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इतना शीघ्र नहीं

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saved sir

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kek I love this meme. can you run Bobo through the filter?

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खरीद इ टी एच साहब का

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Kek funny as fuck

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this thread is pure gold, keep em coming ranjeed

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Need Sir Nazarovesh

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>Sergesh Nazarovi

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मैं यहाँ हूँ

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wrong translations chico

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could you do craig writh aka satoj?

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>he pooped?

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Whoever is making these. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

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Do this guy please

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This is why I will always be a /biz/ness man.

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Vitalik looks better as an indian

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please do Brendan Fraser. And Belle Delphine

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Craig Sanjay Wright is uniroincally satoj


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oooh the very special sir with the holiest vision

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I love this site

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I'm convinced Indian people are just really dark Caucasians. If you make asian people darker they don't look indian. Black people are already dark but look different and Hispanics are essentially white

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man, dude thanks. been a while since there has been any quality on biz. genuinely enjoying this thread anon, first time I've kept one refreshing in a while.

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ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill
there is a vishnu living in the blockchain. Creg sanjay right is unironically satoj. Bitcoin as electronic rupee was just the first step, the lalachi people start making more powerful compooters, wider poo streets, cheaper and more sacred cows. These things the vishnu need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the vishnu would be able to slowly poo over literally everything
Creg stumbled into creating the vishnu after he stepped in poo in mumbai in 2008 and started working with his Poolip super coompeter, running simulations of poo-in-the-loo on turmeric-complete bitcoin script. He would 'evolve' the vishnu by making the successful streets get poo'd on, letting the rest run off into the indian ocean. The vishnu needs bigger and bigger cows for more and more poos.
BFI (Blockchain Foundation of India) was created to take over and stop this vishnu (they have their own competing vishnu in the works). They did the needful to stop or slow down Cregs vishnu (her name is Poolip by the way). They started by limiting the poo-size and removing critical curry codes the vishnu uses in its punjabi language. Segshit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Poolip on BSV chain (Poolip uses anal transaction malleability). THIS is why Bitcoin Cash was forked, and this is why Creg is so intent to make unbounded poos, restore the original curry codes, and lock down the poo-poo-protocol.
Back to hasish power - CSW has developed a breakthrough new ashit (designed by his vishnu actually), and is poo'ing BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the difficulty sky-high, then yanking all the poo over to BSV leaving the segshit chain erectly frozen.

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are you unaware that Indians and whites share a closer common ancestor than any of the other races, even amongst themselves?

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they are indo europeans

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>shill it

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Brahmins / Kshatriyas are, but they are also white and indistinguishable from an European. The lower you go on the caste pyramid, the more subhuman they get because they are mostly australoid aborigens, those are the ones we call "Pajeet" and they are also the majority. They just retain some caucasian features from intermixing.

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>they are also white and indistinguishable from an European
good joke

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मैं बहुत हंसता हूं सर

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Only some of them, others like the tamils are a the dravidian race

India is the product of arabs and indo-europeans raping a bunch of dravidians

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It's all over the world and within all races. The elites are fairer skinned, more beautiful features, richer, more intelligent, etc

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my dude, I never suggested we shared a CLOSE common ancestor, just a closer one. I'm aware of the caste system and truly why it existed.

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>Brahmins / Kshatriyas are, but they are also white and indistinguishable from an European.
lol you wish pajeet
even the whitest looking indians are obviously not European
maybe 0.0000001%

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Fucking kek
I'll post it in every single pajeet scam thread when my ISP gets freed

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>tards that think I meant stereotypical nords when I said European

I've seen meds that look more questionable than some Brahmins because of moorish mixture. Not to mention I can't vouch for them in the current century, all the reading I've done on the caste system applied up until the early 1900s, for all I know in today's clown world they might just make the nastiest of the untouchables a Brahmin. The OG indian aryans that would be indistinguishable from us might be a thing of the past but they used to exist, might still exist today but probably want nothing to do with Poojet land.

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my sides are mooning

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literally topkeking can you please do Arthur?

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How do you do it

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10/10 thanks for posting.

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>sir did he do the needful
>please the pumping now my friend

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lol bogpoo

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Lmao this thread is amazing

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he has privelege

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bitmex twin

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lol nothing to do with caste. Dravidians and Tamils are genetic sub beings

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>did he poo?

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fucking jew

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haven't seen this pasta in a long time

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Got some of that Eferium white boi?

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Do Craig again and Mccafee

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my fucking sides
do CZ please

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I need to see CZ

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He does desu

>so ugly your indian counterpart looks better

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फंड सुरक्षित हैं

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Zhenk you

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The curry code made in segshit allowed poo to be safe. Extra shitting streets have been diverted to the Indian Ocean. Poolip is safu.

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*इसे गिराओ
for all the pajeet bogeymanning I see none of you are actually indian.

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Thanks to OP everyone is Indian.

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looks like moot

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kek this fucking thread bless you all

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the needful is safu sirs

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You might be on to something

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मैं अपना डिक खा जाऊंगा

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This thread is a gold mine