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We got too cocky coomers

>> No.23159474

I want to COOM

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Is putting all your eggs in one basket based or cringe?

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Why are people shorting GME if it's so obviously going up?

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Fuck bears.

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Rate my portfolio:

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>2020 gross income: 1.9B
>2020 cash on hand: 455M
>2020 market cap: 790M
no we didnt. it hasnt even begun

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Fuck I can’t decide which to buy LULU, SBUX or UPS

>> No.23159494

Soooo we buying AMC for the Christmas-eve Coom?

>> No.23159500

I want this gf
also needs sweat stains around pits

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>P S H G

>> No.23159508

people don't even buy consoles anymore. why did you idiots shill gme so hard

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What about liabilities and debt

>> No.23159540

At what point are you obligated to pay taxes on your gains? What if I made money on something then immediately lost it?

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>people don't even buy consoles anymore
This is the dumbest take

>> No.23159554

So honest question: were those Cohen spammers just shitposting? It was annoying, but I was able to load up on some more calls for 2021 after we hit -10%, so I’m kinda neutral

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>Beleaguered retailer GameStop currently owes $417.2 million in total debts. Luckily its cash on hand outweighs its debts. GameStop has $570 million in cash right now, but even a portion of that--$135 million--was financed from credit.
570M-135M = 435M > 417.2M
aka, zero debt even before credit
before new microsoft revenue
and before new console sales revenue

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Bears are good lays; dutiful bottoms.

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I picked up 150 shares today when we going to the moon

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I was making a lot of money on LULU earlier this year before premiums got to high

>> No.23159570

consoles are just pc towers these days. you have 0 reason to buy an xps10-whatever when you could just invest in a good gaming pc lol

>> No.23159584

Any thoughts on FXI or KIE? Should I invest in KIE if I already have ARKF?

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yea but console peasants still exist because dumb

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I still do not understand how there can be more short shares than outstanding shares. can someone explain it to me?

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I might actually hop into AMC...if a vaccine truly happens, this will POP.

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First for being a leaf and can't fucking trade on Monday

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The coomers are going to leave their bags in your hands.

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>tfw you only outperformed NASDAQ by .4% today

>> No.23159637

barely. maybe 2 out of 10 people bother with consoles. and only 1 of them might consider going through gme rather than literally anything else

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People will still buy because of muh exclusives

>> No.23159640

I don’t see any GME, so unfortunately it’s a 0/10.

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GME pls go up

>> No.23159652

2-3 years

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Well you see, what happens is, someone borrows a share from someone else to short sell it, and then someone else borrows it again and sells it again, if that sounds insane trust me it's not it's all actually very sane and makes lots of sense hahahaha

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J-just one more share. What could go wrong?

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wait for monday

>> No.23159681

Charlie Munger is a billionaire who invests in only three stocks at a time.

>> No.23159690

I have 200 shares comfy as heck
I'm down $75 bucks on it but I made a ton writing covered calls, so it could fall to $9 and I would still be way profitable

>> No.23159692

AMC is selling at 4.1 a share. Imagine if you had GME stock at 4.1 a share when it hit 11.5 or even 14.25? AMC didn't even close like Cinemark/Regal. American Movie Cinema. Why wouldnt you invest in America?

>> No.23159699

>Muh exclusives
>Muh pre-built
>Muh bluetooth controller
>Muh Ecosystem
>Muh ease of use
I mean yeah but they perfectly apply to people too stupid to even buy pre-built PCs.

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Only if you sell and made more than the standard deduction. If you lost money then you can tax loss harvest if you do not wash your losses.

>> No.23159713

im long for sure

>> No.23159717

That seems like the way to do it. I’m tired of investing $1,000 in a bunch of stocks and only making $500 if one of them shoots up 50%

>> No.23159724

I chose lulu based off this post and might get SBUX or UPS desu since UPS earnings are near might go for em however SBUX is below ATH so idk

>> No.23159731

The sold shares can be reborrowed and shorted again.

>> No.23159736

diversification is a meme

>> No.23159740

I will but it’s too early. GME isn’t over by a long shot.

>> No.23159742

Charlie Munger is an inside trading fag

>> No.23159747

What does washing your losses mean?

>> No.23159758

B@sed Snek

>> No.23159759

wow, so it unironically is only just beginning isnt it? this stock is literally undervalued. if it jumps up to actual value, and stays there due to consoles, this is actually, and unironically, going to supernova

>> No.23159761

Games cost 70 (or will very soon). A console costs 300+. People are outta work and hurting for money for just bills and shit. It's not like the old generation launches where you got a deal with it (PS2 - DVD player, PS3 - Blu-ray player) so I'm kinda not seeing the mass buying spree that everyone's going gaga about. Add to that a lot of games are just re-hashes or poor re-makes of older gen titles now to boot.

>> No.23159768

i honestly thought we'd see the price stay up like BBBY
not a -10% pullback holy fucking shit

someone really really hates Gamestop. I thought the volume yesterday was a short squeeze but Ortex shows that short interest spiked up instead
like I shouldnt be worried since GME is not going bankrupt anymore, but i get the feeling im forgetting to consider something with how much conviction these short sellers have

>> No.23159778

We’ve been saying this for months fren

>> No.23159779

For what it's worth there is also the Boglehead Three Fund Portfolio. In the case of Munger though you have to watch your three companies like a hawk and treat the company like you own it as you technically do. Learn how to analyze a company both qualitatively and quantitatively. Keep up with its financial statements, be ready for the long haul, and only sell if it absolutely becomes an inferior company than what you initially invested in it for or an absolutely better investment comes along.

>> No.23159789

>suck my dick
it actually is funny coming from you kneepads.

>> No.23159794

Please help me mens

Which is better

Vanguard VUAA or iShares CSPX for Europe S&P 500 ETF?


>> No.23159796

-4.1($/share)*1000(shares)+(1000*11.5(potential price))=7400 profit not including original 4k investment.

>> No.23159803

arent the new short figures posted today?

>> No.23159821

+1, I just bought 0.2

>> No.23159833

Those are losses not factored in for Cap gains. Then end up in cost basis instead

>> No.23159834

just get an ETF for USA market. it has historically dominated gains vs other world regions

>> No.23159835

Let's say you sold one equity at a loss and then immediately bought another which gained. Washing is more or less the idea that your loss "is a wash." You gained back what you lost rather quickly. You can report your losses if you wait long enough though but I forget how long. I think it's 30 days after selling.

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Can someone shill me on PLTR? All I know is they are some sort of evil government surveillance company or something.

>> No.23159845

yeah, and i believe it, i just didnt realize just how compounding an issue the short squeeze is. not only do shorts covering cause other shorts to cover, its covering on the same shares, not just other borrowed shares. wow

>> No.23159847

"pre-built" PC. Plug and play. People see value on that alone.

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CLF cheapies

>> No.23159868

in Germany you pay taxes on unrealized gains

>> No.23159875

>bought the top

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because of this
phone plan but for consoles

if they would just announce it already and actually have orders available, but i guess they're saving this news for later

>> No.23159879


How many shares?

>> No.23159884

We told you it would noon up to November. What day do you think it is anon?

>> No.23159897

Haha can't hear you over the sound of myself coomin'

>> No.23159900

How does that even work? Do they pick a random day and say "This is the market value you will use?"

>> No.23159907

Well yes, I know that the American market is superior, hence I am going for S&P 500 which is an american index fund of ~500 largest nasdaq/nyse companies.

But since I live in Europe, I have more than 1 I guess investment managers to pick from and idk if it matters

>> No.23159908

You didn’t see it crashing and think to yourself
>*hmmm, better sell*

>> No.23159910

>Tencent-backed miniso group looks to raise up an IPO

are we in on this PND guys? Chinese+Tencent means gains right?

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No fucking way.

>> No.23159934

You want to know what will go higher than GME for the next 2 weeks.



>> No.23159941

Speaking of Tencent is there any reason not to invest in FXI?

>> No.23159942

>e i g h t h u n d r e d a n d f o r t y d o l l h a i r s
holy fuck console peasants are dumb

>> No.23159943

They won’t cover because of pride. They will ruin themselves and they deserve it.

>> No.23159944

Jesus. I almost feel bad for europoors... almost.

>> No.23159951

so we were just talking about this yesterday - that means that the current stock price only reflects about 10 million shorts being squeezed?

so.... more GME on monday then????? right boys?

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Everytime the price spikes and SI goes up my dick gets a little harder

$11 used to be the absolute height of the big Ryan 13D poomp.
Now all of a sudden we close at $12 after a -10% day, with no shorts covering and 73 M in SI.

Someone very big is very desperate and very trapped, and they keep slipping. You'd have to be insane not to see where this is going>

Oh and the retail bears celebrating on Stocktwits. God Im gonna have to jack off.

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>> No.23159969

gme has been squeezed of everything she has to give. you won't be seeing gains until next year, if ever

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>gme has been squeezed of everything she has to give. you won't be seeing gains until next year, if ever

>> No.23159993

Go away bear

>> No.23160015

pick the one with lowest cost and lowest turnover

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>retail bears on stocktwits
literally cant stop laughing

>> No.23160018

If a short covered, bought in, and rode the squeeze they’d come out profitable
Too bad they can’t admit defeat

>> No.23160020

AMC - I admit the upside looks tempting but the risks involved with this is high indeed. More and more big budget films are getting pushed out to 2021. AMC is in deep debt and everyday they're not raking in money that debt just gets deeper. At least Airlines are still raking in money even at reduced limits. Do I want theaters to die? Hell no, I enjoy watching a film on a jumbo screen every now and then. But until films start showing up en-mass back on that screen beware that your loss of investment is high.

>> No.23160024

Monday will likely have some upwards action because of the uptick rule being triggered today, but I wouldn't expect another coom like Thursday.

Ultimately this thing inflates like a giant fucking balloon on every item of positive news, because it's been kept from real price discovery by overshorting for a long time now.
And after every poomp (first Ryan filing way back when, then ps3 preorders selling out, then new Ryan 13D after hours + Amazon strategy update, then MSFT partnership) bears try to artificially tamp it down some more and keep inflating their short bubble. This will keep going on for a while until suddenly the bears can't keep it down anymore.

I can't tell you when, no one can, but it's gonna be biblical.

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>GF gets into stocks
>she knows I post here but never visits herself
>but I told her all about home GME was memed here
>GME moons today, she checks the thread to see how all of you are taking it
>sees OP image
>asks me "did you post this OP? is this how you want me to act?"

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>> No.23160037

Thank you. I feel like taxes next year are going to be complicated.

>> No.23160047

>Yes, all of those posts are me, all of them, I am the legendary 1337 haxxor anonymous, you got me

>> No.23160059


>> No.23160060

Bros...... Once GME pays off for me I'm shoving it all into amc :) also hope you boys bought the AMD dip :)

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how do i find 4chan gf

>> No.23160063

Reddit shock.

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bro i dont think you really understand the significance of the Xbox game pass
Microsoft is trying to do NETFLIX but with games
having 100s of games to download from is the best value a poor family can get. This is exactly what everyone feared that was going to be bad for Gamestop. I have more faith now with the new board members that they pulled this off. Don't even care if Cohen ditches now. The pullback today was unfortunate but i am more confident than ever.

I even started looking at fucking reddit for some scraps of insider info on what the fuck is going on with the microsoft-gamestop partnership

>> No.23160075


All there needs to be is some "Massive Vaccine update" and the stock shoots up 6-7 range for easy 50%+ gains.

Loading up the boat soon.

>> No.23160085

No yea I'm in on the GME coomtrain, just laughing at console peasants

>> No.23160088


are you guys fucking boomers or just retarded? everyone i know that has a pc also has a console. Not to mention that you are forgetting the key target which are kids and teens. This people dont want to invest 1k in a stupid pc when they can buy a console for 400 that runs the games better. Also moms buying this consoles for christmas, xbox one sold out in my country when it first came out.

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what did she think about the Ada Wong vore?

>> No.23160103

how do I find a gf

>> No.23160114

They aren't retarded, they are paid anti-GME shills. They are the FUDers.
It reeks of pure desperation and it is hilarious.

>> No.23160116

motherfucker I'm saying that console peasants exist, I'm agreeing with (You) are (You) just retarded?

>> No.23160121
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Why did you guys trick me to buy GameStop shares?

>> No.23160126

i'm just trying to help people. you faggots are screaming "gme! gme coom ahaha!" but it isn't going anywhere lol

>> No.23160129

you can just buy one once you "make it"

>> No.23160139

Just copy the 1099Bs you get on SCH D bro

>> No.23160141

GME will pay off.
AMC is in the cards for me, yes, but I have to maximize gains right now. GME will likely moon. No shorts have covered yet, even after yesterday.
AMC is a safe play, just check their financials to make sure they can stay in biz for another year in case a black swan occurs with Covid.

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>been squeezed
oh you sweet summer child

Notice how on every poomp there's a dozen articles that say "the squeeze has already happened" and yet the SI just keeps climbing?
Big Bois know how dangerous the situation is, and are desperate to stop it by any means necessary. And yet every low is higher.

It's gonna be biblical

>> No.23160152

30 shares at 38 American my nigga

>> No.23160166


Another hit piece from shorters

>> No.23160169


classic FOMO

>> No.23160184

I totally agree.

GME needs less shills, AMC needs more.

IT"S $4 fucking bucks. It has reached $6 before. Easy 50% gains. I'm buying options, dont give af.

>> No.23160187

hmm how much does 34,000 puts cost? COHEN seems really desperate for those puts to print

>> No.23160192

Just fucking grow a sack you paper hands FOMO faggot.

People who bought the LITERAL top of the Ryan Cohen 13D poomp 2 weeks ago are still up bigly

>> No.23160200
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bro are you seriously trying to shill AMC?

>> No.23160201

So let's say I fluke some otherworldly lebrl shit and end up with 250k in my portfolio, does that mean I can withdraw 250k and I now have 250k in real?

>> No.23160207

please someone help me with my shitty china stock

>> No.23160208
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Did you ever doubt?

>> No.23160217

>No media mentions the insane amount of shorts
they overjewed themselves and can't find a way out

>> No.23160220


>> No.23160236

only after Q2 earnings miss
And I regret it to this day as it would have been the perfect opportunity to add bigly to my position

>> No.23160238

buying a China stock
that was your first mistake

>> No.23160242

how big is her dick

>> No.23160243

>only 1000 shares left to short
holy fuck

>> No.23160246

The IQ drop in this thread once the weekend starts is real

>> No.23160247

Did k-pop anon neck himself yet?

>> No.23160249

Why will AMC go back to 6? There isn't any sort of big ticket blockbuster going on.

>> No.23160252

Brokers make it easy. They send you a summary sheet(s) with all your trading activity, gains/losses,etc. You input that summary information on your tax forms in the boxes indicated. In the old days you had to enter each and every trade you did. (Still an option if you want to do it that way though). This summary is also sent to the IRS.

>> No.23160254
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Yes, AMC was $7 just a month ago. $4 now.

This is textbook, Buy low, Sell High.

>> No.23160258

y you so waysis? Everybody was doing it! Don't yell at me! Aaaaaahhbbbh

>> No.23160270

>wait to release this article only after a multi year deal with a tech giant is announced
hmmmm, the timing is very (((coincidental)))

>> No.23160276

You don't need a blockbuster movie, just vaccine news to come out.

>> No.23160278
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lmao I love when the newfags who hopped on a memestock that goes up start trying to pick their next play.

>> No.23160280

I need a meme magic stock list update

What am I missing?

>> No.23160287
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>> No.23160290
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I hope not

>> No.23160292
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>> No.23160293
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Can Cathie be stopped?

>> No.23160295

im sorry doombull, but i had to put my dip buying money into GME. i hope you understand

>> No.23160301

Oh that's right, I'm supposed to FOMO into GME when it was 15 and panic sell at 11.50 today, right

>> No.23160304


>> No.23160308

yea we saw and coom'd but until they actually announce something it's not gonna actually make the price coom

>> No.23160309

>what is boilerplate

>> No.23160312

BLNK great price right now
CRSR its been taking a fat shit but I can imagine it going back up to its usual $21 range
WWR anon was shilling WWR. I dont have the balls to hold it but if you do, go for it

>> No.23160315

only reason im considering amc desu

>> No.23160316

Even with vaccine news anything worth watching was been delayed to whenever
Not something I'd touch but good luck to you

>> No.23160317

by my cock, yes

>> No.23160324
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>buys an office 365 sub and a Surface to do business on
>"I am officially announcing my new strategic business partnership with Microsoft!"
Enjoy holding those bags as they go to 0, Blockbusterfags.

>> No.23160323

what happens to amazon when all of these other companies become the next amazon? fugg

>> No.23160326

Hey /smg/, is it retarded to hold BTC in a broker instead of a crypto wallet?

>> No.23160330
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Your logic of "it was this price at one point it has to go back!" is classic newfag stupidity.

>> No.23160353

oops, you dropped this

>> No.23160364

this "using surfaces" meme is so fucking retarded

>> No.23160366
File: 354 KB, 2770x960, Annotation 2020-07-29 175315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure the same shit was said about this anon when GME was at 3...

>> No.23160372
File: 156 KB, 1024x576, DP5uG8pWkAAJiuW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hold it in a crypto wallet

>> No.23160381

So is that a yes?

>> No.23160384
File: 324 KB, 2708x954, gmeyolodiamondhands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god I am still in awe of this fags diamond hands

>> No.23160388

you realize the people who profited today have been holding that shit for like a month?

>> No.23160402
File: 381 KB, 1654x680, QQQ from covid crash to present 10-9-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>look at the QQQ
>look at the 1h timeframe
>look at the 200 EMA
>it's literally always a good place to buy at/near/below it, except when SHTF
>if you want even more confirmation (you don't want to have to hold through SHTF and for some reason never know about current events or watch any news sources so you wouldn't have known covid or lehman bros was a thing for some crazy reason), only buy the 200 when the 50 is above it
>if price gets near 12x the ATR above the 200 you should seriously consider selling. even if it goes higher it's not going to be long before it crashes from there, it has happened repeatedly.

imagine if you bought at/below the 200 hour after the softbank fiasco. hell imagine if you bought there the 2 times it got there after the 50 crossed above the 200

seriously thinking of doing this from now on. historically im right just look at the chart. maybe the real trick of TA this whole time is to do it on a longer time frame instead of intraday. any TAbros out there want to give their opinions on this? i mean even if you bought at the 200 on the softbank crash, yeah it went lower but you can clearly see you could have just held and even bought more lower (thus why the 4xATR keltner is on there too for DCA'ing) and made bank once it came back up again like it always does. worst case scenario you could exit for a small loss when the 50 crossed below the 200 and wait for it to cross above again, no big deal. theoretically you could do the same on a downtrend (short there instead of go long) but i feel like that's a lot riskier and more likely to lose money because bear markets are often short-lived and there is a lot more risk to short vs. long since people going long can always just DCA or just hodl.

im gonna do more backtesting but it seems really legit so far as long as you're willing to wait for the setup. i'd sell half of my position at 4x the ATR and move my SL up to break even, maybe make it a trailing stop idk what would be most optimal yet.

>> No.23160414

I do, mainly so I can buy alt coins. But my gf has BTC in her Robinhood and I can’t think of a reason why not if she isn’t gonna get any other crypto

>> No.23160418

vaccine isn't coming out for a while, anon. i mean it's doubtful we're getting anything early-mid 2021, nobody is going to the movies when everyone has x streaming service

>> No.23160424

I just accidently searched for cathie on robinhood for ARKK and discovered the Catholic Values ETF... incase anyone is wondering it outperforms SPY by a whopping 1%

>> No.23160426
File: 164 KB, 1270x829, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yes, AMC was $7 just a month ago. $4 now.
you're kidding
that's your justification? you cant be serious

good luck

>> No.23160429

>investing in real estate


>> No.23160432
File: 106 KB, 280x291, 82367762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're damned right.

>> No.23160435

when/where does he update?

>> No.23160436
File: 3 KB, 570x40, SPCE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Selling this Monday to buy some other shit, I already pissed away the peak but still 70% gains.

>> No.23160440

yep GME is basically a tech company now

anyone who sold is a fucking idoit

>> No.23160447
File: 72 KB, 500x500, 1601484091691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>giving a fuck about a yolo dart throw that hits out of the hundreds of thousands that get thrown every day
A broken clock is right twice a day. The hard part is consistency. By all means throw your money into AMC with gambler's logic and roll the dice.

>> No.23160458

Depends what you mean by "broker". An actual broker or a shady crypto exchange that randomly gets hacked during every big bull run?

>> No.23160460

>i honestly thought we'd see the price stay up like BBBY
>not a -10% pullback holy fucking shit
Short sellers have a holy war against GME for some reason.

>> No.23160463

>nearly -$600 since I went balls deep on draftkings

Bro. This was supposed to moon.

>> No.23160473

Thats funny. My wife unironically likes Kpop and learns the dances to them and all that shit, and once in awhile I show her some of the posts that kpop autist in here makes all the time. we have a good laugh over it.

>> No.23160477

>no sports to bet on
>sports betting stock goes down
WOW, almost as if you're just stupid anon

>> No.23160482

in that case. leave it in the RH account. Likely she will forget her crypto seed phrase before RH password

if you invested in RE in Vancouver, Toronto, Auckland, or Sidney Aus you would be up bigly

>> No.23160487

why is this anon so fucking mad about GME? sour grapes?

>> No.23160499


>> No.23160512

don't compare GME to AMC you dumbass

i looked at the numbers of AMC for the record and they're horrible
add that to the fact that even if we got a vaccine early 2021, we would still be living with quarantine bullshit to 2022 at the very least because of anti-vaxxers or a problem with the efficacy and safety of the vaccine itself

>> No.23160514

>yolo dart throw
it was a deep value play a year fucking out, with diamonds hands holding and adding through -40% days.
get some humility, you could learn something fren

>> No.23160531

>Short sellers have a holy war against GME for some reason.
Nah the reason is very obvious. Short sellers know how massively fucked they are if this squeezes. They're fighting for survival basically

>> No.23160533

Literally NFL, NBA, MLB, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, College football, Tennis, Golf.

>> No.23160535

at first i thought it was fake because i didnt find the post by mcdonalds but i found this
so the mcdonalds one is probably true as well

>> No.23160543
File: 1.34 MB, 2316x3088, 6D8B598F-A112-459A-B20F-7937B75F4BF0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This but unironically

>> No.23160562

look at all that lint on the bottom of her feet, disgusting

>> No.23160569
File: 199 KB, 640x577, lsdnhfkusgdifyg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23160593

sucks that I have to wait for earnings for shorts to start panicking
and frankly Im not confident about Q3 unless the Microsoft deal translates to more Xbox X preorders coming in this month ASAP

>> No.23160596

imagine the smell

>> No.23160601

been a while since i saw gamespot.com mentioned, they were big 15 years ago

>> No.23160604

my gf says "eww thats not lint that callous."

>> No.23160614

Sounds like self fulfilling prophecy. That nigga will lose all that on another all in play that goes wrong, more than likely.

>> No.23160619

one of the most reddit posts i've seen on /smg/

>> No.23160624

God imagine the smell of that top

>> No.23160634

If its still cheap after the N*AK moon I might just do it. Gunna finish my G*ME coom, then N*AK edging and cooming around late november, then maybe I will look at A*MC

>> No.23160642
File: 97 KB, 608x1640, Squeezyboys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wait for earnings
nah this thing poomps like a balloon on any news.

For all we know they could announce Ryan Cohen is becoming CEO tomorrow. Or a partnership with Sony.
That's why I don't have the balls to swing trade, because the eventual catalyst will be entirely unpredictable. Look at how this MSFT news came out of nowhere

>> No.23160646
File: 62 KB, 591x472, very low.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well just now, but still viewership of these sports are down considerably.

>> No.23160649

she needs a pedicure and lotion her feet on the regular

>> No.23160653
File: 65 KB, 1176x541, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am getting worried brothers...

In the last two big console releases, GME has peaked in MID OCTOBER at around 55, then it goes down.

its mid october and it's at 12... It can still shoot up right?

>> No.23160659

A bunch of people got laid off from there just yesterday

>> No.23160675
File: 85 KB, 1024x768, Dw3AIO_U0AE1ozU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guess the image and tweet was fake after all, here's the original

>> No.23160678

AMC is at it's support level of 4. If there's a shred of good news of a vaccine, it's an easy 50% gains at 6. Set up a stop loss at 3.80...High Reward, low risk.

AMC is not going above 8; however going to 6-7 is not crazy on vaccine news is not crazy. Easy 50% gains, then walk away.

>> No.23160689

retail shit like Canada Goose or Dilliard's are what you buy for the Black Friday or Christmas pop

not a company that's been fucked the most by corona and has no e-commerce outlet. Capacity halved for corona restrictions, but that's besides the point, no one even wants to go in the first place

>> No.23160697

I bet you a lot of mid-tier, self-learned but with daddy-money investors, the kinda guys who have a nice apartment and a big investment account from dad, but a worthless degree and no-job... are literally FREEEEEAKING OUT that their mid term shorts (ie coming very soon) aren't panning out. GME is not going bankrupt. News keeps on improving and closing excessive stores (who needs 2-3 in ONE mall?!) just lowers bottom line as they go more digital. These kids and maybe some mid 30-YO guys in investment firms who are "long time gamers" who also felt the same thing... are PANICING. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COVER THEIR SHORTS. THEY ARE TRYING SO DAMNED HARD to keep GME down until the enevtiable retail sales AND now this MS news kicks in.

HOOOOOO BOOOOOOY im glad we all held with diamond hands. I'm not that deep into it, I mainly thought GME was a joke but fun, but now I'm actually a bit passionate about it!

>> No.23160700






>> No.23160701
File: 630 KB, 797x865, 5835CB6F-FE07-4A36-B054-FE7B10CB1690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i couldve sold 405 at 14.30 but I thought "hm what if etrade decides not to settle my cash and then i miss the train"
just hold gme bros, eventually the shorts will get fucked and we'll have our cake (coom cake)

>> No.23160706

>Not /smg/f
Missed opportunity

>> No.23160709

how do you know?
not saying you don't know, i'm just surprised anybody is paying attention to gamespot these days. i kinda thought it was long gone.

>> No.23160716

Ah yes, using Microsoft products and upselling All Access subs that Microsoft sells directly and at other retailers makes them a "tech company".
And I used to do these press releases for a major company. If another company sends in a PR release that says something positive about our company, we post it. If its something we think will make our company look good or is important to our company, i would write up some fake CEO verbiage in the press release, get it approved to use the verbiage and attribute it to the CEO, and throw it in there too. Which MS did not even bother doing here.
But im sure people will line up in deserted malls to go sign up for all access rather than just go to Microsoft.com/xbox or whatever, in an age where Amazon exploded to 1.65T because of demand for getting shit delivered to your door.

>> No.23160720

>its mid october
no its not

>> No.23160721

try Wirecard, you can´t buy lower

>> No.23160728


Bullish for AMD?

>> No.23160730

for all intents and purposes, it is

>> No.23160740

Lmao, I'll pass on that. Fine line between brave and stupid.

>> No.23160750

Because I frequenter /v/ and there were lots of posts mocking laid off game journos

>> No.23160752
File: 20 KB, 1600x1730, inkblot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>HOOOOOO BOOOOOOY im glad we all held with diamond hands.
I mean just look at whos selling right now. None of us big bois who have been here since August.

I'm just patiently waiting for the next round of apologize posting. Hell might add to my position if we crab through next week

>> No.23160754

$1000 EOY

>> No.23160755

shut up retard, ps5 and xbox are compatible with old games
this has never happened before, used ps4 discs will fly off of gme shelves

>> No.23160759
File: 336 KB, 1475x1129, Be Saved v3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feeling good. Gains and divvies with no stress at all. Hell just sit on my ass over the next year while C's stock price climbs and those divvies reinvest themselves. Sell most of it and get a tax break and a fat payday.

>> No.23160761

>Easy 50% gains
do you want to read your post again? you have no DD other than price memory and vaccine speculation.
cinemas were looking grim even before corona, AMC couldn't turn a profit half the time

i legit think that airliners are probably a better bet than AMC because at least they're big enough that they get government bux to save shareholders' ass. For the record, airliners are a shit play right now
Even the obnoxious CLF shill is a better pick since at least that is a value trap that isn't going at risk of bankruptcy

I don't think you really understand why people jumped into GME in the first place, you really show how ignorant you are comparing the GME play to AMC

>> No.23160766

>Declares bankruptcy
>Goes to 0.25
Nothing personnel kid.

>> No.23160772

by no stretch of the imagination

>> No.23160777

Good call, bad dates. The peak I'm seeing is November 8th, 2013. Exactly one week before the PS4 release.
PS5 is coming out on the 12th, which by your logic would give us a date of November 5th.

Something to think about, yeah, but there is definitely a lot more at play now, with the shorts, etc. I think it's a no-brainer to hold for the time being. Just bought another 100 and my portfolio is now 30% GME.

>> No.23160780
File: 30 KB, 500x463, JAC_Motors_logo-e13f53f5-d825-4e7c-8ebb-aef20a295ea1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros... I just found out NIO doesn't make their own cars, this other chink company does.

They also don't make the batteries... Is NIO a chink government scam?

>> No.23160782

Will reading financial books help me get rich?

>> No.23160783

I lost the game.

>> No.23160792
File: 70 KB, 726x821, COOOOOOOOOOOOM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically this, I'll just forget about the money I put into GME wait it out

>> No.23160799

Just read /smg/ and put your whole net worth in the meme of the month.

>> No.23160801

Are warrants as good as Options?

>> No.23160805

>nah this thing poomps like a balloon on any news.
short sellers will not cover, that should be clear by now

they will only cover when Gamestop proves they're profitable again, and even then, they probably won't cover unless Gamestop buys back shares and/or reinstates dividends

>> No.23160807

what's everyone's NAK plans. It's too cheap and too good a potential future to ignore. Army Core of engineers determine site will have minimal environmentla impact. If trump wins will you sell on the $10 call? Will you wait 3 years (try and stay alive) until they start pumping out gold? I might dollar-cost-average some random amount per paycheck into NAK.

>> No.23160812

We'll see. AMC is a dire straits RN. 6 months of liquidity left.

I'll hold out for a month.

>> No.23160821
File: 89 KB, 396x454, gamer bog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>missed out on the gme meme by a day
start panic selling so i can get in on this shit

>> No.23160824

thats the second best thing
first best is buying more
ironically, the more faith you have on this stock the more likely it is of popping off. if we want to see real crazy prices that is.

>> No.23160825

What gives it potential?

>> No.23160832

desu senpai I think amc is a retarded play. Technical breakdown is as follows:
- sustained downtrend with multiple consolidation/breakdowns at pivots
- Many pivots on the way (i.e. very hard to recover)
- Currently stuck at support in consolidation
- Breaking this support could have the stock head down to $2 judging from the lack of notable levels below.

Silver lining: it's lining up well with the current downtrend pattern so it is primed to break it at any time. However, that means nothing until we also see:
- Failure to form a new low
- At least 2 higher highs and higher lows (i.e. beginning of an uptrend)
- Breaking of the $4.8 level
At least.
The play here is to wait for confirmation. If you want to play the breakout, you would not be buying now, but rather setting a buy stop at $4.4 with a sl at $3.8.
If it breaks the $4.8 level it could reach $5.5, so it would be safe to wait for the rebound (the second higher low on the new uptrend) after a peek above that level for a potential 1:5 RR max, but as I said, buying now is just foolish.

>> No.23160830

>short sellers will not cover
until suddenly they finally will.

and then you'll say us coom posters were "just lucky"

>> No.23160835

Its low now

buy buy buy

>> No.23160842


Depends on the terms. Even then it's just an option contract that operates like a stock. Same shit, different asset class.

>> No.23160852

eventually they'll be forced to cover

>> No.23160863

Thanks Anon

>> No.23160870

Leave him alone, let him invest in retardation
Small number will go back to big number just because

>> No.23160873


>> No.23160879
File: 123 KB, 537x536, 1602131444598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I unironically bought Wirecard at 90€ and held all the way down. I only permit myself one gamble per quarter. Between this, Moderna and TMDX I'm at almost perfect break even in total.
Im seriously contemplating NAK as my Q4 gamble, but I have doubts that the bulk of the shilling is actually done by a shizo samefag. NAK or HYLN if it goes below 25$...

>> No.23160895

PLTR didn't do a fucking thing today and I'm actually kinda glad it didn't. Hopefully Monday isn't a bloodbath after such a good week

>> No.23160905

Hey guys look NET is doing something

>> No.23160911
File: 78 KB, 904x735, 1584915980880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Hopefully Monday isn't a bloodbath after such a good week

It won't anon.

>> No.23160916

>AMC is a dire straits RN. 6 months of liquidity left.
oh that's good, you are not as deluded as i thought
humor me though, how the fuck did you come to the conclusion this was a low risk play if you know that much?

look into DDS or something else if you think you're too late to hop onto the GME rally
Easy +30% over the last few weeks with barely any risk holding it (their financials are much safer compared to AMC, probably positive EPS next quarterly)
That shit is what you call low risk, on top of Black Friday speculation

im already in G*ME though so I can't put any money in DDS. BBBY also already took off unfortunately.

>> No.23160920

NAK is hardcore shilled on tons of stock places desu

>> No.23160923
File: 20 KB, 408x347, 1594817589872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is [Chinese Corporation] a chink government scam?
Anon, I...

>> No.23160934


>> No.23160941

if it is just one shill. NAK is up over the last month. at least since ive witnessed the shilling.

>> No.23160952

For what it's worth I threw a couple hundred at NAK just because I felt like treating myself to a meme yesterday. Definitely should have memed with GME but whatever

>> No.23160955

Everyone knows about NAK, it's one of the most watched 'election based' stocks right now - a lot of people on the sidelines waiting to see the vote result, I've met random people IRL who have talked to me about NAK

>> No.23160958


>> No.23160981
File: 90 KB, 885x417, Screenshot_20201009-170559_TD Ameritrade Mobile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just want to say that I hit $10,000 in my brokerage account for the first time ever today. Feels really good. Granted, the vast majority of that money was money I transferred into the account(probably only like $1000 is value gained from stocks going up) but it's still awesome to see "$10,000" when I look at my account.

I was -$8000 in debt at the beginning of the year and now I have +$10,000 in my brokerage account plus a couple thousand my bank account. Still a poorfag working a low-paying job but things are looking better.

>> No.23160982

AMC with stop loss is a decent play. At $4 support level currently. If it breaks 3.80, it'll fall until capitulation. That's where I have stop loses set at.

January is expected vaccine news. Along the way there will be other vaccine updates. That's where the pumps occurs.

>> No.23161001

It's market makers borrowing shares to sell in orders. Using these numbers to imply there is going to be a short squeeze is a meme noobs fall for. These are regsho numbers. Most of that shirt volume is just MMs standard practice to fill orders.

>> No.23161006
File: 31 KB, 657x527, 1554265258008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23161018

Well done senpai keep at it

>> No.23161026

I had 500 in mine at the beginning of the month, now I'm at 650. Its a small step but it feels great.

>> No.23161033

very nice

>> No.23161039

yes 112% of outstanding share being short is totally normal for a stock
Gamestop hasn't totally been a short sale winner for 5 years that has become overcrowded
gtfo of here

>> No.23161042

If Biden gets elected or Trump caves to the anti NAK pressure and blocks pebble, what happens to the stock? Does it go straight to delisting, bankruptcy and eventually 0$ or will it "only" drop back down to 0.4$ and enter infinite crab mode?

>> No.23161044

Now let’s see you multiply that by 10!

>> No.23161045

You really don't know do you?

>> No.23161046
File: 208 KB, 640x640, F3EA619D-D7B3-42EE-92D2-92639E5C356B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just smoked a cigar to celebrate my gains of the week. Thank you for reading my blog

>> No.23161053
File: 193 KB, 1242x961, 6FF0378A-91F1-4910-B2E0-BE0282505DBF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About fucking time Horsey spiked

I’ve been waiting for it to hit $30 again

>> No.23161068

Buy CNK it has much better financials and was gaining market share from AMC before the rona

>> No.23161072

Biden and Kamala have said NO to FRACK hence no to NAK

>> No.23161083


>> No.23161090

That doesn't answer my question.

>> No.23161097

The costs are the same at 0.07%.
But why lowest turnover? :o
I thought that because of a lower turnover the spread between buy / sell is higher, which is the case with VUAA.

But anyway I think I actually found an even better s&p 500 etf from those 2, that has just 0.05% tre and a decent spread (SPXS).

>> No.23161099

The regsho shirt numbers list is not shirt positions. MMs fill orders when they are ordered. If the MM doesn't have the share in his inventory, it's sold as short. It's reconciled after hours. This misinformation is all over rampant here. These numbers don't imply a major short position. Pumpers tell greenhorns that.

>> No.23161117

Link to your online diary?

>> No.23161127

Even if a vaccine comes out..
It'll come out in stages - where it goes to the people who need it the most first, then 'medium' need, then young people - it's not going to just be "okay everyone you can go get your vaccine now"
Currently ~50% of the population is also refusing to take the first vaccine, wanting to wait & see how it affects other people / if it can be trusted.
After the vaccine is released, you're looking at 6-10 months before it actually would change behavior..
Furthermore, you're not thinking at all about the "chicken" of AMC (the "egg")
The chicken is movies - there are not new movies being made, especially anywhere to the level of blockbuster films that would revitalize the industry
Financing has also been crowded out, so it's going to be harder to produce movies
The new Batman movie already had to stop production because of Pattinson getting covid - it's going to take a lonnnnng time before the movie production industry picks back up
It takes ~1 year for movies to be made - so you're looking at 18-22 months before recovery..
Covid is spiking hard nationwide - it's only going to get worse this winter
I think that movie theaters will survive.. but it's going to be very messy for the next 2 years.
For these reasons, I'm out

>> No.23161129

You're wrong fren.
Besides, Gamestop could announce that they scratched an itch on their balls tomorrow and the stock could rocket up 50%.
This thing is so undervalued and is kept back by shorts and other retards, who let us buy it cheap.
It isn't too late to moon with us.

>> No.23161136

Didnt Coomala say she isnt banning fracking just the other day

>> No.23161137

You're not processing what I'm saying. if a market maker gets an order and he does not have the stock in his inventory he will still fill the order and it will register as a short. This is normal operation for market makers. It is reconciled after hours. These are not short positions from retail that need to be covered. They already are covered. These are regsho numbers. You're seeing dynamics of normal order filling from MMs.

>> No.23161153

Dude, they'll say whatever it takes to get elected. They're packing the courts which will lead to civil conflict, what makes you think they give a fuck about Fracking??

>> No.23161154

Wew lad imagine the wojaks if $600 million in wealth is just wiped out. Some NAK cultists have probably been putting their entire paycheck into it for years.

>> No.23161157

from what I have read. You are better off in a total market ETF, such as VTI. You shouldnt limit yourself to just the S&P 500.
If you do go with SPXS, i would buy a index small cap ETF-maybe allocate 10% of your monies

>> No.23161176

That might be true for a small percent.
The short numbers on this stock are insane. You are missing the point. You are not factoring in the raw amount at play here.

>> No.23161178

Trustworthy people...they wouldn’t lie!!!!!1!

>> No.23161180

I'm not wrong, I've been doing this for 20 years and I know what regsho numbers are and how mms operate. Take it or leave it. When a "short squeeze" doesn't happen, remember this and own the fact your losses are due to your own ineptitude and unwillingness to learn.

>> No.23161187

no you're not processing what I'm saying
yes I am completely aware that MMs will short sale to fill demand

My point is that you're delusional if you think that there isn't a massive amount of speculative short sellers who are underwater on this trade and sinking fast

>> No.23161189

Just buy Cinemark then. If you buy now at mid low 8s and it goes back to 30 in a few years with a dividend reinstated you are set.

AMC was already at 7 before Covid. You missed the boat on it you were meant to swing trade it during the end of the bull summer run when it opened for 100 year anniversary even and noobs pumped it.

The only real money you could make from AMC is some crazy Amazon / Disney buyout.

>> No.23161192

>packing the courts
what does that mean? kick out existing justices and appoint democratic justices?

>> No.23161200

for real, Gamestop went up +40% because they were finally replacing their ancient hardware with microsoft office and surface tablets or whatever

>> No.23161204

I dont think they care, which seems like a lefty win might still leave a door open to approval

>> No.23161209

"Its literally Blockbuster 2.0"
I've seen this kind of logic before and I've already been told the same shit you're telling me now back when it was $7. Your loss fren.

>> No.23161215

The majority is from market maker transactions. Take any stock and look at the regsho. They will all look like short squeezes using /smg/ criteria. I'm not saying GME is bad. I expect it to go to 19. It's just not a short squeeze. That's a meme.

>> No.23161224

NEWD !!!








>> No.23161244

There might be a lot of shorts. My point is the regsho numbers don't illustrate this in any way. It's being implies here that they do. All it means is MMs didn't have their inventories ready for a lot of volume.

>> No.23161249

Imagine buying GME today.
Those bags are going to be so fucking heavy.

>> No.23161251

Please do not buy AMC or CNK (yet)
Pls don't set your $ on fire

>> No.23161254

Keep it up. Good job.

>> No.23161259

It means they'll add as many judges as they want to the supreme court for the first time in American History.
We could have like 20 court judges, all democrat. Yes it is insane, but it is what they want.


>> No.23161300

"Confucius say: Man who pick bottom has stinky fingers."

>> No.23161303

>112% of outstanding shares being short is all just MM not matching demand!
>It totally doesn't mean there are a lot of shorts still outstanding!

Get outta here

>> No.23161415
File: 448 KB, 719x834, 1600800512745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if everyone thought GME was going bankrupt and the price kept dumping, why would MMs have such an extreme lack of shares to sell to a buyer, causing them to propel the short % to over 100%? could it be that maybe what you are talking about only constitutes a small percentage of the 101% total shorted shares number?

>> No.23161576

funny fact
regulation SHO didn't exist until 2008 (not '20 years') and is a regulation against naked shorting with some exceptions for MM

Nobody calls what the MM do "regsho'ing"

>> No.23161590

It hasnt even coomed yet.

>> No.23161657
File: 90 KB, 852x672, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

congratulations, happy someone is making money

>> No.23161673

you can just compare the shorts of GME with any other frequently traded stock on the market, and GME is way higher both in short percentage and raw short volume. What you're saying doesn't match the data.

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