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Did BREE exit scam? Their site is "under construction again".

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they deleted their twitter and their telegram

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Remember that retard that was showing an address and said it was a big deal because whales were holding.

In reality it was the dump.

Hope he or she got wrecked. Pathetic

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Where is the 1 BREE = 1 ETH retard?

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he wasn't serious fag
rugpulls and jokes are never serious

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their twitter account is apparently under construction too. dev told me he was just going out to buy milk and will be back any second now.

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There were many people who unironically believed in BREE faggot
they got utterly justed today

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Devs minted SBREE tokens, converted to BREE, and dumped https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3bf7b06d6737e6d222234acc58dea634c7ff75e6cc447bece6cc264f2e1db9d2

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Should I sell my stack for 1 ETH or use it to convert it to GATOR / NFT later on (fud.finance enables this; a creator behind the pokemon trading card game works on it) later on? Literally my first rugpull. Kek.

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Wasn't this the project everyone said to buy after the HatchDAO exit scam?

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