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Give me ideas for a mobile app, something missing from current market and preferably something related to finance/crypto. It doesn’t have to make any money, I just want to add something to my portfolio (but if anyone has an idea with business plan, feel free drop your contact info)

Btw there is now way I’m building another bitcoin wallet

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Ok but first drop the drilldo.

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Yeah give me an app where i can type in the name of a crypto project and you tell me if it's indian

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tinder for vegans,
strictly interracial couples or filters to add ethnicity, nationalities

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here it is
if(true) print("yes")

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OP I've got an app idea related to psychology, I've entered the idea into contests before and have placed with it. Honestly just need someone to build it, I can handle everything else (my background is in psych).

Let me know if you want to work together, hit up my throwaway email: gateway404 (at) protonmail (dot) com

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Sent you a mail, check spam

kekd but I would unironically use this, Apple wouldn't like it though

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or tinder with a tranny filter

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an app that lets you monitize OP's asshole for gay sex

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Dear anon, if you're not larping make an app that lowers volume when a stream on YouTube or elsewhere is too low but raises it when too high thus keeping it comfy to listen at any time. Also, the app should remove portions of the stream that resemble television and radio and hence are retarded, namely ads and openings and closings of podcasts etc for these are pull not push technologies and that crap is boomerang.
Unrelated to crypto but critically needed app imo.
Good luck with your enterprises.

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Cherry on top, uses AI to scan all (((females))) at a party real time identifying the fakes and sharing it with other users so we can oppose this compulsory homosexuality agenda that plagues this generation.

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How many men have you had sex with, Gerald?

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make a 4chan ai anti pajeet bot, 100% fud rate on pajeet scam threads