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>be Baby Boomer
>think college is too expensive
>petition the government for college subsidies
>go to college for a fraction of what it cost your parents
>get out of college and land a sweet career
>economy begins correcting itself to account for the subsidies
>college tuition increases to levels that are unprecedented because of your policies
>use your economic authority and don't hire anyone without a college degree
>force your children into debt-slavery because you have made college both expensive and necessary
>live off of their social security payments until you bankrupt your own children
>make sure that the social security system is freakin' useless by the time your children are your age
>sure is great to be a Baby Boomer

Are government subsidies really the reason why college tuitions are skyrocketing? Is the government really that stupid?

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yes, i dont understand why liberals keep thinking that everyone should go to college, they're so stupid can't they see it's not working? not everyone needs to go to college, which is why it shouldn't be free. or just have scholarship based for the few geniuses that can benefit from college

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no, its for all the reasons you listed, plus any boomer who didnt go to college watched as the nerds they bullied became the new 1% so they all became obsessed with having smart kids who go to college. you can be happy knowing almost all boomers are going to hell.

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Das racis

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boomers never experienced hardship. they were born into a world dominated by the US, because everything else was destroyed in WW2 lol. it wasnt until the late 1980s, when boomers already had established, entrenched careers, and near total control, that the rest of the world actually recovered.

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>Talked to my Boomer mother last week
>She said she thought it was very difficult to get her and my father's mortgage paid off in the 70s
>The house was only 13,000
>The payments were spread over a few years
>Only my father worked
>My parents also had enough additional income to afford having 6 children
>When my father retired they sold the same house for over 250,000
>I'm the same age as they were (25) and I just my job, half my savings and have to move back in with them because of the lockdowns specifically designed to stop Boomers like them being yeeted
>Spent most of what was left of my savings trying to retrain
>My father thinks this all happening to people my age because we spend too much time on our phones

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Government subsidies ruin everything. You can trace every problem with the US Bank to free government money. The whole reason the healthcare industry is fucked right now is because of Medicare. It was government price setting and insurance subsidies for boomers that caused the entire industry to balloon it off control

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Feels like you need an entire generation of boomers to die off before being able to fix it.

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jokes on them, like many millennials, i'm not paying into a (their) pension bucket

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this is unironically why young people are voting for communists. literally, nothing to lose for most of us lol.

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