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Gee golly gosh I wonder what’s gonna happen to Chainlink

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Probably moon again in 2021

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>Gee golly gosh

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Buy below $9
Sell above $12
LINK won’t see another ATH until BTC does

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y i k e s

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>Gee golly gosh

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"Moon" to $14

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>$20 wasnt euphoria!!11 20 billion is a totally fair valuation for a utility token that nobody buys for actually using!!!

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you guys are REALLY REALLY dumb, it honestly doesn’t surprise me the majority of you didn’t sell at 19 dollars.

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watch the price when staking comes out, tranny

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but all of the DeFi products that you love use chainlink oracles and pay to use it? Chainlink currently secures billions of dollars in DeFi and that is just publically, who knows what Ari is doing privately

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>20 bucks is the same as 20,000 bucks
Good goy

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to secure
<$2 billion
TVL means jackshit u dumb nigger

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You posted it on 4chan therefore it's true

Can you tell us more about the future? How rich are you from being able to predict things this specifically?

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I really like when Maki smiles like this.

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OP is a dumb nigger for expecting chainlink chart to mimic BTC.
Of course there is a small amount of speculation that causes the price to be higher than the total value secured, but that speculatory gap is meaningless when you consider that the network will eventually secure trillions if not quadrillions of dollars worth of contracts.

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at this point I have to believe you guys are being retarded on purpose just so you have something to argue about online

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Exactly what you posted: follow ETH to approx $350.

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>small amount of speculation
>marketcap drops 70% when DXY pops up 3 points

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Not likely to happen for these reasons:

1. Bitcoin dropped like that because we went into a bear market after Dec 2017 for a year until Q2 of 2019 generally speaking. We're in a bull market even in terms of DeFi. We're more likely to grow rather than shrink.

2. £20k took 3 years to build up after several previous peaks as more capital flows in. Taking the time from Chainlink's peak in 2019 at $4.5 to $20 in august is a year. If we're correlating BTC to LINK like you have already, my chart is more accurate, both in time frame and market cap.
>pic related.
Granted this isn't a scientific chart but the log scale for LINK has its time adjusted to be more accurate.

3. We've already peaked this second wave of the kung-flu and not dropped to "its all over" numbers like in March. People are looking for growth, only external factors can bring the price down like it did again.

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>completely different charts

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Seeeee this is the shit that makes me not want to buy anymore link.... but unironically makes me want to buy more

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How does this correlate with anything at all. It’s 2020

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>LINK won’t see another ATH until BTC does
yeah every time you fags with prolapsed anuses posted this before it arrived at ATH very shortly soon after

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You're probably wishing you bought back in instead of waiting for whatever price you had in mind.

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itt coping stinkies
>this time it’s different!

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holy shit i hope you're right

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theyre gonna cope and spam the board til it goes sub $1??

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It will hit $5 again, unfortunately. Unless you're waiting to buy more, then it's great.

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According to youre own graph the price is gonna go down again soon though

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whawhahhaha nice one, it won't hit 5$ again buddy...

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link is dead time to move on frens. I'm looking at zetaportfolio and DIA. new defi stuff moving the train along

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chainlink is such a piece of shit it needs to die

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Link is hot garbage. They don't have a meaningfull working product. they are shilling partnerships like curryniggers. they dump on you every 2 weeks like clockwork and the actual token supply is a mystery. On top of that they are trying to solve a problem that doesn't need solving. chainlink is retarded and no real world important companies are going to relay their data sets to them as in ever . they want actual people to run their data sets not some fucking mongoloided shitchain. they want their relationship to be trustFULL not trustless but you cryptoniggers just can't fathom that

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>link is BTC
so it's going to $3.20 then

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HAHAHA exactly. Oh man. 20-40 cent LINK and I'd sell my house literally. Might go ICX level bad if BTC hits new lows.

For now, it's BestSwap.