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If you think about it, all animals are actually 20 year old anime girls dressed up as animals. Zoos sometimes put 2 cartoon girls into a giraffe suit and no one is the wiser

>Free chart:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:



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what the fuck is wrong with AAPL? literally days before their "new product launch" they fucking just tank every day bleeding 2% daily like fucking dipshits

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PLTR overvalued b/c they're mean to employees and there's peace on earth

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What's your GME exit strategy lads

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/smg/ is going to be full of new 6-figure portfolios soon

don't squander your wealth fucking retards

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It’s old. No one wants Apple now. It’s same old shit and it doesn’t release the dopamine when people buy a new one anymore.

They have to come up with something new.

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But I could have 7-figure folios if I find out the next GME

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trim position over time, no need to think of it as selling 100% of your shares immediately

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private information isnt and never ever has ever been valuable

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What's launching? That new ipad?
>No one wants Apple now
kek, don't be foolish. Normies still buy apple products like the good little sheep they are

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I hold until November 10th

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Why is the gorilla girl screaming?

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its extremely overvalued

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Did anyone on here see GME is up like 50% today, wtf is going on

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PLTR is a defense company not a tech company and I warned people about this and was called a retard. It's a defense company that hasn't made a profit in 15 years.

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Watch SI for closing calls
Limit Sell order for my shares at $1000 incase of infinity squeeze

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No I didn't see that, good catch probably no one noticed yet

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Trump went on tv and fucked Reggie

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Fibinachos are not bullshit but they're not necessarily helpful in anticipating price action. Price might pivot at one of the fibinacho levels but you won't know which one until it happens.

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literally nobody ever called it a tech company you fucking retard

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They haven't made any revolutionary hardware since Jobs died. It's just slight upgrades to existing stuff and services that almost no one wants. Even airpods and apple watch was signed off by Jobs when it was prototyped.

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>May 2020
this was long in the works

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It's legit, my friend. The golden ratio is everywhere in nature, and mass human groups of thought can't escape it's pull. People who crap on them don't know how to do them, or only draw point A from the lowest point to point B, the highest. That is what textbooks will tell you. Over 20 years of doing this, I've learned they are much more "inception" like. It's very hard to teach. Over long periods of time you brain learns to recognize where the action "is" in regard to fib, and you draw within that framework. When you get the two points right, it is VERY profitable to then see extensions of that. You will see that 19.00 WILL be a major resistance, that will perhaps convert to a major support. As you may know, this doesn't mean that the PPS won't dance around it a bit. But it will hammer to this line in creating candles EOD, etc.

Posting it again for other anons. I know a lot of newer people are in GME and they put their asses on the line and it paid off. /biz/ deserves to have this knowledge for sure.

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I think she is getting into her role

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88 shares at $88
the rest at $100
however long that takes
im gonna put it all in a boomer folio for when i buy a house down the line

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wait really

My portfolio is 100% GME, HOLY SHIT!

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xth for suicide

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>im gonna put it all in a boomer folio for when i buy a house down the line

Shit are you me?

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Is this a healthy buffer? Invested in gold miners and silver, some in oil, plan on buying Cannabis stocks next.

How much should i spend from my available balance?

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she bought DIS

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Big tech will be broken up soon

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Bullshit and memes aside, how guaranteed is GME to hit 40-50 by November?

I am legitimately considering chugging 3k of my savings into tomorrow morning

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no we are just big brained niggaz
i never want to rent bro, the owning life seems comfy

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To the anon asking about fib levels being spooky

Hope you aren’t looking long term on the sp500 friend

Cash gang/swing 2020 report in

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That's how you win an election

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>i never want to rent bro, the owning life seems comfy

I hear ya man, making enough to contribute a large portion towards a home would be the dream

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mortgage is cheaper than rent you just need to get some equity in there

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fuc i haven tthought about that band in forever

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where did you get this pic from?

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I have an AAPL call that's probably expiring worthless, my thought was that stimmy talks would wind up putting the budget for a 5g iphone into everyone's pocket prior to oct. Trump covid garbage really fucked that up though

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i think whatever it reaches on the squeeze (if we see one) will be more or less the top for the next 6 months give or take
tomorrow we'll see what short interest looks like, i have a theory that a lot have covered in AH, thats when upwards GME price movement has been happening for like a month now

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Yessir that's the plan, especially where I live if I own a property and sell it in a decade I gain a lot in cap gains

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Live in a rough area then carve up and turn into condos

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Home owning is far superior to renting, but it's not all comfy all the time. Make sure you're ready to spend $3000 on a whim because some piece of shit air conditioner component crapped out or it turns out your foundation is cracked or some shit.

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>tomorrow we'll see what short interest looks like

Do we know when exactly we'll get this figure?

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did anyone else see this?
this mf just give insider info? kek

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Best part about this is I’ll be able to hold more than one or two stocks at a time.

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Yes that's the expectations of PLTR. That it will behave like a growth tech company when it's not.

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PLTR is currently range-bound -- it's consolidation. I fully expect it to breakout sometimes next week. It's buyable >$10.75 for a swing up to minimum $11.4. If it breaks $11.4, next step is the moon. Basically, check the retracement depth. If it's 50% or less, it can continue indefinitely. If the bounce from a retracement starts slowing, get ready to sell upon other signals.

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Of course. Those deals are never a short and sweet over-the-weekend thing. That shit probably started almost immediately when regis came in.
Yet, this never appeared in the GMEr DD.

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He didn't give anymore than anyone else has been giving for weeks. It just so happened to be very timely to the MSFT announcement.

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That was the conclusion I came to. From the research I've done if you can't secure a 4% roi then you are a complete retard. But, that is also "hardly worth it" in my opinion. Yea you would beat out someone just keeping their money in the bank but it's not anything to be happy with. But, at the same time... 10%? Is that realistically possible? Like I said, consider me a retard, I've been researching but I'm autistic as fuck with new things... From my research a reasonable expectation from safe stocks would be 4%. How the fuck would you stack riskier stocks to bring your overall to 10%? I was thinking 6-7% would be the most I should aim for. Is more than 7 actually a reasonable thing to consider?

The main reason I'm sperging so hard is, I have enough disposable income now to get into the market... But also, I am currently in a lawsuit over a significant amount of past due wages and that windfall will be enough for me to make some either really smart or really stupid moves.

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yes, i agree there is a lot of fixing and maintenance issues to be had. if you know how to budget and with some luck you'll pay like a rent but actually own and be accumulating equity, gaining value, whatever the case its a better investment than giving some jew 25% of your check for squatters rights

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What are the chances of going back down to 1500 realistically though when the Fed has implemented the infinite money glitch and could still use cheat codes to activate negative interest rates

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Thx. Glad i listened to the meme lines and bailed on my position at 14.60ish to 14.70ish for a minor loss (yes i bought some around 14.80...)


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Look at this poor bastard

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not sure, will keep an eye out and report in here when i see the news

>> No.23140216

Maybe 25% chance. Consider taking at least 1/4 of your shares off now for profit and holding the rest. Next stop $19-20, next $50 where you should offload everything you still have.

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Godspeed friend

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Buffett holds aapl. Cramer holds aapl. I hold aapl

>> No.23140237

Zoos have bulls. API3 is the tree.

>> No.23140238

You can also draw the 2019 uptrend and notice the line becomes resisted after the feb crash. Currently we're edging toward that same trendline again.

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>sweaty female girl (female)
uwu imagine the smell

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Trimming at $20, holding some through end of 2021 for them to prove e-commerce earnings (future growth, $30-$40 a share stable) can outlast the console release boom (profit without growth, $15-$20 a share collapsing after dividend payout).
Sony, Nintendo, and now MSFT are heavily invested in making this market permanent instead of cyclical.
Instead of looking for the next blockbuster we should be looking for the next corporation-to-corporation bailout.

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Reggie in general has been quiet about his involvements with Gamestop so it'd just be grasping for straws if you try to justify anything through his involvement

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With the heads of the fed calling for more stimulus, and the mint's movements squeezing PM prices, the strength of the dollar is in question. Yield is in stocks and only stocks.

>trump wins
great for deregulation, bull run continues, market grows. Still probably get more stimulus. Golden bull run.

>biden wins
great for regulation, but fed prints and a blue house and senate agrees with fed brrrrr policies and dollar weakens. Less of a bull run, but more of a flight from the dollar.

Either way this election goes, the central banks aren't quite ready for bobo's big surprise rug pull. Long in this market == 5 year outlook. ZIRP and NIRP are STATED POLICIES.

The only reason to be cash now is you are trying to time a contested election bottom / CWII outcome.

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stop using this image, the pink box for the PS4 launch is completely off

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So is the short squeeze still on for tomorrow? Is GME going to hit 20+?

>> No.23140313

over multiple years I think 10% is top tier. some anon said thats what few people make. so yeah 6-7% is a grounded number. but in one year 10% should be doable

>> No.23140314

Lot of salty faggots in that sub right now. “Huh huh just like Nikola...”

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Anons, I'v found a biotech company with 40 million marketcap and a working drug. It would treat easily about 100 million people in US alone and yes, the drug works.

Since I know the company has a working product, low market cap and huge audience, in what way I could get fucked over? It's biotech after all.

I did call CRMD when it was like 2 dollars a pop, now it's 6.1

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File: 1.65 MB, 1564x822, PLTRmadeit2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>those launch dates
not even fucking close. i hold 100% GME but this chart is a mess lol the fuck

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I’ll take risk off small position trades but rest I’m holding cash.

Why mess with fate when we’ve had such and epic bull run for over a decade? Why durn all my gains to try and eek out another 5% and risk 50% on one trump tweet?

>> No.23140331

Oh aye, I just want the new homeowners to be ready for the inevitable black swan money sucking event they're going to have to deal with.

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Wait a second is this like 2001 all over again and anyone left holding may likely get stuck holding a bag for a decade!?

Timeframe on this potentially happening? Within 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?

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I never said he was all in, but I am. I think GME is 2% of his portfolio or something

>> No.23140339

1500 am mathematically impossible ATM as there simply not enough money in whole world for it dump that far down @[email protected] this one good think about shorts am it keep stocks from crashing too much

>> No.23140340

LMAO smug faggot

>> No.23140341

nah, heading to $12

>> No.23140346

Well what is it? Spit it out

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Reminder that divvies are your friends and beats spy everytime.

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You didn't even buy the 12.50 calls for like 1 30 after the halt and get a retarded return?

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Also, there's no FDA approved treatment for the condition and 2 billion people worldwide suffer from it. I'm just trying to think a reason why I wouldn't FOMO everything on it

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Why aren't you screaming?

>> No.23140367

Alright so I'm not as retarded as I thought. Thanks, anon.

>> No.23140382

Im saying election(now) to early 2021.

The real economy either has to catch up tot socks or stocks the economy.

I think stocks to economy is more likely is all I’m trying to say. The tulip manias always end....always

>> No.23140384

GME will hit $20 at the lowest.
This company is so undervalued because people think it has no future and will burn soon.
Microsoft comes out and says, "fuck you this baby is here to stay."
Amazon plans with Cohen
New Console Cycle
Good cash flow
MS deal

This fucken company should be priced at $30 right now.

>> No.23140385

what if America implemented a ban on its own currency after packing the court and publicly executing uncle Jerome?

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File: 137 KB, 594x1070, 2020-10-08_19-52-29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy kek.

>> No.23140406

Can we call Gamestop a tech stock now?
they're selling data to Microsoft for sure for their xbox game pass fine tuning as other anon pointed out last thread

>> No.23140407

True enough, thanks anon.

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The world is so fucking gay

>> No.23140412

>yelp will now extort businesses that don’t pay up to remove racism claim

>> No.23140414

Yelp desperately trying to stay relevant

>> No.23140417

I'm going to sell my entire stack when it reaches exactly $420.69 and not a moment before

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Will Sony mirror GME in november?

>> No.23140422

Isn't this dangerously close to McCarthyism

>> No.23140430

100% there is a short seller hedge fund behind that

>> No.23140436

Not even close

>> No.23140439

It's been forming a pennant, not down. It should break upward either tomorrow or monday.

>> No.23140451

GME will mirror OSTK

you can't defuse 100% short interest without some massive movements

>> No.23140462

I have 22 shares. SNE(ed) tends to hover around 77 so even if it doesnt moon, I figure you'll at least make a small pittance

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File: 1.35 MB, 500x313, 03B6D878-04C2-40EC-A76F-47AF70D6ECC4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wish we would bring that back and run communist jews out of the country. Or just jews. And communists. Throw all the nigger in the ocean or something.

>> No.23140471

Thanks loading up on puts

>> No.23140485

November 2006
November 2013
November 2020
Only one of them is wrong but point taken.
Thanks for the feedback on my exit plan, jerks.
>not even fucking close
You're 2/3 wrong, twice as wrong as me.

>> No.23140486

A tweet wont dump the major indices 50%. The black swan of THE CENTURY almost did that in March. The bar has been set. The only black swans left are major global cataclysms, balkanization of western countries, civil unrest, or world war. If you feel any and all of those are a high probability soon, stack PMs. If you are half foot in the door on those outcomes, stack half PMs and keep your cash on hand for cheapies. Either way, permabears either need to do something with their cash if they really believe their black swan impending doom theories or accept the sanguine but limited and improbably small possibility of the sweet release of doom while embracing the long bull. Full disclosure I am half foot in the door and empathize with permabulls and permabears equally because fuck this clown market. Also good job GMEchads, glad you all made it today. Thanks for subscribing to my blog.

>> No.23140500

This no make any sense O_O

>> No.23140507

Yelp's whole business model is to blackmail businesses to give them money
>"awful reviews you got there.. maybe for a little $$$ we could help you out.."
This is just another tool in their arsenal to milk business owners of their cash - if anything, bullish for the EPS

>> No.23140513

Dude... i fucking hate what liberals have done to small businesses... can they go back and read the fucking constitution and stop trying to change it... i hate it... i was tought civics as a kid... bush Jr mandated passing civics. Turns out tons of kids hate school, literally are illiterate but graduate. Fuck.... the high-school across the river from the one I went to, according to 60 minutes was the worst at graduating illiterate graduates.

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Any other black horses you guys are looking into? I've picked up some casino and cruises and they're shockingly quite stable. Looking for some more vaccine hidden gems.

>> No.23140520

Dude we're not going to be able to give you advice unless we know which company. Do you really think /biz/ is going to move the price significantly?

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>> No.23140531

GME anon here. I would call it a tech stock. It's both a guinea pig for a microsoft exclusive business and a data funnel for Xbox game pass.

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Not true at all

We’ve been in this meme line pattern for a long time it will touch the bottom line at some point soon. Happens to be right around the 200sma monthly

We went down below the 200sma significantly in 09 so it’s not uncommon at all.

>> No.23140545

Fucking pay attention and read the thread, retard.

>> No.23140549

Yeah, betting $1000 on The Bills to win da superb owl

>> No.23140555

Jerome refused to stop racial inequalities regarding his monetary policies

>> No.23140559


>> No.23140560

For the record I’m in the same boat as you 50/50 and I just dip in and out.

>> No.23140567

What the fuck is happening to VIX?

>> No.23140568

Holy fuck that battlestation is a blessed throne

>> No.23140572

the US government has on multiple occasions banned it's own currencies


as usual, thank the fed and those who created and sustained it. i see they don't teach history anymore. oh well.

>The order allowed the Secretary to issue silver certificates, if any were needed, during the transition period under President Kennedy's plan to eliminate Silver Certificates and use Federal Reserve Notes.

>> No.23140583
File: 388 KB, 2197x3407, History of Central Banking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 191 KB, 958x715, bobo-pepe-sledding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear bros, a-are we gonna make it? I'm tired of this fake pump bullshit

>> No.23140586

when will the news talk about Gamestop's short squeeze

>> No.23140589

Yup I hen there were carter bonds backed by germans and Swiss lol

>> No.23140594

tfw no big tiddy chink stock milf to cuddle me to sleep

>> No.23140595

yeah aviation autists are among the most fucked in the head
that shit looks garbage as fuck compared to today but I imagine back in the day he was a lord

>> No.23140596
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Should I sell my WKHS for something else? The horse fud is starting to get to me and I saw it drop by like 12% in premarket yesterday

>> No.23140620

Ya I don't know mate, I've held since 15 so I think I'll stick with it till it hits zero. God bless.

>> No.23140633

Hep B
>Aligos Therapeutics

>> No.23140636
File: 3.14 MB, 656x368, 1600378525362.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nasdaq futures 11600 party soon

>> No.23140639

>If people are brigading for things we don't approve of we will post that they are being jerks
>If people are brigading for le social justice we will link you to a CNN article
It feels like my heart is screaming in a bloodthirsty fit of rage.

>> No.23140650

I'd like to speak to the CEO of racism.

>> No.23140661

Is this a sign to start loading up on SNE puts?

>> No.23140666


>> No.23140674

GME Bros...
Today Microsoft.
Tomorrow SOOONYYY!!!!!

>> No.23140679

I'm right here nigger

>> No.23140685
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I've got him on the line for you.

>> No.23140706

just when I thought I sold my tech stocks to buy GME right before the NasDUMP, im back to being 100% tech now

this alone is almost like Netflix's pivot already

>> No.23140714
File: 672 KB, 828x1792, D7F2AAE2-8261-4405-81B0-529D78BBAD2B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The nasdump is even better

Here is the long term trend since the 01 dump and recovery

>> No.23140724
File: 167 KB, 1024x700, the-big-club.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a great moving picture explaining how the federal reserve is rectally requisitioning all of our wealth, highly recommend for the uninitiated in monetary policy.


tl;dr - when money printer go brrrr we all lose and this is true since the dawn of empires. hope everybody is ready for the WEF great reset...i know you all feel it.

>> No.23140725

i still think PS5 is the dominant console because of their showcase

unless Microsoft reminds everyone of what xbox x is again with an updated showcase and that they have Bethesda now

>> No.23140730
File: 587 KB, 828x1792, F103F7E8-56C7-426A-880E-83E33A9BC287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s a well respected meme line as you can see

If we break below 10,600 sell ducking everything

>> No.23140749

it kinda true but yes saying there not enough money in worla hyperbole

interesting thing about 1800 level am its lowest possible price for SPX for P/S price
and low of 2200 was lowest TTM P/S price
its hard breaking under these prices because ... me cant really even explain O_O you have to make negative money out of thin air to violate lowest possible p/s price

>> No.23140761


It better be, long term debt to equity is 61%, but total debt to quity is 134%. Unless this old dog learns some new tricks fast, you're going to loose everything.

Ultimately Cohen could exit now and take 7x vs taking a lagging POS up against vampiric emporer bezos. he would be dumb not to.

>> No.23140762


>> No.23140770

Why do jews get rounded up, when black live matters protestors are free to March in the streets... i guess buy more qqq.

>> No.23140776
File: 154 KB, 1242x301, 5ACA1C74-E8F7-42A1-8C81-DC166FA2E5E4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23140778
File: 88 KB, 1001x603, 1599356525700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23140780

Im not saying it would be sustained by any means just the buy opportunities of a lifetime is all.

>> No.23140785
File: 159 KB, 750x613, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quit whining and relax. It’ll be okay. Jesus.

>> No.23140787

>but total debt to quity is 134%
??? are you using statistics that are counting leases as debt instead of running expenses?

>> No.23140794
File: 536 KB, 680x1020, 1599701069570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checked and cunnypilled

>> No.23140816

This is so retarded, it’s almost another language.

>> No.23140817

There's something so alien about this image. Like it was made by AI.

>> No.23140822

New trick is Chewy playbook that Cohen is bringing to the table. The vision needs a backend that Microsoft is providing. The pieces are falling into place.

>> No.23140823


>> No.23140858

>no stimulus
>second wave rising on eastern seaboard
>digital marketplace gains overwhelming exposure even for granny looking to get gson a ps5, she now has prime
>no titles worth having
>ppl getting arrested trying to take over michigan statehouse confirming contested election chaos
>mobile gaming option eating up market share for young sperglings since the last major console release

Not viewing short term obligations as a risk for a retailer which is still brick and mortar is insane and brainlet tier

Maybe my GME puts wont print next week, but I can assure you that no one intelligent is seriously considering "40-50$" GME by Q1. This is a classic pump and dump short squeeze scam on a meme stock.

>> No.23140886

Is there any straw that would break the short camel back and get us the mother of all squeezes?

>> No.23140890
File: 9 KB, 257x90, bLoCkBuStEr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first comment on the youtube video
hehe it's like poetry it rhymes

>> No.23140891

Screenshotted for the collection

>> No.23140898

all priced in

why do you think Gamestop was trading at a PS ratio of 0.05 in August

>> No.23140902

Extortion endorsed by pop culture media? Bullish as ehck.

>> No.23140908

Fake chart. Dividends greatly underperform the SPY in real life. See NOBL for real life analysis instead of hindsight lies.

>> No.23140926

If we open with a gap up tomorrow that holds past the first 15 minutes, you are going to see some serious shit.

>> No.23140932

The one positive thing I picked up from day trading is it sure motivates me to get up at least two hours earlier than the market opens

>> No.23140957

Call it a scam... but you're not looking at why the shorts piled on... keep borrowing i literally dont care what you do with your money, but expect violence, emotion, and just try to take the time to just make good decisions and use the data that is known... trade the trade... i bought calls at the spike.... you probably could have sold puts for premiums and been safe in the risk you allowed for your self... don't be salty but look for the next opportunity.

>> No.23140958

I don't know how west coast fags do it man. Central time is perfect for me. Wake up at 8 ish, brush my teeth, take a quick shower, plop my ass down in my chair, and get anything done I need before I heard to work.
If I was one hour west I'd fucking die from having to wake up at 7 just to do that shit.

>> No.23140963

I've never had a normal sleep schedule in my whole life. But, ever since I got serious about trading it's bed by midnight so I can wake up at 8am and get coffee before making a plan and watching the market open.

>> No.23140977

Is the squeeze a matter of when, not if, at this point?

>> No.23140979

I live on the east coast so it's not too bad for me since markets open at 9:30AM

>> No.23140992

Yeah I have my computer right next to my bed on a desk that is level with the bed. I just set my alarm for 7am (or 4am if it's called for but 4-7 is usually nonsense unless it's as popular as TSLA or something), put in my orders, go back to sleep. Set alerts and put headphones on. Set my alarm for bell -- if I wake up it's cause of alarm or alert. Sell the morning, and rebuy at noon or near close depending. It's solid income and works 95% of the time.

>> No.23141005

“The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrat index was launched by Standard and Poors in May 2005 and has historically outperformed the S&P 500 index with lower volatility over longer investment time frames. Over the past 10 years through the period ending March 31, 2020, the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrat index has returned 10.98% on an average annual basis whereas the S&P 500 index has returned 10.53% annually during that same period. During this same 10-year period, the standard deviation of the S&P 500 was 13.30% while the Dividend Aristocrats' was 12.47%.”
All you gotta do is invest in companies that keep increasing divvy. If they drop it move to companies that consistently grow their divvy.
It’s that fuckinf easy
>look at S&P
>who got divvies?
>who has been increasing it consistently?

>> No.23141020

Speaking of this.. Does anyone know of a broker that lets you put in PREMARKET orders the night before? Etrade won't let you do it. Have to manually put them in at 7 or after. Was thinking about writing a script to do it so I could sleep more.

>> No.23141021


If you want to go solely momentum in a momentum based environment and hope this pumps for another month, that's fine, I understand that.

But if you GMEtards are going to keep shilling the stock as something long term, you need a legit thesis to back that up. Thats something even TSLA shills have.

How does converting GME physical stores to office 365 and selling some data get the company to 50$?

How does GME get rid of leases on worthless physical locations in dying shopping malls wedged btwn the 10$ sports memorabilia and hand job spa?

Are you, GMEs target customer, actually going to pay a 10% markup on a physical copy of the Cyberpunk 2077 and get it 5 days after release because of nostalgia? Really?

Rmbring all those fond times some 400lb mouth breather ripped you off and gave you 35$ for your xbox 360 then sold it for 250$ 2 weeks later.

>> No.23141034

i love you all
cant believe i massively outperform SPY thanks to you retards

>> No.23141039

Maybe Microsoft is considering having microsoft stores, like AAPL stores. Not suggesting this is likely but hey.

>> No.23141040

>just spout hindsight bullshit without checking the data
Divitards don't even know what dividends are or do. They're really fucked up, it's always amazing.
I guess dividend is the name of a kind of brain parasite, it's the only way to explain it. Fortunately it doesn't seem to infect anyone who can do even 0.1s of research. Strange!

>> No.23141041

I live East coast, too. So comfy to be in the same time zone as the NYSE. I just get up at 8-8:30 so I can take my time, brew coffee, and read some news before markets open.

>> No.23141042
File: 2.67 MB, 960x720, aisha_flex.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ARKF and FXI are looking sleek and sexy with good valuations and good growth prospects. A killer combination. Any good reasons not to invest in China and Financial Sector disruption?

>> No.23141043
File: 723 KB, 540x304, 210.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>NASDAQ hitting 11600

>> No.23141044
File: 880 KB, 500x280, 19a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow anon thanks
What completely crazy stuff no wonder JFK was killed ○_○

Had no clue something like this can happen

>> No.23141050

>tfw unless SPY eats it to 327, my Put expires tomorrow
Goodbye 1.5k. Live and learn. My stable safer portfolio is still up, but sucks I lost those gains. I bought puts last week Thursday morning, just expecting stimulus talks collapsing to drive us down. Then Friday went up. Then Trump pulled his hospital stunt and launched the market up monday. Then all week Powell just fucking printed through "Stimulus talks aren't happening" and Pelosi refusing to work on targeted bills. Fuck this print-the-pain-away market.

>> No.23141052
File: 21 KB, 663x273, 5502784A-A664-45A9-A283-6EC2C069593B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just the start
Plus Cohen

>> No.23141060
File: 3.03 MB, 250x163, 4481F2E7-7087-4A7E-A019-551C3228B201.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23141061

O I'm well aware of aviation autists, you're speaking to one

>> No.23141062
File: 177 KB, 1213x676, coom 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can still remember reading the thread, seeing "ITS FUCKING HALTED," thinking wait, what? checking the price, its red at like 9.23, being confused, seeing the picture of the microsoft news in the thread, reading it, checking nasdaq trading halts, and then seeing the candle fucking explode to 11.37
only on par when we ended that friday at 10.02 because based ryan bought a fuckton of shares to push us up
i love you guys

>> No.23141063

who's paying you to FUD lol
more than half the shit you mentioned are wrong but i dont care enough to correct you with the proper DD because +100% gains on my portfolio speaks the truth

get rid of your puts while you can

>> No.23141066

It's truly the patrician's morning routine

>> No.23141068
File: 28 KB, 673x309, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and beats spy everytime.
that might be going a bit far

>> No.23141071
File: 172 KB, 1300x956, gme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Maybe Microsoft is considering having microsoft stores, like AAPL stores.

>> No.23141074

Ghadafi, Hitler, and JKF were all killed/declared war on primarily for banking reasons.
I don't know if you are that far down the rabbit hole yet, but if you've been on 4chan a while you should already know that stuff.

>> No.23141079

Much second wave.... covid hasn't killed you yet but it will even though its going to kill .0001 percent of people. Stop forgetting businesses change and i expect more store closures and a tech style of business.. i remember we had 3 game stops in a single mall...

>> No.23141088

lmao congrats GME people

>> No.23141092

The fight for $10 was fucken hilarious man, I can't believe Cohen himself came in just to push it over the edge.
Shorters are so fucked.

>> No.23141095

I'm so fucking jealous. I always miss out on shit like this.

>> No.23141105

you are so fucking slowpoke


>> No.23141106

Dude how can we help pump it if you don't tell us?

>> No.23141110

>take break from smg for two months
>come back
>there are still dividend shitbrains defending their pennies
l m a o

>> No.23141111

How did you miss out fren, we have been shilling this for almost a month now!?
The info was there, we kept saying it. Those that looked past the blockbuster posts knew it.

>> No.23141126

Cohen has a 7x return now, before he has to spend the next decade turning a company on life support, priced by the entire market to die a quick and painful death, into something to take down AMZN. Believe what you like, but I just don't see it. Until someone comes up with a solid case, against all logic which says this is one of the most retarded overpricings in history, I will hold to that. I am happy to listen to anyone who has anything to say on GME other than "hehehe youre gunna regret that kid".

Until that time, I will not be siding with a man who has lost 10% of his net worth to the SEC for running scams on investors.

>> No.23141128

We're past the point of McCarthyism. You know during the McCarthy era there were over 10,000 kgb spies in washington at any given moment?

>> No.23141135

>6 years
Divvy investing is kinda long term bruh

>> No.23141141

Xbox stores? Sexbot brothels? I'm tryin to throw them a bone here.

>> No.23141142

Oh shit. I had no idea.

>> No.23141143
File: 457 KB, 1325x1209, Happening.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cope, seethe, etc.

>> No.23141146

I hate having to wake up so early. I sleep late too. Really annoying desu. Wish the market opened later. However i do like that i can gtfo at 1 pm. The other being if i was employed id actually be able to make moves before work would likely start.

>> No.23141147


>> No.23141164

>Sell the morning, and rebuy at noon or near close depending. It's solid income and works 95% of the time.

>> No.23141165
File: 39 KB, 1021x574, 1574771322962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inb4 Yelp is reported for racism on their own service.

>> No.23141168
File: 119 KB, 1440x750, nyx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Big Belgian Blue

>> No.23141176

>The info was there, we kept saying it.
Checked and saved. But honestly, more than the info, TA and DD, it was really the cat that did it. It was meme magic. I remember those days where we all spammed spirit bomb emojis to give our energy to GME and it would close over 10.00. I've had such a fun ride leading up to this.

>> No.23141178

nice nice me too, private pilot looking to go into military aviation when i get my bs

>> No.23141182
File: 71 KB, 1024x958, based1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

QYLD dividends are tax free

>> No.23141184
File: 3.67 MB, 320x400, FF5239CE-FCAF-424F-A70E-E2C2ACD97264.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>comes to investment forum
>hates being paid as a business owner
>calls others retards

>> No.23141187

Everything about that statement is wrong
Cohen has a 2x return
MS is paying GME a portion of profits
Cohen wants to turn it into the "Amazon of gaming", you're saying that clothing stores can't exist as long as Macy's does.
Incredibly healthy cash flow.
New console cycle giving them a huge cash boost.
Great online momentum.

And their stock is undervalued as fuck as it is. Get out while you can senpai and just join the fun.

>> No.23141197

it really depends on whether value or growth is in favor. for the last several years, it's been growth. to make a statement that div investing beats the s&p500 "every time" is dumb.

>> No.23141199

i rememeber that friday vividly, couldnt stop fucking smiling

gme the official stock of smg.

>> No.23141202


>> No.23141212

I was the goku poster.
Fucken love you guys.

>> No.23141220

Microsoft is going to sell like 30x times the number of consoles in Japan than they used to, because Japan is turning against Sony, and they also love the idea of Game Pass as a secondary console to the switch.

>> No.23141230

cannot fucking describe my confusion on seeing $11 price alert trigger on my phone this afternoon

>> No.23141234

>I can still remember reading the thread, seeing "ITS FUCKING HALTED,"
Don't think I'll ever forget how today felt. No experience in my life has been as exciting as this. Pure fucking adrenaline.

>> No.23141241
File: 1.34 MB, 1223x682, double coom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same thing happened to me fren. Stock screener I occasionally listen to mentioned the deal during his stream and I couldn't believe it. We are gonna make it

>> No.23141249

I'm a senior year mechanical engineering student who's considering doing direct officer entry in the canadian air force once I have my degree. Realistically I am probably going to have a regular career and take up flying/gliding once my post-gambling index fund stack has grown, but if they're able to look past the fact that I have to wear glasses (more common these days it seems) I would love to move into being a pilot. I have friends in my program who have already talked to recruiters and have their foot in the door.

>> No.23141251

I remember seeing your post, haha.

>> No.23141254

Imagine if they somehow got valve involved, they'd be shitting on amazon, epic, and tencent all at once, maybe even newegg and other places if they start selling hardware

>> No.23141259
File: 216 KB, 181x179, 1591856273517.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OK like take a look at CRSR 3 day 1 minute chart. You'll see it "gaps" every day. Well there is no gap and I don't know why /smg/ even uses the term. It's premarket trading and opening up at the result. A lot of stocks will dip very low because big money is accumulating. But this big money will also raise the price again at open. There is an algo value to this. So when you find it, and there are a lot of them, you can play it. You chart the fib lines, and when it dips during the day, you buy it up. Then in premarket, you sell it at like 8:30-9:15 area because it pumps back up on low money -- which is why the big money accumulating uses premarket to do this. You simply take his money. I mean you can't do this will $100K at a time, but maybe up to 20K max (talking about how much you throw at the flip). You don't wanna throw the algo off to make their strat less profitable. You are basically skimming the algo in premarket.

I know I've explained this poorly.

>> No.23141264

Turning gamestops into vr centers.

>> No.23141268

yeah but let's be real, Xbox one only sold 100k or something in Japan so i dunno if i should be excited of a 30x

good thing Gamestop is a western retailer. More consoles allocated to anglosphere, the better

>> No.23141272

i think she's taking a deep breath because it's stuffy in that suit

>> No.23141285

Lol this nigga

>> No.23141288

Why would you bet 10 percent of your worth against gamers... logical arguments can be presented along with faqs... everyone has leisure activities and your underestimating share structure and how institutions made bets this company will go under... they've restructured and institutions want ROI but now they are seeing it will live and is getting a hand up from Microsoft... so short Microsoft big short.

>> No.23141297

I just see Sony slipping again with some more shitty Last of us 2-esque releases as their only exclusive titles, while Microsoft bought Zenimax and Minecraft and everything else it can get its hands on leaning on Sony with tons of capital trying and crippling them entirely, while encroaching on Japan of all places.

>> No.23141302

Nah its been longer than a month. The first GME shills started posting the second half of August and there was another guy talking about it a few months earlier but he got FUDed out of buying any lmao

>> No.23141304
File: 2.03 MB, 2500x1667, 200831-steven-cohen-mets-acquisition-2016-ac-717p_6adb1f8222690b5ec110b5aaa0082bb8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just so you all understand, Cohen, the man you're backing not to screw you all over mercilessly, payed out the largest fine in the history of hedge funds for scamming people.

This is the "honest" man you're putting your wagie bucks behind to not be lying when he says he plans to turn one of the most obviously dead companies, and brick and mortar shitbox with its fate tied to dying malls across america, the most dead stock on the NYSE into a competitor of the worlds largest retailer.

Just look at that face. He's sitting there, right now, sipping luis XIII cognac, laughing and reciting the old PT Barnum qoute about a cooooomer being born every minute.

>> No.23141308
File: 32 KB, 651x375, shutterstock_113310862[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have about $1200 free what should i put it in?

>> No.23141309

Posts like this are making me even more confident in buying calls as soon as I can tomorrow.

>> No.23141328

Do you even know which Cohen you're talking about

>> No.23141331

I dunno but the company is rebranding itself... this isn't like big v... this is an actual short squeeze...

>> No.23141332

I want a man who can scam Microsoft. That is a savvy mfer.

>> No.23141333

These aren't even stores, they're temples to their brands.

>> No.23141340

That isn’t Cohen you dumb ass piece of shit.

>> No.23141342
File: 27 KB, 400x400, cathie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TQQQ, FNGU, or ARKK? I'm kind of afraid of leveraged ETFs and am leaning towards mommy Cathie.

>> No.23141343

I have this feeling that people have the impression that Harry Potter and the other games in the PS5 showcase were sony exclusive, which is why I'm thinking PS5 will do very well at the start.

Microsoft really needs to do a showcase again but im guessing they dont care enough to do that right now because all consoles are sold out anyways.

>> No.23141345

not sure about canada but here in america they'll take you if you get lasik or prk
i want to give my very best shot at a fighter slot, that shit seems so cool
im finishing my as to move forward into engineering, very excited as i've been interested in engineering for a while.

good luck my friend, we'll make it. and remember to buy GME tomorrow.

>> No.23141359

ahahaha oh
you were a fake bear spreading troll FUD all along

fuck you anon for wasting my time

>> No.23141360

Wrong Cohen LOL

>> No.23141362

I wouldn't have believed you yesterday, but objectively, yes. That is what is happening. Short squeeze is a meme but that is what is happening now. Expect it to be very volatile because of this. Gonna be a flipper's dream. Which means I will be channel flipping it.

>> No.23141364
File: 74 KB, 500x532, 144FE521-AA18-42A4-B258-C0D4DB6F0AA2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23141372


>> No.23141378

not sure if troll
if troll 9/10

>> No.23141380

O i dont know who Cohen is. But i literally want to be as ruthless and shrewd as him... he made 10s of millions today. That's great

>> No.23141382
File: 19 KB, 469x469, 532e3acf9bfff9dff4dda66dd9754a45f6a4cbb8d9ddc88552f9ec5190a67d52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My god you sublime retard.

That's not even the Cohen we're talking about. Do you even UNDERSTAND ANYTHING that we're talking about in here?

No seriously, the fuck? I was about to reply seriously despite by suspicions that you were an utter gibbon but now... now I'm just discouraged.

>> No.23141384

I have been kicking myself for not buying 97/99 call spreads on ARKK like two weeks ago

>> No.23141389
File: 180 KB, 499x475, 1601163138275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jfc that's not even the same Cohen LMAO. Your opinion has been discarded, same as the faggots calling use the knew tanker holders

>> No.23141393


>> No.23141395
File: 1.55 MB, 460x320, 50AD4BF9-3BBF-4F1A-8A50-C4A9234BF310.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“Everytime” might be hyperbolic but it beats it the one time it counts. Long term. Beats it in the past decade(you leave out 2010-2014 it grows a little less during this period, so what faggot) and beats it up to the previous decade.
Its dumb to ignore making more than SPY long term.
And that’s blindly buying aristocrats. If you actually use your head and buy the best of the best(maybe stuff not even technically an aristocrat) and you can do way better.
More money less volitlity. Funny how butt hurt faggots get here about it.
I imagine the but hurt fags are mad that blindly buying shit and maxing martins can outperform most of the best traders kek
You niggers act like being a divvy guy means you cant still gamble on gme and options too. What do you do with your gains? Hookers? Blow?

>> No.23141399
File: 435 KB, 305x205, 1601597728270.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23141401

shit, if i sell GME stock then buy back immediately on a red day if my timing is lucky before the cash even settles
in a cash account

i wonder if i'll get fucked by my broker

>> No.23141403

There is nothing more satisfying than making shorts cry. There was a major short squeeze on a stock, LOTE, maybe... I dunno 8 years ago. It litereally bankrupted the market maker WDCO. Went from like .10 to 60 bucks. Was hilarious. BURN SHORTY BURN

>> No.23141412

im pissed i sold half my calls just to break even... risk management is the key to longevity

>> No.23141421

Everyone you interact with here are machinations of your own mind. They are whatever you believe they are.

>> No.23141432
File: 60 KB, 1910x324, p23141304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please make sure this dumbfuck makes it into the collage. I've seen some dangerously braindead GME naysayers over the past few months and he's an excellent representative.

>> No.23141434
File: 60 KB, 640x360, 130826164153-ackman-keeps-jcpenny-stake-640x360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Rmbr me anons? Rmbr how I was supposed to embrace store with a store, rmbr how I was supposed to take on amazon, remember how every biz school finance class/club had a bunch of retards shilling me to come back from the brink, rmbr how even kids at wharton were confident in Ackman???

>> No.23141442

Don't be afraid of the flip, anon. This will be a good time to learn charting. Give it a shot. It will dip, most likely to 12.70s and there will be bashers EVERYWHERE saying it's all over. But that's the buy spot. I mean, conservatively. It will "probably" go a bit lower, maybe down to high 11s for very short periods of time, but the safe, non greedy bet, is 12.71 imo. Don't be afraid to try and flip this thing. It's gonna pump premarket and open high. Sell it and rebuy at 12.71. We can talk tomorrow if you want to learn more.

>> No.23141445

100k x30 is 3 million you fucking retard hahaha. How is that not significant?

>> No.23141453
File: 1.43 MB, 1228x2048, 1594266486929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Futures

>> No.23141470
File: 174 KB, 1080x1513, 1600901285973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23141471

Whoops disregard what I said if you're in a cash account. This would require margin. You'll get this but open up a margin as soon as you meet the requirements so you can have that effectively settled IMMEDIATELY and can trade rebuy a second later.

>> No.23141475

I already have GME haha, 312 shares at 7.84 average. I've thought about laser eye surgery but it freaks me out a bit, maybe when I've got some more fuck-you money. I don't think I'd do well in the military either, I like freedom too much and I'm shit at running despite doing a lot of lifting and endurance cycling. We'll see.

Take it easy tho man.

>> No.23141478

It’s time for you to stop posting. You have to go back

>> No.23141479

No I want the record to show me and big five are different people... but when I was a greenhorn learner he showed up... i learned how to see what he was talking about. Dude is out there.. he stopped in on lci guy the other day... he's just not as active. Probably retardedly busy making advantages working when others are scared shitless... dude is a political if you ever spoke to him for 5 minutes

>> No.23141481
File: 22 KB, 1158x612, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the $GME bailout

>> No.23141482
File: 1.31 MB, 3000x2400, 1594841485255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plans for tomorrow:

Buy 1k worth of GME
Buy 500 worth of NIO
Buy an Index fund

>> No.23141496

bro, the bankruptcy FUD is fucking OVER already now that Microsoft jumped in

Microsoft is not going to let Gamestop go bankrupt because having brick&mortar presence is huge. Even stocktwits recognizes this and alludes it to toymakers regretting that they let Toys R us go bankrupt because that killed a shit ton of their exposure. Walmart can't carry every toy unlike a specialized retailer

>> No.23141500

we seem very alike haha, i feel the same on almost everything but as i said im willing to do anything to fly a pointy nose jet

>> No.23141501

The pattern of up before a launch is too predictable so people got in early and now are selling to cement their gains.

>> No.23141511

So Rivian, Are they private or under some obscure holdings company?

>> No.23141516

With a cash account you CAN sell and buy immediately. You can buy stock with unsettled funds, but you cannot sell them for 2 days. So you can sell a stock, wait 2 days, then buy a stock and you are free to sell it immediately, if you want. Or, you can buy and sell a stock in the same day, then use the proceeds to buy a different stock, but you CANNOT sell that stock for 2 days or you get a Good Faith violation, so that is obviously very risky.

>> No.23141517
File: 50 KB, 634x355, 1495241501193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23141519
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>> No.23141528


>> No.23141540

>can outperform most of the best traders
over the long term i agree, especially as most become more risk averse as they get closer to a big boy account.

>What do you do with your gains? Hookers? Blow?
nothing, they're all unrealized.

>> No.23141542

Ahh true true mb. Good point haha. I forgot how that worked. I haven't had a cash account in a really long time. Then yes try the flip. It will happen. This is textbook.

>> No.23141547


>> No.23141556

What happens if you get a good faith violation

>> No.23141558

Ima kiss my gf give her the credit card and tell her to find something nice to wear and go to work.

>> No.23141560

i'll probably buy an Xbox X with my GME gains
from gamestop too

>> No.23141571

the cycle of life

>> No.23141572

if you get 3 you are restricted from trading with everything except settled funds for 90 calendar days
t. currently in time out for that exact reason

>> No.23141576
File: 181 KB, 800x600, skyrim_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we don't talk about that.

>> No.23141582

Nothing. Get 3 and you won't be able to trade with unsettled funds at all for 90 days. Aka, every trade will take 2 days for 3 months.

>> No.23141588
File: 503 KB, 2500x1667, 200831-steven-cohen-mets-acquisition-2016-ac-717p_6adb1f8222690b5ec110b5aaa0082bb8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


They will hear me, but they will understand me not.

>> No.23141594

ive got a cash account and a margin account for that reason
both in the same brokerage so i can transfer funds instantly
never violated so idk if theyll apply to both accounts but ive got more leeway either way

>> No.23141601

They will learn eventually.

Required /smg/ reading:

>> No.23141604

I forgot their executioner was a fucking redguard
I hate the loyalists even more now

>> No.23141605

A microcosm of how insane the economy is right now. God forbid Biden enter the scene. I'd much rather be a bull than a bear.

>> No.23141608

ive been to scared of trading on margin in case i get too emotional, get bogged, and get margin called. i think im getting enough of a handle that i probably should though. its basically free money for naked puts, and cash covered puts hog your capital which is annoying

>> No.23141610

thanks for posting, been looking for this for a while

>> No.23141621

Cash accounts a good for options. But not swing or day trading.

>> No.23141623

This is the way if you have less than 25k. You can ignore the PDT rule, Good Faith, Free Ride, all of it can be avoided.

>> No.23141632

embrace the opportunity. fear is for losers. expect and be prepared for outcomes.

>> No.23141634

ikr. Just horrid. Prophetic though. >>23141608

>> No.23141646

You can look at your balances and never use your margin. I have a margin account and never use the margin. It's just a better type of account because funds settle instantly.

There is a line in your balances called "House surplus." That's your margin call indicator. If House Surplus > 0 you're gucci.

>> No.23141648

I know but I can have preferences. Bull is easier to me. And I hate being a filthy short.

>> No.23141651

>This is the way if you have less than 25k.
funny thing is i just hit past that point today thanks to GME, assuming it holds above $14

>> No.23141655

i try not to even trade with margin i cant back up with cash

>> No.23141658

Margin is best just used to evade cash account settling. Of course then you have pattern day trader rules to deal with until $25K. But even then it's easy to get a margin call if you trade over your limit even for just settling cash.

>> No.23141669
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>> No.23141671

Congrats, fren. Today got me a lot closer to 25k.

>> No.23141677


>> No.23141710

Same. Other than covered calls, I've never even held a short position before. Seems so much harder to predict than being a bull.

>> No.23141723





>> No.23141803

unironically this:
seems like a really solid deal. gonna get it with my GME gains as kickback.

Never owned a console before

>> No.23141920

you dont pay mark ups on physical copies anon...

Im not even a GME holder and even I know they already got rid of, and are getting rid of more, commercial real estate.

>> No.23141951

>Buy 1k worth of GME

>> No.23142081

imagine how fucking pissed you would be if youre sony right now, not only are you releasing a competing console just days apart but your rival is about to defacto own the place that costs the most money for you to sell your shit at(a physical building) AND they are going to give away your rivals console away for free. sony is about to get JUSTED hard

>> No.23142389

I think men and women are fragile... investments need stable support.. noise of a short squeeze as it is going on.. i ugh... im deciding to go mute for the next 4 days, my cousin has just attempted suicide and I'm going to beat the shit out of him and if I give him his wish this has to be off camera but my gookfu will be watching tomorrow.

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