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I am NEVER EVER selling, you hear me?

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That id
What a madman!

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obviously not you but why the fuck they bleed so much

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so much skin damage. that is a very shitty tattoo artist

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Henlo based department

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Lmao one side is shorter than the others, whoever did the tattoo must have been suffering meth withdrawal

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Tattoos are degenerate

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Tore him right up. It’ll heal

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kek this

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Have you not seen the logo?

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Dude you’re so pale

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They’re not supposed to lmao this is what happens when you see a shit tier tattoo ‘artist’ or scratcher

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Is the asymmetry an "artistic choice," poor placement, or shit artist?
Judging by the amount of blood, wavy lines, inconsistent color, and blowouts ... I'm going to go with "shit artist."

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ifu did this yourself, mad props. if you paid for it, link is wasted on you. if you had a friend do it, juvenile but patrician choice nonetheless

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just make sure you wear long sleeves when the IRS shows up at your door

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IRS doesn't show up when you lose money lmfao

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Thanks just sold 100k

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IRS will send goons after you over a fucking penny, don't be fooled.

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>branding yourself forever
>the hexagram is not even symmetrical
>the lines of the inside cube are also not symmetrical

SNAP! What a fantastic addition to my cringe stinkies compilation

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Fuck to your face, Nico! I will rape and you will suffer!

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How much link did you get for this? If you didn't get any, your as stupid as the retards that get monster energy tattoos.

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>sincere replies to a 2 year old image

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You will never not be a poor 3rd world loser

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a fitting shitty tattoo for a shitty shitcoin

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The regret will be amazing. Good job retard.

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move over plebs

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Honestly at this point getting a monster energy tattoo is based in comparison

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What kind of autist even gets an inner forearm tattoo?

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Thats somehow even worse than OPs. Congratulations on cringe

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timestamp plox.

i dont believe.

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>2019 03 05