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What were your biggest fuckups in the early Defi bullrun? For me it was Safe. I bought rsr at 0.03 and sold at 0.15 to buy Safe at its 4k top.. a gorgeous feeling that I will cherish forever

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not buying even more LINK

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Not taking profit

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for real... i was up 24k altogether off a total of about $1500 investment.

I sold original investments and let the rest "ride"... straight to the ground. still up a few thousand but overall should have taken far more profit. feel like a retard.

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My friend went all in on Bitcoin in 2016 and he kept telling me about it, it got annoying so I told him to leave me alone.

He’s retired now at 30 while I just started investing in crypto this year and am in debt. I have a long road ahead, I should have listened

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Waiting late at night 2 days ago for a whale to panic dump their SAFE2 amidst the ETH dump at all time lows, but deciding out of no where to go to sleep. One hour later some whale dumps 15k dropping the price to 130 dollars. Wake up one hour after the dump, fuckkkkkkkk. Now its 330 dollars.

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I learned that lesson, I recently started with 1.3k and doubled it my first day, then two days later I was down to just 700. Since then I learned to be patient and only invested in a few presales that I believed were legit and buying during market dumps, and I'm up over 5k, 50% of which I've taken as profit.

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Safe and EMN. Pretty much anything by that scammer Andre & his gang of crypto criminals. Btw did you successfully migrate your safe tokens? Team have been acting like niggers about it and now they say they might only do "partial" refunds what a bunch of assholes

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Spent over 2k on AMPL near ATH. Lost over half in a series of dumps and eventually negative rebases. Cut my losses eventually and now know the dangers of fomo and to always watch out for telegram biz and discord moonboy claims of retirement riches (like CORE)

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corepool on balancer is gg for the project I think, it let's you circumvent the eth lock and enter at a lower price than cfart.finass

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You're in the fastest growing market on earth, you'll be ok
I'm holding my safies till the death, I lost so much I may as well see where it ends up. I still think it has huge potential but Ive learned to at least sleep on it for one night before making any major decisions like this.
Yeah I migrated fine. I dont hold anything against Andre, he seems like he's trying his very best and probably getting a ton of death threats for his troubles

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Oh yeah man I managed to get in and out of ampl for about the same dollar value but lost a lot of linkies by missing their pump. Ampl starting to look like the volatility index now tho, could be tradeable in future

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If "trying his best" is literally stealing millions of dollars and dissapearing when autists dug around and saw he and his team were 100%aware of the money coming into the contract before the mystery "hack" that sent 8 million dollars to their address then idk what to tell you mate

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He got overexcited with his new card game and couldnt wait to share it, thought he was a lot cleverer than he is and got a bunch of his followers rinsed. He's been on suicide watch ever since

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This is literally not what happened I suggest you go online and research what went on this was a scam plain and simple not an innocent mistake. If it was just a mistake why the fuck would he lie and say he was asleep and had no idea of what was happening when he and his team were actively encouraging people to send money by publicly sharing the contract and saw that millions of $ were pouring in and even arbed some of the funds before the mysterious "hack"? I cant tell if you are being sincere or are just defending andre & his team

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Fuck knows nigga, I havent looked into it I just assume Andre is cool because he's turned down more money than this from yearn. Why would he scam people in such a gay way after literally turning down far more money from yearn?

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Not defi but my biggest fuck up this year was Ghost.

Initial 1k
ATH 10k
Panic sold sold for 1k

Initial 1k

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I bought trustswap at $1.25 and sold at a 50% loss. Did the same with unilayer.

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I lost like $10 in fees going for a swing on YFI. I assume that means I am their happiest customer in the entire world.

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Bless you sir. John has gone away now, he cant hurt you anymore,
Damn near bought unilayer too, gonna hold my uni's to 25 dollars and make all the pain go away.
I use TempleOS occasionally and god says that YFI is akin to sodomy

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Same reason why McAfee and arthur hayes not just shut up and enjoy their money quietly - Because Andre and his team are sociopaths and actively cultivate their public personas, and it works - they arent just after the $ they love the hype and clout and popularity. And it works. When they announced they would do partial refunds after the hack they even included a fucking TIP JAR, and most people on their twitter who had just gotten scammed actually tipped them and thanked them for the opportunity to do so. They think of themselves as celebrities and feel special because they arent just anonymous millionaires but super popular in the niche defi crypto space. I personally cant wait to see them in jail

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I guess they could be motivated by something like this, I'll bear it in mind

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