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I'll start, pic related.

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Love reading that whenever its posted.
But on all honesty, it shows more that women are not suited to lead a business. If it was a man in charge things would have been different.

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incel chud. gtfo this board and back to pol you virgin swine. we don't like your kind here.

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I'm married you fucking brainlet. My wife is a stay at home mother, as she should be.

For sure, but even if a man ran it, he would eventually have to hire men, women are not good workers.

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Honestly, this sounds more like a person with piss-poor management skills, a comically bad hiring policy and 0 grip over her employees. Same would have happened if a beta virgin incel was in charge.

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beta virgin incel = woman

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Cutting your balls doesn't make you a woman.

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Go back

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You have to go back.

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Thx mommy Su!

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AMD share price increasing as BTC went on a bullrun. Try again retard.

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Stfu you overweight manlet neckbeard niggerfaggot.

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>incel chud. gtfo this board and back to pol you virgin swine. we don't like your kind here.

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Seems like nobody likes you.

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That's a man.

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i sincerely spit in your fat face. Seriously. A big fat, gooey, yellow luggi, right in your eye.