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Being a baggie is a shitty feeling

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imagine her boobies popping out and milk starting squirting out and some went into your mouth haha

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what a babe

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I can't imagine this.

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I just wet myself...

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Sergay is thinning up top quite a bit

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NO, my XOM will not be sold

also i want to fuck that whore

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yes you can

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If you're playing poker and can't see the idiot, you're the idiot
Also this isn't 2020, it's investing circa 1890 in gilded age America
Things are different now again

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It's true. While you're still bag holding the main thought stopping you from selling is the typical "b-b-but what if it pumps after I sell?". Truth is once you sell you immediately stop giving a fuck.

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Shame about the forehead

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it’s really not bad m8, proportional

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Virgin detected.

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imagine being a fag like this guy lmao

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Yeah... Imagine that haha

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i can't cut my losses when i don't have any
>all in chainlink

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Truly a biztard.

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realizing loss Is how you slowly bleed your account dry.
don't buy shitcoins and never close a trade at loss!

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Tell us what to do with PlotX

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big forehead girls are kino, kys

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This. if you're ever about to lose money, just don't.

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LOL, imagine that XD

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Where's the BOOBA poster when you need him?

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I mean, if its a one pump chump shitcoin then ya, but if there's good fundamentals and a decent working product, why wouldn't I just hodl for the next market cycle? Tons of great projects with insane longterm growth potential have dropped 90% or more early in their lives

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pic related

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True. My greatest losses come from holding on too long. Even when I get the chance to break even, I hold on. Getting better though.

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Never selling

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so many post down and nobody has come to terms with that's clearly a mans body

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No thanks you greasy kike

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