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All of you complaining about how you are not millionaires yet and only have 100k
Meanwhile I am sitting here and 80k USD would literally change my life forever
Hell even 1K would cuz I could invest it :(

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get a job

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They're larping. No one rich gets advice from here for long lol

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I have a job
After rent, food, gym,bills, travel I have barely anything left.
>inb4 should have got a degree
BA in computer science

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get a life

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get a cheaper place, eat less, work out at home, use less, don't leave if you don't have to.
stop making excuses.

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I am eating oats and water for most of the day, cannot work out home as I rent and its the cheapest in the whole city I am pretty sure

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If they're on biz and rich they're doing some low-key market manipulation, not sharing insider info with frens (99% of the time).

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get some knee pads, start hitting the streets.
stop making excuses.

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Passion. Motivation. Determination. Dedication. Asphyxiation.

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Its corona time so nobody on the streets :(
But I did ask my friend who does this kind of stuff to hook me up with anybody who is willing to pay for sex

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I had 80k at the top just this summer but after the dump, I’m back down to 26k lmao

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>I have a job
>After rent, food, gym,bills, travel I have barely anything left.
it's called wagecucking

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100k is worse
what the fuck are you going to buy? a new PC and some funko pops? Anything actually important, like quitting your job, buying house/car or starting a family is out of reach

tax man starts sniffing around and wanting his cut and you barely have fuck all to begin with

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you could cut gym and travel and buy bitcoin instead btw.

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travel to work that is
gym is mandatory as I dont want to die before I make it

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I have to be in the office, I should have specified its not travel as in holiday or something, its travel to work.
I havent been on holiday since primary school schooltrip

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Take Adderall.

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Move to cheaper rent city, shave own hair, don't skimp too much on food because you need nutrients tho (especially grass fed meat) skimp on clothes, phone etc. deodorant and shampoo is bs also just use water as well when washing clothes water only fuck em

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also gym is bs do calisthenics outside in fresh air dips, pullups, pushups, planks, farmers walks, hikes, sprints possibilities are endless no jogging tho

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100k is poor, most people can get this from 2-5 years of waging pretty easily. 1 million is not even enough to retire on in a first world country

>t. wagecuck

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100k is enough to play the crypto casino with a chance at 1 mil. research, practice risk management, and take profit

failing that last one is why I don't have 1mil today

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bake your own sourdough bread, you dont even need to buy yeast

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I do most of these and I would recommend these to everyone
Shampoo is not only expensive it kills your hair too
I wish I could move to a cheaper room but then I would need to pay deposit again and I cant afford it
The area where I live is full of niggers and I am scared to spend time outside more than necessary
I tried doing pushups in my room but people complained as it was "too loud" :(

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stop spending all your money at Starbucks you stupid wagie!

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live in a van then

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Cannot afford it sadly and also its probably illegal in the UK without you owning the plot the van is parked on
I wish I was born anywhere else but bongland

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well you don't have to park your van down by the river, just migrate between empty parking lots

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I'm wondering how little you make if you are struggling to save in bongland. Even I managed to save a couple thousand a year on minimum wage working 50 hours a week.
>I tried doing pushups in my room but people complained as it was "too loud" :(
Yeah, now I'm wondering is you are a troll. How the hell are pushups too loud?

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I make 20k a year doing onsite support and network administration
>How the hell are pushups too loud?
No idea, I was as careful as I could be :(

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Go back to Pakistan

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Born and bred in Sheffield
Sad to see niggers and pakis take jobs that should have been mine just because companies would rather fill diversity quotas than get good workers

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Holy shit, dollars to donuts you likely dont:

Have a CISSP
Have any clouds certs (Azure or AWS)
Have virtualization experience
Have network administration automation xp
Know a scripting language

and honestly I would argue you like dont have any additional certs

Long storyu short, you make shit cause you dont know shit. A four year degree is cool but society has advanced far enough where in a high skilled field a 4 year is just how you get invited to clean the toilets at the party, not get in.

Stop investing, start paying for certs

S+ > LPIC > AWS Tier1 > AWS Tier2 (DevOps if you want to be the pretiest girl at the ball)

Then go make some fucking money.

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I have a a+,network+,sec+,pentest+, ceh
I know python, c#,javascript
none of these ever helped me
nobody wanted these
they want experience not this

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i was like you a year or two ago, i thought 100k USD was insane for me but you get used to the money, i will have the 80k USD soon that you mention and i just want more and more. I can see how it happens with the greed at the market top.

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if you were American, propaganda would have made you pissed at the nigs & paks instead of the rich white CEOs who hire them instead of you

this country's death spiral would be entertaining if I wasn't in it

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Heres what you dont get. learn from the Indians. You need to be able to check the boxes and over advertise yourself. Then when you get a fat dick like me you pull back on the advertises and people come to you.

What you are missing here is it isnt diversity. look at an Indian resume, its like 7 fucking pages and includes everything they have ever done in their life (and some lies and shit). Thats what the business people (HR/Contract Managers) want. When you get good and the technical people want you, you can go back to not being retarded.

how old are you?

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dont eat anywhere without a coupon/deal/fee thing

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I have a friend who does cvs and got her to write it for me
its 2 pages and I think its okay

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after the 1 million you dont stop. You then think 10 million is make it money

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A+ N+ CEH are shit, also stop paying Comptia I get it, you love their cock. if you want to be cool and do cyber shit, (which i would not advise because you complain a lot ) get the CISSP and the OSCP.

What do you mean you know python?

How about the Subprocess module? or Paramiku? or fucking ansible?

Of course no one wants your javascript and C# wake up my dude, neither of those are part of your job.

Im talking about a scripting language. im talking Bash or batch or powershell. If you want to grow a pair learn bash.

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Send it to me [email protected]

Remove your contact info off of it. I'll send you a response and critique to the email you send it from. im only putting 10 minutes into this so hurry if you want it.

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Also, you are in a great spot for your age. Just a heads up


i suck eggs

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true enough. the goal should be financial independence. to sample life without a 9-5.

anything past that is just gravy

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I got them in a bundle so thats why I did comptia, I would have rather preferred cisco certs
I am fairly confident in powershell I will check out Bash thanks
What do you think about doing Palo Alto certs?

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I dont know shit about them?

What do you want to do with your life? More money?

Heres how you need to approach certs.

The places that super care whats certs you have are usually shit holes. if you want to work at a place where you learn anything worth your time, work at a place where certs and your 4 year get you in the interview but are not essential.

To attract those types of places you have to get certs that are renown and are considered solid.

CNA (I know they changed it to some shit Idk how cisco is handling their shit now) is worth it.

Shit by Cisco is super worth it. Do you want to make money? AWS

Also, stop using windows. It's for retards. You're better than that.

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dis cat sad

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You want to get a cert, where people hear you have the cert and their dick get rock hard to know what you fucking know.

Certs like that are great. Anyone can get a 4 year from any shit hole but to get RedHat Cisco or LPIC certified youve got to know your shit.

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It's been greater than 10 minutes, window is closed.

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they have hired even more niggers where i work since BLM bullshit there isn't actually that many niggers live where i live.

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I'll tell you something. i see you got these certs, so i understand you have an interest in learn. Getting into tech and becoming a high earner is two tracks,

Either you bullshit people and get them to pay you more than you deserve,

or you work hard and learn your shit. Read documentation, stay up to date on whats going on in the technologies people pay you to know.

At your age, it's time to start making that call.

Also stop being racist. It's a waste of your fucking time. You should hate everyone who you dont like and just be done with it. Associating it with color is just a way to fuck yourself out of options.

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I was like you, now I'm working on 3 different jobs and I'm ready to gamble 50k, not on shitcoins tho.

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I hope someone of some off skin tone takes your job. Shit I hope a white person takes your job. That would be great!

Looking forward to your death!

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Most of you are idiots
If you don't live in a shit country, have a shit family, or shit degree, you can make 100-200k, and live with your mom for 5-10 years.

Once you have 1mill from 5-10 years of work, dump that in a stock or something that pays you like 8% annually.
$80k a year doing nothing. And 1 mill is just a placeholder.
Don't be an idiot by having your money in the US/commonwealth country.

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>I have a job
Get a job that doesnt pay minimum wage.

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> Switch to a higher paying job where you can work from home. Alternatively start freelancing. As a Software Dev you should be able to find clients.
> Cancel gym and buy weights + do calisthenics and jog. You don't need to be a big chad. Just fit and healthy.
> Don't spend money on women, ever
> Look into Clover and YDEX presale
> Move outside of the city if you are since you don't need to be close to your job
> Sell car and have groceries/stuff delivered. Get new local social group

You're going to make it anon

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live with your parents or find a cheaper place

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Live in a smaller house.
Don't eat out.
Get a home gym.
Stop having frivolous bills.
Don't travel for the next 6 years.
Put all your saved money into chainlink.
Congrats you're rich. Oh wait instead of managing your income you blow it all on needless bonus. You're rich in experience from all the money you've wasted though so congratulations. I have $100k and live with my mother. My only bill are student loans. No car. No friends. And I basically only eat Ramen, Eggs, and Chicken.

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>Put all your saved money into chainlink.
no only are you a fucking retard but your life sounds like it sucks

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it's all larp, the average biz folio is worth $200

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Bruh, I rent a modest studio apartment in Tokyo and I don't need a gym. I just have a yoga mat, a small bench, and some dumbbells (rubber coated). That's all you need to stay healthy.

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>thousands of chainlink purchased at .30c each
>you're retarded
Okay Muhammed, have fun being a wagie while I neet away in my lambo fucker.

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Good job.
You already made it with this mindset, and just need to wait and learn how to manage your wealth.
Do you have plans for your future after you make it?

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>they took muh jerbs
Nah you're just not competent enough.

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Ride bike to work?

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So you waste your money on frivolities like a common nigger. Cut anything you don't need and you will be swimming in money soon.

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Holy shit you are so fucking mad. Park that lambo in your parents garage and go to bed son, it's past 8PM

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I have minimum wage job and have 1k link. What is wrong with you? Go on a high sodium ramen diet and cut the gym. Just run or something. Jerk off more.

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Everyone always suggests canceling gym membership to save money, absolutely retarded kek shit is only 50 bucks a month.

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