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This is the only time you will be present for this advice. If you pay attention you will be richer then everyone you know. Just buy LINK and LRC. I can’t go into detail but I’ll say this: it has to do with the coming presidency and thier ties to the NWO. The world is going to change and they are teaming up with everyone to go digital! Loopring and chainlink will be leading the charge. Ethereum will be 1000USD Chainlink 500USD and LRC 100USD I know it sounds absurd and doesn’t make sense. But, trust me bro.

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>Just buy my bags


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>Just trust me bro

Fuck off

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weakest larp i’ve seen

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You will you had “trusted that “bag holder” on 4chan” Screencap this. Pic related man. I wish I was kidding. I live in NY and know a lot of things. This place is gonna change like that shitty Bob Dylan song.

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So pathetic just delete this you pajeet scum

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You’ll hear about GMaxwell on Tuesday night. Suicide. Screencap this.

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Kys not a pajeet you butt plugg Connoisseur

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Post proof

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Kek the entire loopring team is chinese fuck out of here with your larp chang

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There is no proof I can post other then Check Em’

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I agree with you
This seems buggered. It revolves around Ethereum but ethereum is being phased out with incoming L2 releases.

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My guess is that a lot of people are now worried there will be a long period of time of no announcement and the market is spooked atm.
>Look at $YLAB a pretty strong compared and committed to many of the scams that mooned during that time period, so it has already set itself apart in that respect.
> I just have to say I don't see any other projects getting this much actual usage.
> With ETH adoption growing more and more will want to move to $YLAB project…

they are pleased to announce the launch of our presale on 3rd October, 2020.
They decided to organize the presale of YLab’s Token on Bounce Finance
Medium - https://medium.com/@YLabNetwork/ylab-network-presale-announcement-f80c82b97556

Contract address- https://etherscan.io/address/0x7C06Ff8072b4A3F1F897100fCC4272e7afF7936a

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Buy before it’s too late. Digital money and a shift to unifying the worlds countries will happen when this does because everyone is going to be using the same currency. They will start with differentiating countries w/different crypto but eventually it will be eth, link and LRC. Step outside of your bubble and think for a minute. Think differentiating digital currencies at first, a slow transition. LRC= China, and ETH And Link are. Well. The literal chain links around your NWO identities. I know. Cue tin foil hat and “take your meds schizo” but you’ll see this random guy on an Antarctic Dream weaving board told you and you didn’t take him serious. Hi from the future.

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LINK 500 USD when?

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where and when to buy this?

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2021 October

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Optimistic. But I was also wrong about 2 dollar for 2020.

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People don't seem to understand how huge the Oracle Problem is in Software, Business Tech, Finance pretty much every computing related industry.
"An oracle is any human or mechanical agent that decides whether a program behaved correctly in a given test and accordingly results in a ver-dict of “pass” or “fail.” The current automated oracles we have are infinitely expensive and not maintainable in a sensible sustainable way.
Chainlink doesn't exactly fix the oracle problem but it provides a new way of combatting the oracle problem making it vastly superior and will end up being used by most if not all SciTech companies to provide indepth software testing modules.
Chainlink is a long term hold, the groundwork is there and with time will come development and once there is a large enough network infrastructure Chainlink will become a household name in tech like Oracle is and was.
tl;dr just wait 5 years and this SHOULD be worth atleast 4 figures per token.

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holy shit

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based digits

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Gonna assume you mean a Biden white house. What if he doesn't win?

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> link will go up
based I own like a lot of link
donno about loopring bro heard they use band and link fuck that

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But I thought that XRP was the standard.