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>no wealth accumulation
Should a man not be entitled to work harder to earn more?

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I don’t even want to be a millionaire. Literally all I want is a more modernized version of the way my ancestors lived. I want a small farm with a mostly self sufficient homestead that I can manage myself. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for as all the materials and technology is available, but capitalists want to monopolize the materials and price me out, and communists want to kill me.

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Commies live in a fantasy world where humans are not greedy and jealous bastards.

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Becoming a millionaire is dead simple though. Just start a Roth IRA and invest $6k every year into QQQ for about 25 years. If you start from age 25 and keep going until you are 60 (35 years) you will have $4m. If you live off of 4% of that you will have an annual income of $160k and it will continue to grow and compound if at a staggered rate. By the time you retire your kids will inherit millions.

If you educated them well they will have been investing up to that point too and your death will simply accelerate their investment goals and they will teach their kids as you taught them upon which your grandkids would be millionnaires when they are born.

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> capitalists
Nobody invented capitalism. Capitalism is not an ideology. Capitalism is just optimization of the economic history of Earth.

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>just wage slave for 40 years lmao

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Do you think there is a middle ground to be found? Perhaps by cooperating with other like-minded people to create a parallel economic system you could have access to the materials and tech capitalism provides with the local economy of a commune.

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Sorry faggots, commies and trads alike, but when we entered into the industrial revolution we made a deal that we would forego all that stuff that makes life balanced and good and forget about furthering the pursuits of philosophy and religion (at least any meaningful practice of them) and put all of our time and energy and will into making things materially better as fast as possible.
And sorry to say, once again, we aren't done yet; maybe half way there.
How about you slow the world down and start enjoying things when we have reliable life lengthening?
Then we'll have all the time in the world to sit around figuring out the most pleasant way to live and acquiring material wealth and knowledge as an afterthought.

Right now it's like the beginning of the discovery of agriculture 12,000 years ago; we can feed more people more reliably now, but for a shittier quality of life in every aspect, but on the other hand you now have alcohol to distract.

Your glory and sacrifice today is living in a world without much of a soul and bearing on anyway to bring our children a better future where they can eventually live as men.

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>does not allow wealth accumulation
These fucking retards think that saving money means anything other than putting in more to society than you take out

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I work hard and got promoted at my previous company to 4 positions higher, at a new company as of 2 years and am about to be promoted here. If the lazy fucks who do the bare minimum and don't get promoted would be my equal in communism then communism is trash.

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And don’t factor in inflation

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Is that really the odds of becoming a millionaire in the United states?

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lol no.
Commies are so low, equilibrium would bring them up. They're just as selfish as anyone and they know it.

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>Shouldn't be too much to ask
You should just live in a commune if this is what you want. To have that all for yourself is what most Millionaires are. The stereotype they live in yachts by Monaco is overplayed. Plenty of millionaires retire in ranches and die there.

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Communism doesn’t work though because it’s centred around the unnatural ideal of equality, it brings everyone down to the level of the nigger

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communism doesn't ensure either of those things lmao
it does ensure a quick trip to the gulag for standing up for free trade and competence though

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That would be shoad so quick you wouldn't even have enough time to say oy vey!

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He said no guys! Pack it up, thread is over.

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Why would you seek a middle ground? It's like being asked whats 1+1 and a bunch of people are split between retards that say 1 and correct people who say 2 and you say 1.5 because muh centrism.

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We already tried communism. It was shit. It's like if you propose building a startrek matter replicator and someone objects on the basis that we don't know how. The reasonable response to that is not "lol u don't want infinite food retard".

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Something like it could work through bank controlled AI which is where I think we are going. Like it or not. I don't agree, but as long as my linkies make me rich I don't give a shit what happens.

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imagine being brainwashed into thinking that it's either/or. burgers are truly the most cucked people on earth

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>Monopolize the materials
Lumber, concrete and garden supplies are everywhere. An 8ft 2x4 is $6 at home depot; a bag of concrete, $5. It's actually a modern miracle that they will cut that shit down in some far away forest and ship it here to make available to you for so little money. Yes, it will cost SOME money. There was never a homestead fairy that came and dropped off all the supplies needed for your ancestors. They also had to work or get money from family to make it happen. The only thing stopping you is you.

At some point the market will realize that the value of a company is in how much profit it makes, and these ridiculous valuations will come back to earth. No I don't know when, but I think betting on that not happening in the next 35 years is quite risky.

I remember in 8th grade history class we had a lesson on communism. The teacher gave us all some menial job to do, like folding paper footballs or something, then at the end of a set period of time, we would get paid and could use the money to buy candies. Everyone got paid the same, regardless of how many footballs you made, and the candy available in the store diminished as fewer footballs were made. Soon, no one was making any footballs and there was no candy to be bought. Such a simple lesson, but for some reason it is so hard for people to learn.

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>if i say things will happen then things will happen

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>Something like it
Nope and that idea is also irrelevant to any talk about the flaws of the current system since you're proposing the current system produces your magic utopia anyway.

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I never said it would be a magic utopia. I'm not a communist. The banks already control all of the economy and they will do what they please with it, even if it hurts your fee fees.

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Have you ever built a home? Are you a boomer?

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>just rot away shitposting on on imagebaords for 40 years LMAO

You have 5 minutes to tell me how you spend your free time is more valuable to yourself and society.

Reminder that in communism you have to work to0

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Never built an entire house, but have done some building projects. Yes, a boomer.

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I shit post on /biz/ and /pol/ all day, my meme magic energy is more a important contribution here than my attention at some retail place where I'm severely underpaid. I've made more money from fucking around here than most professionals will have made in the same time but with several fold the effort. The boomer not only fears, but hates the linkies. Pee pee poo poo motherfucker.

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His picrel looks like Owen & Beru’s gaff

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Opposites are two sides of the same coin. That's one of the Hermetic principles and the basis for dialectical materialism.
You look at the world like a Marxist. The banks don't control shit, they're subjects of literal actual demons but you don't even know what a demon is. You have no conception of your true masters even existing.

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Its probably more risky to assume the collapse of the entire economy will happen in the next 25 and not invest then to invest and lose a bit of money before pulling out.

I made that personally. I was invested in some great stocks in 2014 but I pulled out because I was scared of the collapse. If I had held I'd be 3x richer then I am today.

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You have no idea who you are talking to. Bet you're a fucking Q fag too.

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Link will not or ever be anything resembling communism.

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>You have no idea who you are talking to.
Clearly some braindead communist faggot. That's the beauty of this place, I can only base my responses on what you said, not "who you are".

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incredibly based post

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Only God can stop it.

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So a roth isn’t safe?

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When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.

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>Ensures healthcare, housing and education
>Doesn't say anything about ensuring food
How fitting

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Who has read this?

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This is the source of its greatest strength but it is also its greatest weakness. It is natural order to strive for more while conserving what you have, so it feels natural to adhere to, but since it doesn't have a "founder" it lacks an army of sycophants to champion it when it is under attack by the economical fad of the moment.

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There is no assumption retard. I'm referencing what you said in your posts.
>"banks" have any kind of control
>a banking AI will make something "similar" to what communism promises
Your comments assume a materialistic worldview with roots stretching to Marx.

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>0.001% chance of becoming a millionaire
lmao europoors are pathetic

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>lol no
Great point retardo

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Roth is fine, although I don't like the tax penalties for early withdrawals. My criticism was more with QQQ, as it relies on overvalued tech companies whose profits do not support their prices. Admittedly though, it could go up and up and up for years and years. I guess I am a real boomer, I want the companies I own to make fucking money.

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>he thinks working hard at a company is how wealthy "earn" billions

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You can always withdraw your Roth contributions with no tax or penalty. It's the earnings that would penalized. Also there is the 72t rule which would allow you to withdraw earnings early as well, but it forces a schedule that you may want not.

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This is if you want a guaranteed way of doing so with minimal effort. You want more/quicker? Figure it out yourself. Also, start the cycle of wealth generation by having something to pass down to your kids. People think that you're supposed to be able to generate millions within your lifetime with little to no effort at a young age or else the entire system is horsefucked, when in reality it best allows people to actually generate moderate wealth, pass it down, and allow for future generations to build upon it perpetually.

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You're living in fucking disney land if you think the centralized banks are not in control of most worldly affairs.

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Didn't say it was fast just that it is simple. Like you.

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I’ll get two commas from my parents who got it from theirs and I’ll hand two commas down to mine. All they’ve done is hold+sell divvies. Life is a fuck. Can’t blame people for being upset at the system.

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I want to talk with you anons about a chance, a opportunity like never before. I'm talking about $ORBS

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QQQ has far greater returns than inflation.

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Fuckin huge product

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>Can’t blame people for being upset at the system.
It ultimately depends. Some people don't value wealth generation at relatively young ages, make irresponsible decisions like having children when not financially prepared, then blame the mystical boogeyman of 'the system' for their own shortcomings. It's a world that rewards those who realize this early.

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Well yeah if you don’t get compound interest you just pay other peoples and personal responsibility is always more beneficial. But theres also an undeniable collusion of entities in the US to build and maintain extractive rentier capitalism - things like property ownership in cities with decent jobs is increasingly and intentionally unaffordable (why do we let foreign capital buy residential US RE? Why don’t we build more?). College price inflation, median wage v productivity, etc.

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kek you can only buy 1/10 of the QQQ with your paycheck than 10 years ago

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The banks are controlled by the same kinds of abstract forces as everything else. Any kind of position we consider powerful in the modern world comes with endless promises of allegiance to different demons. It's only an illusion of power when you can't do anything with that power except what the abstract forces demand. The options are the same as always, allow demons to degrade human sovereignty and spread death until everything good dies vs actively strengthening human sovereignty by crowning kings.

AI whatever or even matter replicators don't help us at all if we continue to surrender all decision making power to demons. The problem isn't material, technology doesn't help. It's neither inherently good or bad. If we invent the most powerful hammer ever that just means we'll be more effective at mashing our own hand with it.

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>free food and free land goy, we promise!
communism is great if you like mass murder and mass starvation. i wish you all would do us a favor and just kill yourselves instead

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What is this image talking about?

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Yeah? And who is pandering to the fucking demons you nigger?

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You for one by promoting a worldview with an AI savior and responsibility assigned to bankers. The masses employ the bankers to delude them and feed them burgers. Most people today deep down just want stuff, their only allegiance is to the demons that promise to feed our vices. A banker can't fight that, a religious leader can. They are the ones failing miserably if you're focused on assigning blame.

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And so what?

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And you think that is only because of inflation? Not that QQQ did not go up?

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>""""ancient"""" manuscript
>drawings are in a modern, realistic style

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Im not promoting it, and they are not saviors. Just more of you're assumptions. Today's religious leaders are total fucking cucks dude, Jesus would be pretty upset. You aren't going to pray this one away. People are going to have to get off their asses.

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There it is.
> t.

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The actual “house” is easy and pretty cheap. It’s the utility install and permitting that’s expensive.

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That's what I was building up to.

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Why dont you just become debt free then invest ? It's not rocket science. You're practically retired when you have a paid off house.

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based post aside from the horribly cope image

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Truth right here. I'm only leaving a genetic legacy on this earth in the form of a dozen of my children in the hopes that the world will one day be worth living in.