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>Be Satoshi
>Restore BitCoin back to it's original protocol
>Help the feds bring down the BitMEX bucketshop

Up next: Binance. Bitfinex. Tether.


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>15k sats and keeps bleeding

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Rawr xD

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while he actually had nothing to do with this, if he did and if he did help bring down bitfinex+tether, i'd apologize

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thank you satoshi,

Bitmex deserves to die off

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Dex's say otherwise.

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if this is so true why is bch dumping? clearly ver isn't as good as you claim.....lmao

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is this the new mandated greg maxwell strategy? Pretend to mix up bch and bsv? Pretty pathetic

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>picture related

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no one mentioned anything about epstein schitzo. take your meds

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very funny, Greg

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Satoshi is kind enough to give you yet another opportunity to buy the real BitCoin (trading under the ticker 'BSV') under $200. Take the knee before your benevolent CryptoDictator.

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Based and greenpilled
Been slowly adding to my 200 BSV stack with Tonicpow, peergame and twetch. Really cool to be able to do things with your crypto that are not possible without crypto or on any other chain.

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holy fuck you're still around

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holy fuck YOU're still around

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bollocks creg gonna take credit for every raid now?

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this is FUD
Craig IS the founder of bitmex
Craig IS arthur hayes

Craig also founded tether

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y-you mean lawr?

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>something finally happens unrelated to bsv
>claim it was csw who did it
>not a shred of evidence to support it
just nonstop bullshit eh?

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Ok that gave me a chuckle
But you're still a faggot.

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>lose lawsuit to cat

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It's tactical. He is only 'losing' these cases so he doesn't have to share his segwit fork coins with Dave Kleiman's brother.

You clearly don't understand logical and tactical thinking.

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What proof does Craig have that he is actually Satoshi. Dont get me wrong he sounds like a Chad and BTFOs the broader crypto community but is it just a claim or can he prove it?

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>patents pinstripe

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Size of his dong definitely legitimizes his status as Satoj.

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The shirt is trying to kill him

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There is definitely proof, you just have to be smart enough to understand it.

Hint: it's knowledge proofs.

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