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Why don't more people move to third world countries to live like a king?

I was thinking of moving to Colombia. But I know no Spanish so its probably a bad idea.

>cheap cost of living
>beautiful women
>nice weather

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>coomer thread
>id starts with aaah

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I lived in China for 5 years. kinda stuck in the States right now due to coof, but I can't wait to go back.

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why would go to south america just go to get murdered?

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please tell me where to go. currently making a 1000 a day from crypto, don't really need to work. my initial was line. a fan of milfs and polygamy.

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>that shirt
Seems like someone already has

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As if shithole American cities are any better. Baltimore, Detroit etc.

yikes. But just go to Medellin Colombia. That is where I want to go. Most beautiful people in the world.

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Ive lived in China and Cambodia. Now I'm stuck in the States because of Covid. Incant wait to go back to Cambodia. Strolling through the streets sipping a fresh smoothie, and flirting with nubile bubbly brown girls.
Nothing is better than riding home on your motorbike with a cute Khmer girl grabbing your junk, anxious to get into your bed.

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You can learn spanish in a year. You have time. go go go.

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Dude if you go to Colombia, check out "Gringo Tuesdays" in Bogotá. It's a Language exchange night event where you have literally hundreds of college aged babes that desperately want to practice their English with a native speaker. It's a godsend for picking up Latinas. . .

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>sign in english

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Share the pics of these hoes. I have no experience or knowledge on Camdodia really. Just remember hearing how its ridiculously cheap compared to Thailand which seems a common destination for westerners.

Too lazy sadly. I know the basics from high school years back. Its not that difficult of a language. Though its basically needed as English in Colombia is not common whatsoever.

Its basically impossible to travel right now so I have time though regardless.

It is not Colombia I think. I am guessing its Miami. Just posted pic because they look like sterotypical Medellin girls.

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Some literally are hotter than her:>>22990854

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Based move anon. God damn look at those asses. I’ve only been to Cartegena and bogota but once this fucking flu is over I’m going to Medellin. Rio Brazil is nice too it’s cheap as hell with nice beaches and it’s very easy to get laid.

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once you get tired of fucking stupid 3rd world bitches you'll realize moving to columbia or whatever other hellhole it is was a mistake

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Well don't live in places like Bmore and Detroit then

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Medellín has some serious hotties too. I was there in 2015. The countryside is also incredibly beautiful

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The girl I spent the most time with in Cambodia was really intelligent. She was 25 and spoke three languages, had also lived in another country before(Japan) and was the manager of a successful music school. She also had her own home, which was nearly paid off. All at the age of 25. What American 25 year old can claim to have accomplished so much?

She wanted to stay with me and move to Japan together. I still regret coming back to America. I should have stayed with her.

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>moving to Colombia
are you willing to figth in the inevitable future war with Venezuela?

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we all wish you stayed with her too, fren.

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Cuz the people are stupid af. It’s not even that cheap. Sure, maybe the shitty merchandise is cheap and the shitty food, but if you want real food like back home like sausages, cheese, ice cream, pizza, chicken, it’s not cheap. Medicine isn’t cheap either. They probably sell medicine there pill by pill. You can forget about books. Libraries? Lmao. Even their tech is shitty like fans and air con. B-b-but muh internet...it’s expensive there too if you can get it, and slow af. Housing may or may not be cheap. If you live in a big city in shitistan, it’s not gonna be cheap Because all the locals work overseas and want the nice houses so you’re competing against overseas workers. If you live in a rural province, it will be cheap but it will also be shitty. Neighbors will be shitty and blaring their shitty music at all times of the night. they’ll bbq their shit food and blow the smoke into your house. Ofc the police won’t do shit cuz you’re a foreigner. In fact after a few months of seeing a foreigner in their area, you might as well put a big red target in your back that says third class person in shitistan, fuck me up the ass. And they will. And you’ll want to kill these people. Plenty of stories of foreigners going savage on locals and even killing them because locals take advantage of foreigners and the police don’t do anything so foreigners go savage and kill them. But I’m sure you want to learn the hard way.

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Everyone here going on about their foreign sex escapades are larpers who haven’t touched a woman their age since primary school.

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>he has never left his country

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not me. Fuck stinky chinkies LMAO

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noooo you can't inject reality into my fantasy of living like a king off of 100k USD and having a harem of south american hotties!!!!

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Oh and the women? Lmao. You think you’re just marrying a woman? Nah bruh, you get the woman and her entire village—her parents, her siblings, her cousins, her cousins cousins. They look at you and their eyes ring dollar signs, and they’ll milk you. B-b-but im not gonna marry her, just gonna fuck. Fucking gets boring after a while. A year, 2 years, maybe. Then you either go somewhere else or get locked down.

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Colombian here. With the current exchange rate, with $1000/month you can live like a king, easily. Go to the rich part of cities like Medellin, become a sugar daddy to a bilingual call center girl and language won't be a problem.

Come to Colombia.

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QRD on females from Buca?

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why the fuck do I feel like I'm being scammed into going to Colombia?

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An average US salary would put you into the 99th percentile of earners in my country. It's also very peaceful with no shitskins or nigs. The only thing that might be a problem for foreigners is the language barrier, but most younger people can speak intelligible english. You can get a teen whore for an hour for like 50 usd

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Hot as fuck, but crazy and get mad easily, very easily.

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> Columbia
> Very peaceful with no shitskins
You’re funny.

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Stop sending monkeys and whores to my country you nigger. Also everyone hates your fucking accent.

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And finally, last but not least is the politics. The local police politics is bad enough. The constant police ignore the locals but will fuck you up for looking at a local the wrong way , but the federal politics is next tier shit. It’s legalized gangster/mafia, and if you’re on this board for any length of time, you’ll be woke enough to pick up on it. Mayors fucking kids and getting away it. Police killing and getting away with it. Bribery, corruption, lawlessness. It’s all there. You just don’t see it cuz you’re new, but after a few months, you read about it or hear about it. And Any attempt to build wealth for your family will be picked off. You’re basically dooming your dna to a life of poverty and servitude while all the corrupt politicians and police get bribed. You’ll be awoke to see it, but as a foreigner, you’re helpless to do anything about it. If you’re unlucky and caught the eye of a local bureaucrat, your life will be misery, and after spending all your money bribing the police and politicians, you’ll be happy to just get away.

Just remember, the people are poor for a reason. And the people deserve the government/politicians they get.

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Whike there are shitskins ans niggers, if you live in the good parts of cities like Medellin or Bogota, you won't see them that often. As well, if you stay away from drugs, you won't even feel insecure.

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I don't own Colombia, you know...

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Where the fuck did I mention columbia you niggerfaggot

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Currently the united states is way more violent than most countries in south america.

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Where in the United States do you find people being stuffed into barrels of acid? Where in any part of the United States do you see bodies hanging from the highways?

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Sorry I know this is biz, so off topic.How can I make $1000 a day off crypto?

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Jesus christ you are a moron anon. No one is thinking about living there. Max 1-2 years. No one is trying to live in a shitty town. There are open whorehouses after all. You don't need to marry a fucking virgin and inherit their whole family. You don't have to engrain yourself into the goddamn society either. You can just bar hop and enjoy the climate each and every day for a year without falling into any of those retared traps you've outlined. This isn't a 90-day fiance episode retard.

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Any examples besides Gary/Chicago and I guess now new York?

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How's Argentina? Wanna get a white wife but I've also heard South American women in general are a bit crazy.

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Shame America is going that way quickly.

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All women are crazy, find an obedient one that you won't have to leave behind.

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When I went to Ecuador I met colombian backpackers and they’re the absolute worst. They never shut the fuck up. Overly social and try to fuck with you at every given chance. I hate colombian males but colombian women are beautiful. That being said they’re mande for each other. If you’re not a clown entertainer that talks all day about stupid shit and tells jokes then you’re ngmi in Colombia.

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most illegals are from central america

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Well, no offense but that is only true if you're a poorfag. Do you think Columbian hotties who get plastic surgery and are essentially bimbos will ignore a gringo INTJ with $$$? LMAO.

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Not sure. I’m 100% sure they would cheat on one though lmao. I know those too, I’ve had a Colombian gf. Colombian women don’t know how to chose men because they’re so family centered and controlled until they’re old enough to go out, and so when they do they get with whatever they were taught is “alpha” in their household and or reggaeton music lyrics. They may be beautiful but they’re god damn emotionally retarded and manipulative.

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because youd get killed in a third world country for being the wrong skin color?

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I unironically born third world shithole, can anyone exchange passport with me for the US. I just want to join the US Mareens

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>wanting to join the empire of evil

>> No.22992226

is it based to find an 18 year old, get a 90 day fiancee visa, fuck her then get a new one in a few months. or marry her and then divorce before 2 years so you aren't on the hook for child-support or alimony?

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t. never left his white country

>> No.22992258

>leave all your friends and family, no network of support
>have to adjust to a radically different culture and climate in order to interface and achieve what you want

It's not easy, and basically impossible for spergs

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>1000 a day from crypto

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You are. Next level scamming. Convince weak incel manlets to move to your country then trap them with your honeypot senoritas

In fact this thread is copypasta

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atleast they're paying better than any jobs in this shithole, plus they're not treating you like a dog

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You forgot the "rich" part seething roastie orbiter.

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Colombia is dangerous and the whores there will take you for a ride, you might have fun for a while though

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I dont know who came up with this stupid shit, first off, you will get used by girls here for visa, second you will get either kidnap or get mugged, even in turistic areas and third you are a fucking simp if you are going to another country just to meet girls, in no time you will become some thot ticket to hellhole that she is in.

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>not treating you like a dog
Lol, imagine falling for "muh muhrines!" propaganda as a foreigner. Every military in the world treats you like a dog, dumbass. Crayon eaters are no exception

>> No.22993092

>I had a Colombian gf once so let me explain how all Colombian women are like

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I already live in third world ((usa))

>> No.22993188

LOL as a Colombian, can confirm. We love to chit chat

>> No.22993192

Do the words "squalor" and "death squads" mean anything to you?

>> No.22993205

>live like a king?

doesn't help much when everything around you is basically garbage.
People in India can't even drink their own tap water. Enjoy buying carboys all the time. People shit on taxes as if they're theft and don't even realize all the value they get out of a semi-stable government.

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I think you meant month, a day would make you rich as balls you wouldnt care where you lived

>> No.22993334

>get mugged

Mate only weaklings get their asses kicked and money taken

>> No.22993456

it's also a slide thread, meant to get coomers thinking about relocating and living a fantasy life when they should be paying attention to momentary market opportunities like so

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>can foreigners join us military?
>Yes. A non-citizen can enlist in the military. However, federal law prohibits non-citizens from becoming commission or warrant officers. In order for a non-citizen to enlist in the military, they must first be a legal immigrant (with a green card), permanently residing in the United States.

Get in legally anyway you can and take it from there.

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Only good question here

>> No.22993633

Oh man, you must be positively swimming in the corpses of failed muggers

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Literally planning on this. Getting my passport renewed on the 10th

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I knew that. I still need a green card to basically join in the crayon eaters party.

so green card lotto is the only way for now except I did made it with crypto and just investing shits in the US to get in.

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Are you fucking stupid? They have autonomous robots that deliver food in Medellin. I promise you the real shithole is wherever you live right now but you're just too ignorant to see it.

>> No.22993738

Imagine living in the usa and wanting to move to a shithole
At least think about an european country like czechia, denmark, North ireland, Croatia, Hungary
Or if you worry about taxes Mann island

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>not wanting to join the evil empire
Anon, you're just living life the wrong way.

>> No.22993793

I made about 250-400 a day off stocks ( not options) using 100k.

>> No.22993860

the cost pod living is so low there. I had a downtown loft for $350 a month, right on one of the hugest bar streets... I got a fun job there and plenty of debauchery.

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>not treating you like a dog
The Marines is the one branch you join specifically to be treated like a dog.

>> No.22993912

Yes as we know those places are cheaper when it comes to the currency exchange

>> No.22994016

Do you have to speak chinkoid? Or is english enough to love there?

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>I have never dated a Colombian

>> No.22994192

surround yourself with people who can speak english then.
t. colombian

>> No.22994230

left girl is cuban, the one on the rifght is colombian. Pic is from some club in south fl

>> No.22994279

how do I get a thicc gf like in op pic related? I just want a fertile wife to bear ten kids for me, is that so hard to ask?

>> No.22994287

this is your brain on hollywood

iktf, if you give off even slight vibes of autism you're gonna have a tough time with the oposite sex down here
t. knower

>> No.22994350

>pick 3rd world country to live in
>pick one where you, as a wealthy white person, will specifically be targeted for crime

But why? There's so many shithole countries with less crime

>> No.22994395

I did this desu. The fact that people are afraid of the crime keeps it a hidden gem.

>> No.22994421

the average American here isn't really wealthier than the upper middle class locals, same for americans in Mexico or other countries in Latin America. And targeting people based on their skin tone is almost unheard of in Latin America, like a white American is less likely to be a target of crime than a dark skinned person flaunting his riches in the wrong place

>> No.22994440

I won't lie I'm a bit jealous.

>> No.22994514

As a Latin American living in Northern Europe. I couldn’t go back to South America no matter how much money I can have and how good I could live. Seeing the huge differences in standards of livings in one place is truly a sad sight.

I would probably go to japan and get me a nice cozy 2 rooms apartament in Tokyo and just go to the gym everyday and in weekends go to techno parties or something. Since I am not attracted to Asian girls i would just enjoy everything without worrying about bitches.

That or go to the woods in Slovakia( or is it Slovenia?) and get me a nice last tech cabin and breed dogs or something.

>> No.22994592

No one is talking about the average American though. People ITT are dreaming about moving there once they make it.

>> No.22994618

It's not about skin color itself, it's about being a dumb rich tourist. And indeed, I'm not talking about boomers that retire in a south mexican village that has 18 other american expats that want nice weather for cheap.

>> No.22994732

coom coin is gonna moon again
and all legit coomers will make it in november

>> No.22994745

"made it" money here is around 1-2 mil, while in the US it is around 5-10 mil. You can literally live off of interests keeping the money with an American bank account for extra security, for the rest of your life and get a mad decent flat in an upscale neighborhood where there are plenty of cardio bunnies. Same for any country south of the US.

You won't attract the wrong attention since the monthly dividend won't be a stupidly large sum of money, you'd be able to keep a low profile

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>beautiful women
I live in a lation american country and find it hilarious how gringos think the average latin american girl is no different then the models they see in porn movies and big instagram profiles.
Most women are la cretura-tier.

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Another Sudaca here, I also noticed the living standards spread; even comparing with countries like Romania or Croatia. People wanting to go south don't really have concepts of living there.

I really like your Tokyo idea. Sad that I'm priced out of that life.

>> No.22994847

>sign in English
That's in England lads

>> No.22994863

I'm dreaming with you anon. AHH GOD PLEASE!

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>> No.22994959

when you have 100000 invested in an asset and that asset climbs 1% each day

>> No.22995164

I’ve thought about South America but am worried about the corrupt police and crime. Is it really that bad? Also Seychelles seems nice, anyone know?

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Don’t worry fren, dreaming is free

>> No.22995228

>am worried about the corrupt police
don't talk to the police lol. I've only talked to the police like twice in my entire
life and it was to ask some directions or something.
> and crime
legit worry. Just don't do dumb things and crime most likely won't reach you. Imagine you live in a semi rough part of miami or LA, its really no different

>> No.22995261

Let these retards go most of these losers will have to learn the hard way

>> No.22995455

He unironically posted a picture of shire... Nice try fucker, you won't be getting my seed phrase

>> No.22995559

girl on the left is pretty hot
She reminds me of my buddy's ex tho, who was quite the total controlling bitch.

>> No.22995692

anywhere in japan outside a major city (tokyo nagoya osaka kyoto) is like $300 a month for an apartment with actual shower and kitchen etc
travel bans in australia until some unknown time in 2021.. i want to fucking leave

>> No.22995791


>> No.22995814

theyre controlling bitches only if you let them to be

>> No.22995822

Sheltered first world faggots don’t understand. You’ll get the machete just because you have a shiny watch and a new car.

>> No.22995834

i can recommend vietnam. its cheap. beatifull and not high crime area. also you get easy 10 year visa.

thailand is also nice when you into hookers but crime rate is much higher here.

>> No.22995892

millions ? 100 - 200k is enough for 3rd world

>> No.22995950

I've always wanted to go to Vietnam. I went to Cambodia and it was extremely cheap but kind of a shithole, although everyone is friendly.

>> No.22995983

I spent a month in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara) and it's the most expensive country I've ever stepped foot into, and I've been around. The cost of living is so high there it's ridiculous.

>> No.22996060

Not really. You won't buy a house/apparment in an upscale neighborhood and still have enough left to live off interest with 200k. At least not here

>> No.22996093

who the fuck wants live off interest. do you think your children deserve so much money. they will party it away anyways.

>> No.22996134

if you have to work for a living even for a single day you still aren't in make it territory

>> No.22996155 [DELETED] 

come to brazil

>> No.22996333


>> No.22996347

you realize they have gated communities in all of latin america? my god some of oyu guys are imbeciles. and btw youll only stand out if you are some super nordic looking mf, i am italian ive been to LatAm nobody stops me

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File: 101 KB, 720x533, 40336232-0DF5-42A9-8F98-E98F77EE922D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is the ‘tisms so fucking insulting to Colombians? You can’t keep to yourself you can’t come up with some interesting conversations you have to be a turbonormie or you’re a complete freak wtf are they all like that? At least the stoner backpackers I met were like that, and some other Colombians I’ve come across. Fuck. I’ve dated 2 Colombians so far, I don’t even know how I last that long with them especially with the one here >>22994158 almost 2 years and her family hated me

>> No.22996362

To be fair I was only looking at apartments in sub 100k pop places, didnt bother to check how much food and electricity is. I know that travel is somewhat expensive especially toll roads.

>> No.22996375

speaking Chinese will improve your life immensely. you can get by in the major cities with only English and a few words , but I recommend learning it. you learn quickly being surrounded by it anyway

>> No.22996376

you're not gonna stab me are you?

>> No.22996412

This. Scam me into moving already.

>> No.22996433

>date beaners who are products of spaniards raping nymphomaniac natives
>"why are these whores whores?"

>> No.22996445

I live in India . Anyone wants to swap places?

>> No.22996496

I'm attracted to the most native, dark, jungle bean women imaginable. I am not attracted to blonde haired white women. I actually think when somebody posts a typical aryan woman they themselves are probably some kind of swarthy. There is something to opposites attract.

>> No.22996523

>has Fud in his id
>fuds a country
checks out desu senpai

>> No.22996591

I was just in Japan and idk why people say it's so expensive, the rent is cheaper than here in Chicago and the food was much cheaper. A shit ton of sushi for six people was like 60 bucks. What are you comparing it too? Major cities in the US are way more expensive

>> No.22996643

I'm also talking about Tokyo. Going on craiglist I can find studios under 1000 usd in central areas which you can't say about Chicago https://tokyo.craigslist.org/apa/d/shinjuku-central-free-wi-fi-no-key/7206676414.html?lang=en&cc=us

>> No.22996644

it's because they believe something is wrong with you. Like if you can't articulate a coherent sentence without stuttering or start sweating profusely anytime a girl barely adresses you, they might genuinely believe that you are a retard even though chances are you have a higher iq than most people in the room.

But it also depends on who you surround yourself with, it's gonna be like this around normies, but if you hang out with nerds then you'll have an easier time but a hell lot less of attention from women

>> No.22996691

>Like if you can't articulate a coherent sentence without stuttering or start sweating profusely anytime a girl barely adresses you, they might genuinely believe that you are a retard
Sounds easy for an australian lol

>> No.22996708

Nvm I misread that post.

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>> No.22996781
File: 58 KB, 504x960, 26F3FFBC-9C86-4CE2-B016-ED06F499DFC8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lemme tell you a bit about myself colombian anon. I was born and raised in the US but my dad is Ecuadorean and my mom euro and I’m pretty attractive and not poor. So what happened was I went there to finish high school and I was tormented. Absolutely assblasted at every given moment. I went to a private high end high school and there was no putty for autismos... time passed and I eventually learned to LARP as a turbo normie listening to reggaeton, but with Colombians I just couldn’t man. They’re too much. I don’t know what category you consider yourself to be in but putting yourself up against one of those maluma looking faggots who spontaneously burst into dancing and singing Romeo Santos every 3 hours just really made me look like a piece of garbage. My looks and money had 0 power. What should I do if I want to fit in with Colombians?

>> No.22996923

are you retarded or what? Yeah move to a 3rd world country and spent the rest of your life in your bedroom cause there's nothing to do, no entertainment, poor service, shitty healthcare and poor quality of life. Yeah but it's good because you'll have a lot of money to do nothing. Fucking retarded coomers.

>> No.22996931

just be taller lmao, not hard since average lad here is like 5'7, and anything above 5'9 is already god tier for women, autismo will still shave you some points but height helps a lot in that department, especially if you are not facially deformed

>> No.22996951

>As if shithole American cities are any better. Baltimore, Detroit etc
nigger do you have any brain cells? this thread is about retiring in a place. who in the FUCK retires in baltimore or detroit you fucking idiot

>> No.22997017

can you stop making this thread every sinlge day? nobody will go there, i know you are a nigger that wants to rob us, women there are ugly as fuck

>> No.22997066

Have you actually ever left the trailer park Jim Bob??
I've lived for the past 10 years in the absolute first world (Scandinavia). I sort of made it and came back home to my third world country. Best decision ever....
Good food, genuine people, I'm 37 and banging 20-25 year old hotties, etc. Boring?
Boring is to be in the first world, eat a shitty dinner for 30 euros per person and going home at 3 am on public transport because everything is closed by then.
You have no idea what you're talking about go back to fucking your sister

>> No.22997109

im going to become an X-pat and live in either Philippines or Thailand

>> No.22997269

lol pedo nonce, hope they throw you in prison

>> No.22997345

Colombia is cheap as fuck and whoring is legal.
Had a blast for $1200 total in 2.5 months.

>> No.22997408

Which third world country did you return to?

>> No.22997411

>dying for israel
cringe and bluepilled

>> No.22997421
File: 54 KB, 1200x1200, CREATURA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>real food like back home like sausages, cheese, ice cream, pizza, chicken

>> No.22997422

WTF? So why did that Columbian anon say you need 1-2 Million?

>> No.22997458

It’s a great way to get killed

>> No.22997463

>are you retarded or what? Yeah move to a 3rd world country and spent the rest of your life in your bedroom cause there's nothing to do
What do you think I do in the first world exactly?

>first world: stay in room play vidya browse chan fap to hentai
>third world: stay in room play vidya browse chan fuck cheap tranny escorts
wow tough choice

>> No.22997479
File: 48 KB, 540x540, 1594564806991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If you’re unlucky and caught the eye of a local bureaucrat, your life will be misery
Be me. I went into Leticia as peruvian and this migration agent got excited when he learned I was in IT. Suddenly I had to fix two office laptops and one excel sheet before I could get my stamp. I saw the agent at a local bar later and he waved at me to have aguardiente, no thanks.

>> No.22997490

1-2 million to be set for life living off the interest that that money generates

>> No.22997502

which asset would that be? asking for a friend

>> No.22997571

Brown people. There is a reason these countries are crime ridden, high murder rate shit holes.
I never felt safe walking the streets of any South American country. Something I had certainly taken for granted in my home country. Most places you couldn't even walk the streets at night.

>> No.22997586

>i'm making $365k a year

>> No.22997610

Colombian women are the sexiest latinas.

I can't even imagine how good that brapper in your pic must smell.

>> No.22997613

you can live off 100k a year like a king in lots of western, more rural states without the political instability of a developing country

>> No.22997625

quality b8

>> No.22997660

This is almost as much shilling as people from Brazil and Paraguay do on /pol/

>> No.22997683

>rough part of miami or LA
>really no different

latin america has 1/3 of the worlds homicides with only 8% of the population

there's a reason they're called developing countries and tons of people flee from them, if it was that great they'd be developed, like the global superpower of venezeula

>> No.22997690

Ireland is similar.
Everyone just looovveess to talk.
I just want to find a loyal, non-fat wife that will obey me, and raise a family with me.

>> No.22997876

It depends on where. Large cities are ok for the most part. Ironically my city's murder rate is lower than both Miami and LA. NYC's is actually safer though. The violence is a thing in rural areas, imagine the us had their violence concentrated in, idk, rural Kentucky for example and they drive up the numbers for the whole country.

>there's a reason they're called developing countries and tons of people flee from them

The reason the are called developing countries are not due to violence, it's rather for economic and geopolitical reasons. Also leaving one's country can happen for several reasons, for example the UK is a developed country but it has an emigration rate higher than lots of developing countries, conversely a lot of developing countries have actually positive net migration rates, Panama and Costa Rica come to mind .

Recently the US was devoled to developing status btw, however I don't know if it's actually true or if MIT and Standford economists are exaggerating a bit


>> No.22997911

>however I don't know if it's actually true or if MIT and Standford economists are exaggerating a bit
This statement is how I know you are retarded

>> No.22997942

>this paper from a university means I have the absolute truth over any matter

>> No.22998048


>> No.22998049

there's plenty like the one I described.

>> No.22998111

>jews give you a gold star (credentialism)
>ergo everything you say is gospel truth
Reminder that James Watson (discovered DNA) was drummed out of academia because he stated the easily verifiable fact that niggers are dumber than Whites

>> No.22998112


My buddy who has been living there for 10+ years loves it there. I was going to visit him for the first time this year until the 'rona.


>> No.22998270

>col anon here
As a foreigner if you make yourself a target or "give papaya" as we call it, you'll en up drugged stabbed or just dead, Venezuelans are a rampage menace in the capital city, some Medellin places as well, people will be welcoming people will be fun and cheery with you just for being a foreigner just be aware people will target you if you stand out too much specially if you're alone, you'll get ganged up.
>beautiful women.
i completely disagree, you can get the Perfect 10/10 body even better than barbie-girls.
but they'll be shallow empty minded af, conversations will be superficial with a slowly degrading body (they'll get fat overtime) that is literally just a facade hiding a Void of nothingness inside their minds.

(paisas girls from Medellin are renown to be idiots, perfectly for a one night stand out.)

>> No.22998320

Niggers are the main reason

>> No.22998331

>but they'll be shallow empty minded af
that's women in general though, most of them don't have anything remotely interesting to say. The ones that do are ugly

>> No.22998394

I literally have started going out less often at night due to the sheer amount of Venezuelans and what it entails. Fuck, my city used to be chill as fuck only 5 years ago, now not so much

>> No.22998453
File: 508 KB, 1600x1067, view-city-centre-Estonia-Tallinn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone here considered Estonia? It's a country in Europe (uses the Euro so you aren't using monopoly money as currency) and a big chunk of their pop is below poverty line, and cost of living is pretty low.

>> No.22998478

Because you will get targeted and/or killed for your riches. Are you retarded? There is a reason for the class system to exist

>> No.22998532

Greece would fit the bill. You could also spend time/buy property in Macodonia and Cyprus

>> No.22998555
File: 19 KB, 417x350, C5E9FDB6-85F5-4E75-BC8C-6E6DF2224B5B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Resisting the urge to jerk off

>> No.22998562

Weather and location man, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic are better choices

>> No.22998572
File: 273 KB, 1440x834, rebase.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Xplosive Ethereum - xETH

>> No.22998584

As someone who's been to places I'm sure you never have, he's right almost completely in this post

>> No.22998597


>> No.22998601

I made 20m+ from crypto, and for the haters that calls it a larp.

That’s in U S D

I was in colombia but corona hit and now i’m stuck not there. Want to go back but someone tell me what to do.

I’m just a coomer and I don’t give a shit. I just wanna coom in peace and see no one ever again.

>> No.22998611


>> No.22998624

Tell me how Slovenia and Slovakia are better than Poland.

>> No.22998638
File: 130 KB, 800x842, 1560220855248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What city? I hope you arent talking about bogota bc it has always been a violent shithole.

For those retards wanting to give up life in America to go somewhere else just ask yourself why millions of people risk their lives to come here. If you are a millionaire sure you can have property in colombia and go there for vacation but you will be targeted in ways you wont be here in the US. In addition now that the FARC has been allowed to have a political party and "reintegrate" into society you can expect Venezuela 2.0 in about 10 years since its popular to be a sjw socialist. For better or worse the US is the last bastion of freedom in the world.

>> No.22998682

most of what you said is reasonable... but "US the last bastion of freedom in the world" lol give me a fucking break...

>> No.22998746

not bogota, but even then bogota isn't violent by local standards. Medellin far underperforms it in both objective and subjective feelings of safety. I'm in the coast
t. been to both cities

>> No.22998756
File: 191 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Colombia seems nice if you are into whales


>> No.22998823


>> No.22998833
File: 773 KB, 1020x1020, 1565901446666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im sorry you dont know any better, but it is. Certainly not perfect, and MANY places like NYC have absolutely no respect for the ideal of freedom and operate more like the east german stasi. But there is no other country in the world where you can find somewhere nice to fuck off and live on your own land hunt your own food and have guns that are better than what the local police have while you order gunpowder and bullets online and have them shipped to your door. The American ideal of "liberty" and largely self-reliant communities built around respect and trust between local families/clans is still very much alive in many places despite all efforts to mock and destroy it.

Go try to buy a handgun and get a permit to carry it in Colombia, or try to use it to defend your life when criminals break into your house and see what happens. It is bleeding and tattered and hurt but the American ideal of freedom still lives and it scares the shit out of the elites.

>bogota isnt violent by local standars
What fucking standards are those? It has gotten better since pablito was putting car bombs in shopping malls in the early 90s but it is definitely not a place where you feel comfortable walking around at night, in contrast with other places all around the world that are infinitely more safe.

>> No.22998908


>in contrast with other places all around the world that are infinitely more safe.
oh ok I can agree with that, I thought we were keeping it to local standards

>> No.22998939

jesus christ. found the republican (not democrat here, btw, just saying, not even American and I don't give a fuck)

But let me enlighten you:
>find somewhere nice to fuck off and live on your own, hunt your own food, etc.
You can do that everywhere for fucks sake wherever there's a forest you can hunt (if you follow the rules, which america also has). Anywhere there's a lake you can fish. Hell, In come countries you are even free to use someone else's property as long as you respect it (search Allemansrätten in Sweden)

Economic freedom? USA ranked 17, below Canada and Chile in your own continent (yes America is a continent).

Typical american defining freedom by the fact you can carry a gun, lmao. Again, nothing against guns but that argument just makes you sound retarded.

What other type of freedom would you like to discuss? so I can show you, with facts and numbers, that America is not number one in anything.

>> No.22998952

well except rate of incarceration LMFAO... I bet all those people are not feeling so free

>> No.22998987

donkey fucker spotted

>> No.22999002

higher standard of living

>> No.22999027

When I travelled south east asia I met a lot of White Australian men who had retired on little and faced a future of desolation and poverty in Australia with angry old women as company.
Whats poverty in Aus is great wealth in say bali or Thailand. These guys were living the rich life surrounded by dozens of fuck happy teen girls 24/7.
It's my fall back plan

>> No.22999042

>bogota isn't violent by local standards
if you're not even a local, your opinion and standards are invalid.

>> No.22999044

lots of campesinos conceal carry though lmao. it's the wild west in countryside Colombia dude, and to an extent in most of the 3rd world. A lot of them practice the innawoods hermit lifestyle growing their own food, huntign and all that good stuff. Lots are retired boomers formerly living in cities

>> No.22999053

yeah ok you got me there, but I answered to your "weather and location" statement. All 3 countries are pretty much the same. Plus, Poland IMO is a better place to live if you have some money than Slovakia for sure. Slovenia I am not familiar with

>> No.22999059

biz likes to be cucked by orange man even when he already expressed hatred for crypto kek

>> No.22999060

So not wanting to be robbed at gun point walking home is an invalid standard? Fuck outta here.

>> No.22999071

the coast certainly feels sketchier even before the influx of migrants. just beign objective

>> No.22999081

Where in south america do you find people setting cities on fire? Where in South America do people attack you because of the color of your skin? South America has a lot of problems but those aren't it.

>> No.22999088

Join the French Foreign Legion and get killed in Africa. If you survive you get to be a stinky french man instead

>> No.22999098

Holy shit, everywhere for both those questions. Fuck lol. How fucking ignorant to other cultures are you??

>> No.22999146

who is the bird on the left? does she take it in the pooper?

>> No.22999180

There's this youtuber that goes to the shittiest places in the former soviet union, india, south America, he's now in Mexico.

He's a white Brit, look him on on YT (Bald and bankrupt) I'd say with his travel experience he's very familiar with other cultures. This is what he said in a radio interview:

“Well, it is such a simple answer actually. The place where I was most afraid was America. I mean downtown Atlanta, downtown Nashville – those are the scariest places I’ve ever been to. There is police everywhere with shotguns. You feel like you are in some sort of military lockdown.

“Everywhere else I’ve been I’ve never felt in danger. Whether it was Chechnya or Mauretania, I never felt physically in danger. I felt uncomfortable in some situations when people maybe were not reacting to me in the way I would like, or where my social skills could not get me out.

“However, America for me is without a doubt the scariest."

>> No.22999183

not sure where you get your news from but not even in Venezuela do they set their cities on fire

>> No.22999189

Slovenia and Czech Republic are the most developed eastern european countries

Ukraine might also be a good choice, standard of living is bad if you are the average Ukrainian but if you have a lot of money you can live like king. Its like living in Thailand as a white man while still in Europe

>> No.22999211

he later clarified he didn't mean Nashville, but Memphis.

>> No.22999237


What does south america have to do with two cuban cunts in miami?

>> No.22999239

If you’re in to blondes.

>> No.22999246

I don't understand. There's military police on every corner of the city in France now. That constitutes scary? Memphis is scary because it's full of feral niggers and is a rotting pile of trash, not because of the police lmao

>> No.22999269

only the left one is cuban

>> No.22999273

>wants US passport
only if ur whamen
show bobs and vagen

>> No.22999280

>Economic freedom? USA ranked 17
What makes you think this ranking is reliable?

>> No.22999292

poverty in australia is living in government housing, getting drunk and high everyday, eating three square meals and spending the remaining money on lotto tickets
its not that bad but retirement in sea sounds much better

>> No.22999329

I lived there as an Aussie. Ask Asians, ask darker South Americans how the lighter ones treat them. Watch as protests break out monthly with far more violence and death than the USA ever has.

>> No.22999339

These girls are a 6/10 in Texas

>> No.22999353

still teen girls compared to grumpy old White women.
I was convinced immediately.

>> No.22999367

well if it isn't reliable then that other republican anon is even more fucked. Because it comes from the heritage foundation, look it up:

The Heritage Foundation (abbreviated to Heritage)[is an American conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., primarily geared towards public policy. The foundation took a leading role in the conservative movement during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, whose policies were taken from Heritage's policy study Mandate for Leadership.[4] Since then, The Heritage Foundation has continued to have a significant influence in U.S. public policy making, and is considered to be one of the most influential conservative public policy organizations in the United States.

>> No.22999466
File: 103 KB, 726x1024, 1601671102630m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doesn't know spanish
Tu' e's el merda stupido
Dude if I'm going to the third world to live like a God it's Vietnam. I've been drunk since leaving work 5 hours ago but Who the fuck knows vietnamese but hey I've had a lot of fun there and I think heaven might look like beuy vein st in Saigon (or just Saigon in general but with better air). Fuck my Spanish is fuckkin fogshit too but that doesn't stop me from usirn it frjon time to tiebme.

>> No.22999553

It's just virtue signalling

>> No.22999577

why do you all want to move to shitty countries?
why not become rich so you can move somewhere nice like singapore or switzerland

>> No.22999604

fair enough.

>> No.22999712

>thread about moving to another country
>nobody thinking about living there
you're a retard lmao

>> No.22999742

Why are bongs such dramatic pussies?

>> No.23000052

The smart ones did. Colombia is a shithole tho. Indonesia is best (and best for women). Drinks are pricey.

Beaches + accumulating TOMO all year has been amazing.

>> No.23000067

>nice weather
Weather is the main reason. I fucking hate hot, humid places like Thailand and Cambodia.

>> No.23000325

Indonesia is less developed than any place in south America, but it's also cheaper, I'll give you that. Not sure how they stack up in the wahmen department tho, haven't heard of it consistently making it in the miss universe contest like Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico or Venezuela.

>> No.23000603

Dont worry anon I know you're correct

>> No.23000654

I thought this too, but you get used to it

t. Canadian anon living in Thailand the last 3 years

>> No.23000697

they're retarded. the fact he thinks police in nashville are walking around with shotguns is all you need to see to know he's simultaneously retarded and larping. only time you'll see a cop with a shotgun is when a SWAT team is in the process of breaching, and you wont see that, because the area will be off-limits. IE; bong is a faggot confirmed.

>> No.23000728

I've been living in Tokyo for two summers and I still can't get used to heat and humidity even here.
t. nordic genes

>> No.23000911


I'm looking at Croatia, Romania, and Georgia, myself. Seems there's no end of beautiful Eastern Euro countries to reside in. I know in Georgia you can stay for a full year with a US passport.

>> No.23000942

Maybe not immediately but take a look at $HNY and $XMOON, you can only get them on Honeyswap.

>> No.23000959

wrong thread

>> No.23001144

lower iq people have no sense of the idea that they may be wrong so they yap all the time even if they sound absolutely retarded. someone who is a bit more intelligent keeps to themselves and thinks more so they don't say anything stupid.

>> No.23001169


>> No.23001229

>I'm socially awkward hence I must be a genius
I love this meme

>> No.23001269

and people wonder why amerifats get so sick from this thing

>> No.23001339

Never been to Cambodia but what are some good things about it? Whats a chill city?

>> No.23001690

He's right though and nowhere did he even say he is high IQ just that chatterboxes often seem to have lower IQs. Retard.

There's a reason bimbo women are all chatterboxes and low iqs.

Speaking of which seethe and cope more mrs.chatterbox cuck orbiter.

>> No.23001744

post burner email, link up and share strategy, experiences

>> No.23002132

Fuck off we're full

>> No.23002253
File: 163 KB, 1000x743, 1593453892588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh look an insufferable cunt that has no idea what he's talking about because he cant even understand what the concept of "individual freedom" really means. Im a colombian immigrant from a super leftist family. You do not understand what freedom means faggot. Furthermore how can you even post such a banal and vapid reple as yours talking about "numbers will show you you arent free" and argue against these digits
>>22998833 ? Get fucked fagotron.

You have no fucking clue of what you are talking about. Just because campesinos carry a .38 or machete doesnt mean the country has a culture of freedom where the sanctity of life and private property are recognized by the state - which is NOT the giver , but guarantor of rights. Most colombians don't even understand this concept. Go try to legally buy a shitty handgun to protect your home and see what happens.

>> No.23003056

>how all colombian women are like
you outed yourself spic, every spic talks this weird unnatural way
it's "what all colombian women are like" for pure blooded amerikaijin

>> No.23003092

Indonesia is a muslim country. Hard pass

>> No.23003473

People like you need to be genetically exterminated. Genetics determines the standard of living of countries. Just imagine how much better our lives could be if we could purge out bad genes.

>> No.23003929


>> No.23004061

>Genetics determines the standard of living of countries
Britain sent all its genetic rejects to Australia and we've ranked #1 standard of living for several years. How does that work?

>> No.23004142

You're Numba 1 now because of all the Chinese immigrants

>> No.23004215

I'm unironically making 30x that, but it's not sustainable and I bet your 1k ain't also. Ignoring that, you should move to a country where you won't get killed, choose a country with low crime. I live in Balkans and even though it has mafia and corrupt government, the crime levels are really low. Weather is nice although the sluttiness is low (but hey money can buy anything). I'm not flashing my gains so I'm super safe. Cashing out crypto is a bit problematic though

>> No.23004263

>paying attention to momentary market opportunities
it takes mental effort unlike daydreaming so not for /biz/

>> No.23004514

I just don't understand why anyone would retire young...

You literary need to work on something if you want true fulfillment in life. Nothing as shitty as a wagie job sure but you can always buy a small farm and try to break even as a challenge.

>> No.23004602

What has irony to do with how much money you're making?

>> No.23004615

What has irony to do with how much money you're making?

>> No.23004671


pick one

>> No.23004691

dubs of truth

>> No.23004742

Eastern Europe if you like thin babes, South America if you’re into whales

>> No.23004743
File: 441 KB, 1044x869, 485151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is the best country to go to for women who don't care about condoms and don't give a fuck if you cum inside their fertile fuckholes?

>> No.23004777

South America for aids too, classic biz going after the shitskins

>> No.23004825

>What should I do if I want to fit in with Colombians?
Just don't, it isn't worth it. My experience of them is much like yours. Chileans are probably the least disagreeable sudacas.

>> No.23004849
File: 8 KB, 228x221, altcoins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>agglutinative languages
Not moving anywhere where they don't speak an Indo-European language.

>> No.23004866

>Typical american defining freedom by the fact you can carry a gun, lmao
If you aren't entitled to be armed, you're an inmate in a prison. No exception. And this is coming from an Australian so I know what I'm talking about.

>> No.23004995


>> No.23005056
File: 25 KB, 480x270, 9p5zb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this is true and
>insects and animals will kill you
>weather is hot as fuck
Sounds like hell to me.

>> No.23005361

I live here and the country is full of communism
Personally I can't wait to get rich and go out

>> No.23005386

OH NO IS HE SCARED OF DA BAD POLICE? lmao imagine being that much of a bitch. rip bongs.

>> No.23005412

I unironically just use that phrase because I see it being used here often

>> No.23005458

You're an easy target for criminals, and shit can hit the fan politically.
My grandmother was a French teenager who lived in Argelia during the independence as the daughter of a high ranking officer, and boy does she have stories

>> No.23005497

I live in the south of mexico, it used to be a very nice and safe place, after a major earthquake 3 years ago it all went to shit.
I used to be able to hang out outside my house at 2am with my neighboors, now everyone locks their door by 8pm.
The women you think are beautiful arent natives, they're mixed with some european race

>> No.23005525
File: 27 KB, 504x502, 1600381512685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The earthquake proved how shitty our police force was when it came to quickly responding to problems and actually resolving them.
Its been 3 years and shit its just now barely getting rebuilt.

>> No.23005669

I live in a rural town in countryside south brazil
never been mugged, robbed or anything
street smarts are a necessity if you live in latin america, if you don't develop your sixth sense to trigger in joggers situation, you are screwed