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What’s next for LINK bros? EOY price predictions?

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it's just another scam coin going to zero

you didn't sell?

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$12. Just guessing, I'm not an oracle.

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$20,001 per token and it's gonna be a meme about people trying to pronounce "21 hundred" and "20thousandand1"

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21. Cents

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in the hundreds of dollars unironically
Didn't you hear the guy in sibos say we use an oracle? wtf do you think they will use?

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>dopamine running low

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ripple? just joking there is only link

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100,000 EOD

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Buy LINK below $1

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according to the meme parabola I drew on the Binance LINK/USD aggregate pair, we are going to $1000 by Christmas of next year

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Radix is integrating with chainlink, which is honestly huge considering that they are going to be taking over eth when they launch

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Sub $1
Total cancer coin.
Absolute shit.

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>EOY price predictions?

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Link retards better brace for impact.
The best part of the anti XRP delusionists is they base their entire assumption on the basis of “XRP hasn’t mooned, therefore it never will”. Their simple minds fail to observe anything, compute mathematics, incorporate logic, entertain reason. These fools are the definition of fool. They are their own worst enemy. Their blind bias and hysterical anti XRP stance emanates from their own ignorance and frustration at themselves for being unable to understand the very facts making XRP have value. The depression and anguish these morons will feel when they indeed witness XRP explode (and I can guarantee it will), will be perhaps the worst anguish a man can exist with when it comes to a “missed opportunity”. They will have to realize they had extensive time and opportunity to examine, learn and acquire XRP, and instead hemorrhaged capital on non-starter shit show coins. They will go through grief like stages of DABDA - denial, anger, blame, depression and acceptance. They will deny XRP is truly on an upward trajectory. Some may FOMO in too late, however many entrenched haters will deny it is happening and deny it will last. The anger will occur throughout the process as they lash out, upset by missing the opportunity they had ample time to partake in. They’ll blame each other, blame you, blame me, blame family and forums and threads and every crypto retard they can point at, and even most
Importantly blame themselves. The depression phase will last years, maybe decades. They’ll be reminded of the missed opportunity in XRP every single day they awake to their peasant like existence of toil and hardship. Some may kill themselves as a result. I actually had a friend say this to me exactly after he sold a large position of XRP, “If XRP ever hits the $10 you talk about, I will kill myself.” Acceptance will be rare and only the most mature and emotionally secure individuals will truly accept the reality of XRP rising.

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Based clubber Lang

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My math is projecting at least 1000 suicides

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8-12 eoy.

In February things should start picking up again. Around March we should be hitting previous ath of 20. Once we pass 20 we will unironically see triple digit link within a few months. So summer 2021 you should see triple digit linkies.

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I say we head back up to $18-$19 eoy then dump down to $13.20ish beginning of January before skyrocketing to the $50-$80 range.

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checked and agreepilled, especially if/when staking is released

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imagine having time to read this or even type this for that matter

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I can’t imagine actually buying XRP. I’m glad you typed or copy pasted that seething

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Probably crab down to $7 and then crash down to $3 when election chaos hits the markets. I wouldn't be holding anything other than Cash and physical PMs by halloween.

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Oh no you see that’s where you are wrong. I sent that with a smirk and a smile. You’re the ones seething. LINK is fucked. LINK is dead. I was telling you noggers to sell LINK at $20 at $15, at $10 and yet you keep waiting. It’s simple fucktard:
There’s 130,000 wallets
The top 30-40 are pump dumping you boys for a ride and you’re handing them all your money.

Words -

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With the advent of fidelity news, if they go ahead with tokenizing even 25% of their assets within the decade, that’s almost a $2,000 link without any staking or off chain computation services through Arbitrum.

With those things in mind, could easily be 10-20k per link just through 1/4 of fidelity tokenization.

And we still aren’t talking baseline protocol, neither inter work alliance tokenizing stocks so

If you’re selling you’re probably retarded

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this all makes me so hard, surely it can't be this easy?

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LINK will reach $350 next summer.

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What the literal fuck are you even talking about you psycho?

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>he doesn't know

Why do you think they are so desperate to shake everyone out? Did you think "never selling" was a meme?

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checked and never selling, kikes

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Shake who out? Is this an cRipple thread now? Schzio delusion. If "fidelity" is buying linkies they will do off exchange on a private sale with sirgay at a significant discount. You won't get shit for it other than the media exposure.

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$2. Only ex-OGs understand this number.

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>i-i don't understand this really simple shit that you just outlined that I can verify on my own
The eternal struggle of the nolinker

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Ah yes the news that a major financial institution in the USA is securing billions of dollars of tokenized assets with Chainlink is going to have no affect whatsoever on the value of the token in the spot markets

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it's common knowledge to start your novel with a good hook. like a shocking scene or example of your elegant prose. insulting the reader on the first line of your novel is a quick way to ensure no one is going to read anything you wrote and making your attempt at writing a wasted effort.

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Apparently it isn't because it's still dumping retard. Where is the proof? What are you even talking about?

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have you taken your meds?

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i get banned pretty often because a few jannies here don't like quality link posts

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1000 EOY