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Will it ever go back up?

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No, it has no use case, no intrinsic value. Normies have already moved on to other shit tokens

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Getting Deep Brain Chain vibes

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What happened? Why did it go down in first place

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In February it will start going back up again. Until then it will be 7-12. 20 by March and then triple digits by june.

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...anon, I...

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Oh god, now that looks like a macro top

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no, brainlet, everyone with any understanding of LINK sold at $18-$20. sergey betray is not a meme, he literally told us at smartcon that the token is not needed and that he has no actual contracts with any businesses to do anything. IE; chainlink links nothing. it's a shitcoin. it's going to 0 like all shitcoins do after their pump and dump. i'm sorry you waited 3 years for the pump and dump, but if you bought at 20 cents like most people, you had a near 100x return. the fact you got greedy and didnt sell at that point, and listened to the MUH 1000 EOY bullshit, is why you will forever be poor. D. Y. O. R.

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> we will never get above $1
> we will never get above $5
> we will never get above $20
you are here
> we will never get above $50
> we will never get above $100
> we will never get above $500
> we will never get above 1k eoy

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you are supposed to sell at 20$, that how its works Sergey didnt betray if you were smart you would make it. this biz works that way

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Arbitrum is scheduled before EOY. That will be a game changer.

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We're actually somewhere between capitulation and anger

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for sure no, capitulation means everyone who bought 10$+ is selling, and that's 5$ sell off, crab between 3-5$ for weeks.

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Maybe in a year after the team is done dumping

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more like depression

also I didn't sell, fuck all the weak hands

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Chainlink will never be above 4.5 again

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linkies are retarded. they waited 3 years, got their fucking 100x from $0.20 to $20, and then still didnt sell. it's a fucking shitcoin you brainlets, you got a 10,000% return on a fucking shitcoin, and you DIDNT SELL. how FUCKING RETARDED do you have to be to NOT FUCKING SELL AFTER A FUCKING SHITCOIN DOES A 100X LMAO???????????