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All markets will continue to crab for 2-3 weeks due to presidential uncertainty.
Then Donny will fully recover from covid and will say "See, just the flu bros. Open this bitch up"
Country will say " MAGA"
He will win in a landslide victory.
The country will fully open.
The markets will realize what is coming and will fomo harder than anything we've ever seen before, because what comes next is.... yes, anon you guessed it....


Mid November it begins.
The most violent upward skyrocketing green dildo the world has ever seen.

$1000 chainlink end of year is fud.

The golden bull run cometh, anons. I hope you're ready.

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Absolutely based

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>cheeto winning in a landslide
>golden bullrun

You are fucking pathetic.

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how very based of you sir.

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I can feel it. The bitmex fud 2 years ago would have crashed the entire market. It barely put a dent in it 2020.

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Newfags law.

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Enjoy four more years, loser

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