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I am financially pnked.

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We’re all hurting fren. Linguo soon.

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Please more hopium. I can't take it anymore.

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The whole market’s in the shitter right now. None of the fundamentals have changed. Similarly to when the covid crash first hit months back. So many projects were wiped out but PNK was one of the first, and strongest to recover. Granted, it was good timing with a high profile case, but I suspect the situation will be much the same this time with linguo and countless election disputes on Omen requiring arbitration.

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William is leaving the project, it's fucking over.

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Thanks anon I feel better now.

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Who is William?

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The moment I saw the EU Horizon 2020 stamp stamp I knew what was up, you motherfuckers are going down

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careers, future, freedom

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Kleros Research Lead I think.
I see nothing on the Kleros website, his LinkedIn, or his Twitter that would indicate anything is amiss so I'd be interested in knowing where that other anon is getting his info.

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Elaborate then. I know you’re fudding

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you were part of an experiment studying human behavior which seem to have forgotten to ask the subjects for their explicit consent.

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Let's be real here, the only thing this token does is pay for Francisco’s alcoholism. Kleros does nothing useful besides trick idiots into paying for some stupid kleros court or whatever. This is why only heroin addicts like vitalik keeps blabbering about it simply because it makes no sense to anyone reasonable. He just thinks he can eternal jury duty checks to pay for his bags of yellow powder.
If you just buy some every month, by the time it is $0 you will not care whether you bought it for 15c, 10c, 6c, 4c, 1c, whatever. You’ll be a strung out heroin addicted alcoholic like them. There has never been a more overrvalued project in crypto and /biz/ is just incredibly retarded.

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dude, I know you are accumulating
so how much did u accumulate?

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Not enough desu. Fortunately I have a steady income and there are plenty of anons stupid enough to sell their bags at these prices. Selling below $5 is dumb enough but below $1? It's free money and they're throwing it away.

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100k here. Might buy more I dont feel comfy yet.

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67k here.
I'm getting so fed up with Chainlink I might dump all the rest I have and put it into Kleros.
1 million PNK or bust baby

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KEK. Imagine not bathing since ico. That is one stinky linky.

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how can i help you sir?

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I don’t know about you all... but because of Corona this is the first time since college that I’ve felt alive. I have lots of silver and been waiting for something like this to happen for 5 years. The point where things get so bad that 1 silver merc dime will buy me a blowjob from a formerly well to do housewife and her 18 year old daughter at the same time. I’ve been waiting in the shadows laughing at these cuck husbands who buy their wives range rovers instead of buying silver bullion... knowing that I’ll be face fucking their wives mouths for the 1.30$ it cost me to buy that silver dime.

Just yesterday at Whole Foods I seamlessly entered into conversation about Corona with a roastie milf that had a ring on her finger in the water aisle... and I said this is all a cover for trump to bring us back on a gold standard. She started looking at me in amazement like she wanted me to paint her lips in cum. At the end of the conversation I’m like take my number l have plenty of protection and freeze dried food if you ever need it and she took it from me

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>the point where things get so bad that 1 silver merc dime will buy me a blowjob
tldr but based

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if it makes me money who gives a shit?

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I didn't even get here until March 2020.
Still got in when it was around 6-7.

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This is the best week of my life. Finally a swingie didn't get the rope. Buying PNK now is like buying LINK at 25 cents in DEC 2018. Few.

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goood sir based

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I remember feeling the same way with link too. My first buy was 45c in sep 2017, then I kept buying all the way down to 20-25c. Didn't touch it for nearly 3 years. I just hope we won't have to wait as long for PNK.

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we will wait, to speed up, participate in adoption.

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The volume seems really high and the price is fluctuating like crazy for the past 24h. How come?

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I think it's that uniswap vampire bot doing its thing still

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vamp bots on uniswap and wash trading gooks on okex probably

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I thought vampire bots was a meme.
What does this mean?
Is it basically draining liquidity or what is going on.

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>Is it basically draining liquidity
Pretty much I think, and making a profit from it too. I'm hoping it should stop soon

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