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How do I divorce my lazy fat wife without giving her any money?

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Spend it all on hookers and cocaine and claim bankruptcy. Problem solved.

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run out of money

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Ask a lawyer to help protect your assets.

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by making her not fat and lazy and instead actually working to improve the lives of your family, together, as you should.

t. pnk pilled

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You don't have a wife you schizo

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XMR /thread

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You're on biz so your halfway there.
Liquidate all your assets and move them into crypto (usdt if you're a cuck and worried, or alts if you're a chad) and store on a ledger

You'll have to split the house if you have one but everything in crypto will be safe

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its a bummer man, the best thing to do would be to bite the bullet quickly and divorce asap. legit curious if you like her more if she was less fat and less lazy or if its just done for? hope for the best and following thread to see the advice

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1) don't live in a community property state
2) have your own independent money before marrying "lazy fat wife"
3) have lazy fat wife sign a pre-nuptial agreement acknowledging your own money that you had before you married her, as your own money before you married her

that's it. Otherwise, pay up retard

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When will men stop falling for the marriage meme?

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You aware of a compound called thallium sulfate?

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with tha glock 40

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> not using the USP
This how I know your skin tone is dark.

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Launder your assets through xmr into a stable coin. Take a trip to any island outside of us. Break things off with a letter from your lawyer.

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Buy btc, om ,fleta and hide the keys, no one can take them away from you fren

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oh no

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Not the best advice unless he has a fetish for being gangraped daily for the rest of his life.

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Start hiding cash, somewhere a trusted person knows where, like brother, or sister.
Steal and hide, cash out bank accounts, bit by bit, and hide them, pretend you are running out of money, you know what to do.
At the end you should be left with only loans to pay or credits. Then hit that "please loose weight, darling, it's really unhealthy for you" button. Remind her that every single day. Till it leads to divorce.
Make sure all the value thing are in your possession without her knowing it. It's all your prep work, dude, it will take few months to do it, but do it, you will win in this situation.

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>incel retard larps about divorce and woman are whores meme
>other faggots, incels and sociopaths are wasting time to respond

What a shitshow

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Go back in time and ignore /pol/ telling you to go church in small town and get a tradwife.

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Fat lazy wife detected

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alternatively you can keep feeding her til she explodes like a squeezed grape. reap the life insurance

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Trips of truth

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But don’t be as stupid as that white guy and post it all over fb. Post it “anonymously” all over biz instead .

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anon pls...

Select all images with

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>1 post by this ID

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Buy a bunch of gold, give it to your dad.

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like this

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You're screwed unless you have good jewish lawyers, but this will be a good lesson where you can focus your life on other things after you lose your money.

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Why the hell did you marry in the first place?! I still can't believe men are willing to get married in the current year.

Nope! Because if the courts are feeling particularly cuntish because you tried to cheat them like that, they can declare you have to pay half your average salary from the duration of the marriage. So even if you have no current job, you still have to pay alimony as if you still have your previous job.

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Slowly take out money from your accounts and sell assets while simultaneously buying gold from your local seller and then hide it. All the while, go to casinos every once in a while and create some plausible scenarios so your "gambling addiction" will be believable. If you have a house, mortgage the fuck out of it and convert that into gold also (otherwise your wife will get it).

Eventually, once 90% of your net worth is burried in a secret place, come out as a "gambling addict". If your wife doesn't divorce you on the spot, divorce her. Go into bankruptcy. Lay low for 1-2 years.
Start taking out the gold slowly. Pray to god gold doesn't crash over the period of your marriage exit.

This method is virtually the only way for a male to escape marriage without being financially ruined in 2020 other than literally murdering your wife and getting away with it.

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fuse.io to use cryptos she doesn't know about to buy plastic surgery and change your ID then give her the fatty slip

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Bake a cake so big she falls into it and suffocates in her rush to devour it.

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Kill her

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