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I unironically believe Ethereum will win no matter how shitty it is, purely because it has the coolest name

Cardano? Gay
Polkadot? Very gay
Ethereum? Epic

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Seriously though their branding is next level and whoever came up with the name "Ethereum" is a fucking genius.

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Dfinity is the biggest chadcoin of all:
>Name mog
>Logo mog
>Shills mog (No shills at all, It shills itself)
>Team mog the whole space
>Tech mog the whole space and beyond
>Product use cases scale mog
>Release the project whenever they want to and nobody is angry about it
>Rumors mog
>Connection mog everyone
>Academic mog
>VC mog
>Valued themselves at 1.5B before releasing and got funded immediately with people begging them to take their money
>Going to be top 3 coin at launch without normies even knowing about it, Make XRP pajeets seeth

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Ethereum might not be best but it's what sticks and will continue to do so.
Ethereum is for DeFi what HTML and javascript are for websites.

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I unironically believe this about ARPA and ETH

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11,500 cap RuneScape crypto game.

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Everyone knows there are only 2 things that affect a coins' success: Name and logo.
Everything else is just window dressing

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the absolute state of logo maximists
>$30 gas
>this is fine
bsv is superior just keep your eyes open

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Based. Especially polkadot. Fuck polkadot and whatever cat lady dyke came up with the name

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Only things that are used matter. I need ETH every 2 fucking minutes. It's won until society decides otherwise.

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This is literally why I bought ETH instead of BTC back in the Dec 2017 bubble

because it sounder cooler

I also bought LINK because it had a great ticker and cool cube icon and the memes were funny

I've made $400k

crypto is based

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I have my airdrop. Smug as shit

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Jokes aside, people underestimate the importance of "cool" in marketing. The majority market don't want to be associated with stupid sounding shit. It's why futuristic sounding named products tend to outcompete silly or bland/boring named products. Humans are just that simple.

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Everything that wants to build something useful by now moved from ETH to BSV. Only scams, that don't even have devs are still on ETH.

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>Ethereum is for DeFi what HTML and javascript are for websites
and what is the next ethereum? I am a newfag but I am going to buy

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Websites are still HTML/JS

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