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You know what this means right?

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Much like any of the many features promised by Chainlink, we're never actually getting it.

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f_____e c__p?

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free cp?

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fe____e c__ep

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It's called Wheel of Fortune, not Wheel of 4chan

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two vapoware shitcoins with no usecase partnering? I think it means lots of pajeet shit in the street

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It's called toilet, not street.

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Feature creep.

A technique of all vaporware speculation projects. Keep announcing more future features to distract from lack of progress.

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I love how all of you shitpost or FUD.
If you still think Felten is joking dig deeper.
If you still doubt Chainlink you're just a brainlet.

wake up and i'll spill the beans

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I’m awake, spill em fren

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The only thing I want to know is if Chainlink is buying offchain labs or not

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based and truthpilled

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>Another useless partnership with some literally who
Wow 100k EOD

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I'm ready to add another zero anon

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Arbitrum rollups work by leveraging LINK oracles to submit data onchain in order to increase scalability by 100x. You don't need ETH 2.0 since scalability was solved Layer 2. This also allows nodes to run at 100x reduced costs before chainlink's own T-sig implementations which will work additively. Chainlink will still be the Number 1 consumer of ETH but only because transaction numbers have increased 100x-1000x. If you hold even a single Linkpool you will easily be making 6 figures passively by this time next year.

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Hint: E&Y

Offchainlabs needs LINK more than LINK needs L2 scaling. (validator nodes)
LINK will work perfectly fine with tsigs.(finished in a month, currently in tests)
Could it all be a coincidence? :)

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Another literally who partnership that has been priced in already and is fed as cheap hopium to stinkies that have been waiting for 3 years while other projects made bigger gains in 3 months? Yes we know

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Oh fuck. This is actually making a lot of sense to me. Last night I was on LSD and I had a vision of a glowing blue cube, rotating in an impossible way. I began to laugh uncontrollably as I realized the Universe had revealed the Cosmic Joke to me. We really do make our own realities, and chainlink is going to make me wealthy enough to stop wageslaving and pursue my art and music to a higher degree.
Take off the blindfold and realize your true potential, anons. Sergey of Nazareth is the modern Christ of my timeline.

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All I'm saying is that Ari Juels is a reincarnation of Pythagoras and Sergey Nazarov may or may not be Jesus Christ in the flesh

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What do you mean with E&Y?

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Came to this same conclusion a few months ago while microdosing, but came to it through my path exploring christian mysticism. Best of luck on your path, brother

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>We really do make our own realities, and chainlink is going to make me wealthy enough to stop wageslaving and pursue my art and music to a higher degree.
The real redpill is realizing you can do this without link

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Feature creep.

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This isn't a feature it's two separate technologies leveraging eachother

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For me it started that way, branched out into Hermeticism

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Why is there zero github activity the past few weeks for offchain?

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Audits are the last hurdle

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Yikes. The state of l;inkmarines. Take heed of this newfags, link buyers are literally insane schizphrenics that have friend their brains on drugs. Ask yourself if you really want to hold the same coin they hold

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not in the manner which i want to make it which involves not having relationships with other people

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As a link marine I'm not really into drugs, the hardest drug I've ever taken was that LSD. Took a couple of tabs of that and was seeing stacked cubes connected, bringing everything together. I finally understood. This was a year before I had discovered chainlink.

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Nothing. Literally nothing. It means literally nothing.

No partnership for Chainlink, for Ethereum, for ANY crypto whatsoever has ACTUALLY yielded literally anything whatsoever for "adoption" of a crypto. It's never happened.

How the fuck do people keep falling for this?

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you said what I was hoping to hear. Now the question is wether or not chainlink ends up acquiring Offchain or Arbitrum.

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Oooooh stop it... E&Y LARP has already been spent


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optimism beat them to the punch

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Please, senpai.

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go outside

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if i need an alarm clock contract i use a chainlink oracle.

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Cool we can tell them to fuck off and we can watch 1 million flushed each week.

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too bad they don't even have an /alpha/ out let alone a /beta/

good job chaincucks

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>what is optimistic roll ups
>what is zkp roll ups
>both already being used by the biggest ethereum projects
meanwhile arbitrum devs are the biggest babies in all of crypto twitter and everyone hates them
>linkies: this is bullish!

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everything will be ok

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The rollups are only part of what arbitrum can do. But link wins with either way. It’s one of the three projects getting optimism set up right away. And if arbitrum succeeds link will have insane value. We win either way.

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Do I want to hold a coin where everyone is insistent on holding the coin and increase its value by holding.


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The more I hold, the more I hold.

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Yorke was literally talking about E&Ys part 2 days ago. 100% verified.

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>newfag with no knowledge of anything blasts his retardation into plain view
many such cases

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Another larp thread where op claims to know something and actually knows nothing. Sage.

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where was this

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Another Ranjeet post where Ranjeet claims to know something and actually knows nothing. Street diarrhea.

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LSD is based anon. /psy/chedelics are unironically patrician

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Unfathomably based