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Fuck I think about her bull horns penetrating the yield farming sector and flipping it on its head.

Solana, tomo, bnb whales all cash in on multichain liquidity farming and make this the highest volume crosschain dex in the world

God my bussy is self lubricating just thinking about all the huge bull dykes I can get turned out by when ydex goes to a 15 million cap

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she can penatrate my yield farm any day

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Aaaawwwww yyyyeeeaaahhh

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This thread is gay af why?

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The OP is a 5'4 Jewish guy that lives in a clocktower in a major city. He has a shitty laptop that he uses to make awful biz threads and try and bait men using Grindr up to his domain. He hasn't had a drink of water in years, only seltzer and girly cocktails his gay lovers bring him. At least he makes us money

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>putting human parts on a superior anthro form
people should be shot for this shit, disgusting

why do communists spend so much energy on destroying beauty?

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are jews allowed to be gay?

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It is sexy though

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I don't care about some shitcoin, I want to be impaled by a bulldyke, is that too much to ask for?

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You need to shitcoin to pay for the bulldyke

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How can you afford bull dykes without gains?

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Ugly poorfag confirmed

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Bulldykes only fuck men for money. The are dykes

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ydex.finance is it this shit? why do i need a dex?

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Multichain liquidity farming is the next hype cycle

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is it really?

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Look at what they are doing to Bitmex. They are gonna anally rape every single crypto exchange that doesn't bend the knee to the almighty US government in due time unless we all move to DEXs. Unfortunately the tech isn't quite there yet and multichain is the next step.

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Damn this makes me bullish af

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This. This is what I keep saying. We as a community needs to push for the advances of DEXs asap. We hot a long way to go and not a lot of time to get there

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This is bullish af kek

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Like in the butthole? I want to buy the coin but idk if I want to get cucked by one

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Regardless of rules they all seem to be gay anyways.

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This some deep state shit huh?

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crypto is meant to be decentralized. Centralized exchanges ruin that

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Understandable which is why uniswap is running things now

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This is the only dex I’ve seen that incentivizes liquidity for multiple chains, it’s pretty exciting.

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uniswap isn't even a complete product. We need more then ETH and ERC20s

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ERC20s aren’t even the future

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Could be if ETH 2.0 ever becomes a thing but there will always be other valid chains and they need to integrate

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Eth 2.0 is a pipe dream

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Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell

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its a fucking pipe dream and will never happen

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Too little faith. Vitalik will deliver us

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That white boy will be dead long before anyone sees ETH 2.0

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rip ETH boy

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Vitalik is Satoshi, he will deliver and you will eat your words

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Vitalik is a baby dick

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The saviour of finance deserves more respect

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you have a baby dick

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He damned us all by failing to produce 2.0

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money skelly is based

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It will come, dont worry

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No he is a useless Russian

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Im going to fuck this cartoon cow wtf

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Beastiality is not based

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You two are pussy faggots fucking animals is based and alpha

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This is not okay

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this is an absolute fact

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He’s rich as fuck and will die years after you

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I’m buying a snake with my gains

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Shit bro I’m buying a refurbished NASCAR 2006 life sized arcade game with mine

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This is too extra

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It’s sad we have to even have this conversation

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Only one pic of the bull dyke? Post a couple more and this coomer will buy 5k worth

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Nice get, give us the bull titties

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OP post pics

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Checked we are going to make it

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>bull horns penetrating

I am shockingly aroused anon

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Please find Christ and go to church.

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