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July? Never heard of it.

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Yeah I did not say in my lifetime

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yeah, I never said "eth 2.0

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He just let chainlink do it instead

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yeah I did not NOT say never

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Yeah I didn't say sharding

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Since when were you under the impression I said July?

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he's backing off ever even completing ETH 2.0 now. he's saying that people should be happy with ETH 1.5, that ETH 2.0 scaling would e 2-3 years away, and that maybe they should just make ETH 1.5 with no phase 2 release.

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yeah I didn't say 2023

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>What's that anon? ETH 2.0? Never heard of it.
>ETH? No I'm not the developer anon.
>Be sure to code me some of that ETC that you still owe me!

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over 2000 transaction per second and instead of paying gas you get gas.

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source? if he really said that i am going to sell my 32 eth

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well with OR + phase 1.5 there would be enough to make the chain competitive with centralized offerings. 25k-100k tps w/ 1-2mb blocks and he said that could easily go to 1m w/ 10-20 mb blocks if the chain needed it.

as much as Charles hoskinson (HEY, IF UR READING THIS UR GAY) is a salty piece of shit, he is right that eth 2.0 is unnecessarily complex. rollups will be enough to save the chain for us retards playing around with defi primitive. the scaling will be there when payments and global institutions (bnp paribas erc1400, ey, jpm) start using the chain, sharding or large blocks will be ready to support them.

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