2020(sic - I presume he means 2019), and are taking steps toward more mainstream marketing. Now that we have core features like sync and better parity with competing browsers, I suspect you'll be seeing more of Brave over the next 12 months."

RE: Advertising approaching Brave
"We get a lot of inbound interest. The approach is a mix of filtering inbound and picking strategic prospects for outbound engagement."
"We are planning for Brave to be around for a long time. If a deal doesn't work today, there's a good chance that it may work out in the future."

RE: Not getting ads.
"Observing no ads at all is likely an issue, worth reporting.
Observing fewer ads could be from there being fewer campaigns in your country, or smaller ad buys in your country.
Advertisers can set a frequency cap for their campaigns to only serve x-times per day per user, and can also set a lifetime maximum view amount per user.
If you are in a country with a handful of active campaigns, and those campaigns have lower limits and caps, you may observe fewer ads."

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>we're observing a range of between 15-25% of users opting in

holy shit thats like 4m people opted in for rewards? no wonder people arent receiving a lot of BAT theses past few months. they need to give advertisers a chance to catch up with the demand.

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Q:Can you share anything on the current state of the upcoming PWB (pay with BAT) feature?

"We have discussed with potential partners.
The team is progressing with the feature.
I can't say much else about it, but I am very much looking forward to the feature introduction."

/u/Mmetr asks: From a sales perspective what acquisition channels are working best for you right now? PPC Ads? Cold Calling?

"Our Sales team uses a variety of resources for chasing prospects and getting ad deals in through the pipeline.
Our Marketing team uses a mix of acq channels, with our Referral Program being a consistent driver of growth as well.
On the core BD team, we get a lot of inbound, but also strategically prospect for companies that we see as a good potential fit for growth or recurring revenue."

"This is a BAT Community AMA on the BAT Project Reddit - Brave and BAT are complimentary and interwoven, and we conduct business on both sides of the token. There are different audiences for Brave at this point, and we see the most requests for updates from the BAT side, so this is a natural fit for the AMA. Hope this helps."

Q: have seen mentions of Stripe on your Brave GitHub repos. What will Stripe be used for?
A:There are a few options, but the first will be as a payment option for services. This is the part where people will say something like "Brave isn't prioritizing BAT, because they're putting additional payment options in the product."
That type of conclusion is not really accurate. We have teams working in parallel to deliver options for people with BAT and with more traditional payment rails (and, a mix of both for some cases).

Q:Do you think you may introduce video ads or surveys to increase revenue for your users? Right now it's about 1$ a month after clicking most ads
A:We're working on integrating video ads - it's a little more complex than other formats, but it's being worked on.We're also working on additional ways for users to earn more BAT.

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airdrop when? fren do the needful pee pee poo poo

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Q:What would it take for 1 BAT to be worth $1?
A: Why stop at $1?

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>We're exploring:
>- Video Ads
>- Sponsored Content
>- Out of Home use cases (QR codes additions, etc.)"

>"There's a big focus on shipping new features and services that provide recurring revenue. These offerings are likely to be a result of strategic partnerships with like-minded companies that deliver solid products.

im not sure what sponsored content would look like on brave. or "out of home use cases" i dont even know what the fuck that means. qr codes as in scan a qr code that would bring you to a webpage (an ad) and then earn bat from that?

and what about these features coming from strategic partnerships? as in they are working with specific companies to roll these types of features out for them? im just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. theres a lot to unpack here

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"In Development:
- Publisher Ads (initial integration work)
- Self-service (we have a set of advertisers testing this with us now)

anyone can explain this?

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>Now that we have core features like sync and better parity with competing browsers, I suspect you'll be seeing more of Brave over the next 12 months.

sounds like they are planning on picking up on the marketing now that they have the core features functioning well (mostly)

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yeah publisher ads is a feature where they place ads onto the actual websites (not the pop up notifications like they have now). so if you own a website for example, you can sign up for publisher ads and brave will place ads on your website and you will get a portion of the profits, the user will get a portion for viewing the ads (the ones that opt in) and brave will take a cut off the top as well.

self service is so that people that buy advertisement campaigns on brave can do it without actually talking to part of the sales team and spending a minimum amount ($2500 is the min right now and they reject a lot of advertisers) with self serve it will be all automatic. there is supposedly a waitlist of like 20k advertisers waiting to use it

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They have made a few videos and displayed them on the subreddit called "speed past chrome" or something of the like. I think they will ramp up the marketing soon too. They are also doing regular reddit ama's.
>Publisher Ads
In page adverts. Like you used to see banners or side bars on website for example. But can be made more fancy and modern than that. Theres a graphic floating around of BAT symbol on a car advert door handle. And the incentive is for you to click through the car, opening the door and looking at the features for bat rewards.

>self serve
you can just click through the ad platform and pay for your own advert campaign and customise who it is fed to without having to speak to a human and being manually onboarded. This is useful if you have your own small business.

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I should probably just read these

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reading is for nerds. i just buy based on brendans head.

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22-cent stablecoin
Glad a swapped mine for ATOM and ALGO

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Its crazy to think that paypal paid $4B for honey when they only had 17m users. Knowing how long it takes to pull a merger/acquihire deal, paypal was probably scouting them out a few million users sooner. Brave has 19.6m users. Brave is also able to do anything honey can do, but better and with more market penetration. Brendan has said hes already had people want to buy Brave and had to turn them down so it sounds like they are planning on building something much bigger than we realize.

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That honey number is often quoted in these threads, yet i've never seen anyone flesh out the argument of how that translates to BAT value sadly.

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because honey is a gay browser extension for people too lazy to go to retailmenot and brave is a browser with tons of new features that encompasses a brand new advertising ecosystem that is superior to the old model that will disrupt multiple industries

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Brave can do way more than Honey. People don’t really consider what browsers actually are capable of doing. Honey is a bitchtits extension. Browser is king. No one is even trying to compete with Brave. The AMA with their head of BD was bullish af. The more they talk about growth and revenue the more they stand out as an actual business among all the larpers and know it all shilldren in the game.

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Yeah but when moon

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next year

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20 cent shit coin

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Is it BATurday again already??


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what i dont understand is , ive been using brave for a year now removed all other browsers except tor. And its a great fucken browser almost 20 million users. how come this shit hasnt mooned yet. Is the token not made to moon because it needs to stay stable? Or is the prices surpressed deliberately?

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It's the discord trannies

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Lots of informative posts this Saturday. Glad to see it. You know what time it is, lads. Requests are a go, but I won't be posting super frequently.

Not much to moon off of, even with the amazing numbers we have. We need more utility plain and simple. The features outlined in >>23179557 >>23179627 >>23179679
would def have an immediate effect on the price.

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red heads with small tits

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Something like that?

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What blows my mind is that it still seems like a strong majority of people on /biz/ don't use Brave. It blows my mind. I would understand if your some /g/ autist, but for your everyman /biz/nessmen Brave should have been your default a long time ago.

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I use Brave but I think this coin is a nigger

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You dont get it do you? Honey is a shopping extension. Brave is the front door to the internet. Do you not see value in a token that could be standard for online advertisement, paywalls, tipping, and potentially microtransactions,web3, and ecommerce? Im honestly pretty shocked people can be involved in crypto and not see that brave is taking the bottom up approach based on clean ui/ux and a product/customer based business. While all these other tokens are fighting to capitalize on the web industries I mentioned, brave will already be the clear leader and what the general public is familiar with and that they trust. Its 20m users now. What happens when brave reaches 50m? 100m? BAT is not going to be $.20 forever and its already extremely undervalued. Imagine knowing this and not owning large stacks of BAT when that huge value gap gets filled.

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nigger have you seen all my posts in this thread? what the fuck do you think you are replying to.

Hopefully someone else gets a take home from your message. I understand wholeheartedly what brave/bat and honey are. My grievance - and others too - is that the acquisition of honey is markedly different to that of purchasing Brave, or purchasing the circulating supply of all the BAT. Purchasing honey is often used as a comparison due to it being an extension, however its 4b market cap isn't directly comparable to that of Bat's market cap and what it represents, but everyone just espouses 'honey was 4b!!!' and not actually give a nuanced take into how that is reflected in BAT. I understand how it would be, I just take umbrage with those who repeat it in these threads without proper context or clear comparison.

For reference, I think Brave/Bat is a far, far, far superior product, team, and market than honey. They aren't even on the same playing field.

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The fud on BAT is p bullish

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The whole reason for bringing up Honey is that at 17m users paypal thought it was worth $4b just to expand their product suite. It gets brought up because it gives you a ballpark estimate of where brave sits in the startup world. Cryptocelibate degens see 19.6m users and think "so what" the honey acquisition paints a different story however. Brave is basically pushing into series C funding territory, and this is where things get interesting. At 19.6m users the real whales start looking for private equity, mergers,buyouts,etc. Brave isn't in the little leagues anymore and is going to start to gain considerable attention. Real investors see the $4B honey acquisition as just an accessory to paypals business. Brave however looks like a disruptor. Brave is getting closer to the big leagues just as cryptocelibates are writing it off. That market bubble cheat sheet could come in handy for a lot of people in this thread.

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Thot bump

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Explot browser

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aaaahhhh need that muff on my face.

they determined the top to draw the big triangle plus the tokenomics working as intended

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literally not even red head

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How long before Brave goes bankrupt?

>> No.23182797

about $30m from now so 1-2 years

>> No.23182819

They have lots of runway, and are bringing in more and additional revenue. They are forecasting profitability by year end. From the sounds of it they are planning on hitting that mark and then pushing for traditional finance to scale. If they wanted to they could easily do another funding round but they dont want to give up control. Brave is one of the absolute worst companies to bet against in crypto.

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why can't i withdraw half my BAT to uphold god damn piece of shit site

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Thread was pretty far down so it was just a bump with whatever my mouse landed on.

posted that for you earlier and pic related. Doing other shit so I'm not going to make any fresh clips of redheads rn but Ill post 1 if I come across it

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I think you need 25 or so?

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Firefox fags are getting so mad. Im starting to see them push back more and more against brave. Get ready lads, Eich is about to dethrone the company he built. What is crazy to me is people are actually defending firefox this hard even though its just a remnant of its former self and there is no monetary incentive. I honestly thought they would just lay down without a fight.

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imagine unironically being a firefox shill lmao. literally there is no reason to like it unless you were some hell autistic early adopter that wears the fox logo shirts around and think firefox is part of your identity...like I do brave. heh.

>> No.23185127

Yeah its pretty weird. They seem to think people are just going to give up chrome and go back to firefox and "harden" it, which is an extremely complicated process where you basically need to choose the right guide out of thousands. Brave just works right out of the box. Also im not sure if firefox users realize most internet users where originally firefox users and left for chrome. The natural progression is to move to something new and exciting. Telling someone about firefox is not the same about telling someone about brave. One piques curiosity, the other disgust. The alexa rankings are also interesting. Firefox has basically dove off a cliff and brave is going to new highs and winning in app store rankings. Its just weird to fight against brave considering its the new up and coming underdog that people want to love.

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I feel like the sat bat threads have been rly slow lately

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A lot of people are being shaken out. They are starting to lose hope towards the final stretch because they are too focused on day to day price action. If they could zoom out further they would see the bigger picture. Brave is sitting at 20m users and growing extremely rapidly. I wouldnt have blamed them if they left two years ago or if growth slows for months on end, but Brave is literally hitting new highs on their metrics. The same thing happened with ethereum. I was there. People getting shaken out and moving to dash and litecoin while the EEA was public knowledge. The price wasnt moving like they had hoped, so they dipped and missed some of the biggest gains imaginable.

Be greedy when others are fearful.

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Doesnt bother me much im still trying to accumulate. Cant buy as much as i want rn cause covid shut down my bizness

>> No.23186217

Just wanted to mention VRA here

>> No.23186839

I dont think we have a whole lot of time left. Its hard to throw a drape over 20m users and then claim theres nobody else in the room. The most absurd part of all of this is that a lot of crypto users are going to completely miss this one. It will be just like ethereum where people said "$12 is too high, im looking for a bettet entry" "$20 is still too high, it will definitely come down" by that point it was the difference between a 10x and a 40x

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I think Luke Mulks is a smart guy, and I'm glad he's on the BAT team. That being said, I don't think he's the kind of guy to propel BAT to become some world-beating cryptocurrency or even make it a useful browser token.

BAT could be some sleeping giant. Instead it's just a wannabe, never-will-be kind of embarrassment. It's like Brave fucked up with BAT and now they're in too deep to admit it. They're fumbling around trying to figure out what to do with it and Luke fucking Mulks isn't going to fix that. SDK, ad campaigns, UGP finally emptying (it's not, I bet it has another 5-10 years before they're done with UGP BAT), none of those will bring BAT to crypto relevancy. I think we're lucky if we see $1 in the next 2 years bros, I really do.

I was just looking at some notes I made in September - October of 2019 about BAT's price. It was the same fucking price it is now. Made me laugh. It's such a worthless fucking investment and I doubt that will change any time soon.

>> No.23186957

BAT is over

It's over

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>Also im not sure if firefox users realize most internet users where originally firefox users and left for chrome.

This is true - why would I ever go back to Firefox when Chrome is still better? And then Brave is infinitely better than Chrome. Has to be some weird nostalgia reasoning for people to ever become so obnoxiously loyal to Firefox, that's all I can imagine.

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also this.

>> No.23187018


>> No.23187610

Theres a difference between crypto relevancy and actual relevancy. The outside world is looking at crypto and laughing their asses off. To them everything in this market is a scam, and they are mostly right. Brave has to walk a fine line because they have an actual shot , and they dont want to blow their chances of being to crypto what google was to the internet. I can't believe im having to talk yall down off the ledge with this. Brave is playing the long game here. If they wanted a $10B exit they would have taken it already. They are empire building, and Eich is going to build a citadel above all the silicon valley homos.

>> No.23188112

based VRA bat thread shill

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