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>just applied as irl janitor

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I hope you get the job, anon. At least you're doing something with your life.
Soon you will have your own money, maybe buying a car or event renting an apartment. Maybe a girl too, i'm cheering for you.

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better than being a janitor on this board

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Good luck on getting the job! Wageing is not allt that bad desu, you get to do something with your time, earn some money and have a routine going. It stimulates your brain for a while and makes doing stuff you like more worthwhile. Earning experiences are always a good thing, and after you're done as a janitor you for a fact say that you would never want to do that again, or maybe, in the future, you'll cherish it as a simpler time.

I, uh. .. I mean fuck you wagecuck kys

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Janitors are a pretty comfy job, unless you are a janitor in a place where people decimate the bathrooms. Being a jannie in a nice office building is pretty nice

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It is a chill job. You are working mostly alone and independent, and even if you have your orders, nobody is going to break your legs if you do it at your own pace. The only thing that is really important and why you are paid, is that you need to act fast when something really happens, which is usually 98% of the time not the case.

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Do IRL janitors get paid?

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Depends on the skin color and socioeconomic status of the people using the bathrooms.

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depending on where and how relevant the structure is very very good. Institution jannies here make an easy 2500

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based supportive anon

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>my friend that has an 80 IQ is a janitor ("maintenance") on a military base and makes $45k/year

He literally worked for a place that treated him like shit for years at $10/hour while dating a girl that became a feminist roastie. If he can do it, literally anyone can.

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imagine the smell

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This. A job is a job. Can't have a life without a job

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atleast you got dubs

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At least you're getting money. Every time you want to kill yourself just remember that its better then wasting your time shitposting. Being a janitor looks better on a resume then being a NEET

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ummm you're forgetting half the people here are NEETs

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What the fuck happened to this board? Everyone before was all about being millionaires on crypto and options trading. Now all I see is a bunch of lame men applying for low service work.

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>I hope you get the job, anon. At least you're doing something with your life.
>Soon you will have your own money, maybe buying a car or event renting an apartment. Maybe a girl too, i'm cheering for you.

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newfag, everyone was going apeshit when they received 1000 bucks from Uniswap.

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2500 per what? month?

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This board got hijacked by pathetic wagies about 2 years ago. They took the SWEAT pledge.

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yes, without any work experience or qualifications. With work experience and qualifications north of 3K/month is not unusual. It is a job which requires a lot of responsibility, and that pays.

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I mean, it’s an honest living but you shouldn’t work in it for longer than 3 years unless you get god teir benefits

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And most of them are depressed, virgins and never leave the house.

Get a job, doesn't have to be a good one.

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Im just taking this job so i dont go fucking insane and also cigarettes

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I had a janitor position in mandatory military service which was super comfy. Then they found out i went to high school and put me into a office position. I fucked around so badly on purpose that they eventually sent me back to my jannie job.

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at least you won't do it for FREE

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checked and accurate, only the wife part maybe

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I dropped out of university and don't plan on getting a job or going back anytime soon

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>Imagine settling as a wagecuck because you're only relying on a pump that still may take another year or two
>Imagine unironically being a janitor
Just end it anon.

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Just a heads up: the women's bathroom is always a nuclear disaster compared to the men's room. And I don't mean just in the sense of bleeding everywhere, they can't seem to piss in the toilet because they insist on 'hovering' over the seat, which is probably why they project about men spraying piss everywhere.

Also people seem to love to shit in dressing rooms and grocery store floors. Your guess is as good as mine.

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I am an irl janitor. I like my job. I get to be alone, take as long as I need, listen to podcasts or music all night. Its been 6 months since I even talked to my boss. I used to be in construction and I like this better.

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None of this reflects my experience.

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you confuse the janitor with the cleaning crew. Common mistake from those that have no idea. Very uncommon that janitor and cleaning crew are the same. The janny just has to get involved when they clog up everything on a Saturday morning before all the crowd storms the place

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I was speaking to the Jannie in our offices and he makes more than the guys who have worked with us 2-3 years, they're still juniors but still shocked me.

Bit if info, north England area and our juniors start at 30k.

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I worked as a janitor on the weekends my first year of college.

Worked with a bunch of other students and it was somewhat chill. The older people working there were gigantic faggots though.

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Best of luck OP.


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Are you joining the Walmart team?


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every time i go into a mens restroom my feet literally stick to the floor from all the layers of sticky dried piss, I even walked into a burger king bathroom once and in the big square toilet booth there was shit sprayed all over the wall above the toilet somehow.

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You need money to put into crypto, anon. I'd wager most people here don't have parents who can loan them 100k to get their lives started.

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/pol/ crossover. They take pride in lowly work.

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whenever someone posts on /pol/ they should just get autobanned from the rest of the world

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You should watch janitor kino, "I'm thinking of ending things".

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I'm a janitor at my university. I have a regular 8 hr shift but I can speed thru my work in 3 hrs and then I drive home and trade stocks or take a nap until its time to clock out. I've been doing this all year. Virtually no oversight, barely encounter any students/staff, it's fuckin tits man

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You’re a rancid asshole and I mean that sincerely

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Most actual /biz/raelis work in finance or engineering

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so how many years of experience do you have? I hope you didn't think that you're going to get that job just like that

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shut the fuck up and leave the country for one without extradition treaty

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