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Do companies check transcripts?

I Lied about my GPA during the interview for a small brokerage firm. Do jobs usually check for transcripts or am i fugged?

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Are you fresh out of school? If so, go ahead and submit your mcdicks application

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Do you not know what a background check is?

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Depends on the company, the company I work at hires out the background check. The hired company will actually call your references, past employers, and schools and verify what you put down.

Other companies that I've worked for don't even bother to do that stuff unless the hiring manager does it themselves which they never do.

Honestly depending on what you put vs that it was you might be fine. If it's like 1.0 GPA off your gonna get fucked if they check.

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kek what did you say it was?

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background checks just confirm that you graduated with the degree and major.

they have to officially ask for your transcripts to give it to them.

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Don’t worry dude - job employment is all about telling lies and manipulation :)

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big companies definitely do
some kind of small firm might not

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Fake it till you make it anon, well done.

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I got my consulting job by saying I have Salesforce experience. I only know what it is. I've never actually dabbled with it. When I am not dealing with a client, I get paid to /biz/

As far as schooling goes, yeah anon. They're most likely gonna check for that shit. Hope the place you're lying to is cool enough to check. As for me, I said I had experience. Not that I was certified. Unless quizzed directly, my lie isn't verifiable.

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Relax, odds are that smaller firms won't ask.

If you tried that with a huge company -that might be a different story. I never listed my GPA down on my resume, but my company never asked (it's a fortune 500 company)

I've heard of people in finance and banking being grilled though. Maybe you can photoshop ?

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