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Link to last thread:

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This is a Zerper from the future, glitched back in time 6 months to get this picture out as a message to hodl. We're all gonna make it bros.

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Perhaps the anon who made pic related can commission this piece and all of XSG can have a bidding war on it when we reach 4 digits

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nothing means everything. ltc pumps first then btc pumps then xrp gets flipped imo.

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>the fucking taillights

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reckon he's actually Scottish or he just chose the the flag for the X?

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I only hold 500 XRP in case it really is the Jew World Order token (a highly slim chance)
Other than that, I'm convinced it's a shitcoin, and if it ever goes to zero (which I believe it probably will) then I'm not out any huge loss.

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still 2 months before I submit the lambo order

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what's your biggest concern re XRP's value?

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The fact the token supply is practically hyper-inflated to complete dogshit.

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same here lol. i have 300 of them, i like watching them slowly crab downwards to zero, while 24/7 schizo posts tell me how they're actually worth 600k lol.

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You’re a retard who doesn’t understand the plan

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You're not the first schizo to think BTC gets one last pump before the switch
Why does BTC get one last reign as King? TA or a hunch

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>The plan
Sounds vague and cryptic. Is it backed by nothing but conspiracy related videos and outlandish/highly improbable claims? My guess is yeah, probably so.
Even with all the hype/press XRP has gotten with the WEF and other things, it's price hasn't moved BECAUSE it is inflated by Jed dumping millions of these fucking things on a regular basis. Not to mention nobody is even using them, and Ripple had to practically give the tokens away to all their "partners."
None of which have formally adopted the use of XRP.

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Might dump my XRP after the free spark airdrop. XRP is slowing making its way to being worth less then a cent

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It seems like an incredibly high number but one day it'll be 'scarce' - but not too scarce, as you want liquidity on demand. just scarce enough to have a high value.

Do you think you could achieve pic related kind of market capitalisation with, say, 22m tokens?

How much would each one of those 22m need to be worth?

In which case, the token is useless for sending any funds lower than the value of one token.

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Lol I can do a better one....

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Just give it to me, bro. It's cool.

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Also, I literally downloaded that pic and put my own stuff in it lol.

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Do any other coins have such an interesting lore surrounding them?

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No, it's price hasn't moved because banks aren't using XRP in meaningful amounts.

Can you think of a reason why banks aren't used it up until now? Can you imagine the regulatory nightmare of using an undefined cryptocurrency?

September changed everything in that regard.

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RippleLabs can make an infinite amount of these things though, effectively keeping the price wherever they want.
In fact, it is in their best interest to do such a thing. Banks don't want to burn XRP if it's going to be outlandishly expensive, and banks always do what must be done to keep their expenditures low.
Plus, XRP isn't being used by anyone, and there's absolutely no indication it will ever be adopted on any large scale at all. It's all vague speculation with no data to back it up.

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Now ask yourself, if I'm a bank and I wish to send $10m in a single transaction

Would I prefer to do it using 10,000,000 XRPs? Or 10,000?

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They can’t create more hahaha how many of you fucking retards going to pop in here. You have no fucking clue what you’re talking about actually HANG anon.

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Or 1 XRP

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>September changed everything in that regard
Except it didn't. XRP's price dumped, even after these so called "bullish announcements." No banks signed on to use it. No partners started moving it either. It's effectively dead in the water, and will likely remain there.
I hold 500 just in case you people are correct, but I would rate the chances of that being 1 in a hundred billion if not more.
It doesn't matter. The price of XRP has been in the toilet for years now, with no indication that it will ever reach it's ATH. Hell it hasn't even gotten to half of it's ATH since 2017. At least most other projects that pumped during then are at least now above $1.
Yes they can. XRP is highly centralized. The price and number of tokens are controlled by Ripple, and nobody else. Ask yourself, if Ripple is being "artificially held down" in price, then why couldn't RippleLabs simply just mint more tokens? It's entirely controlled by Ripple, even the number of tokens. David Schwartz himself even says the price of it right now is "fair." Meaning even he thinks it's not even worth a quarter.

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They CAN. Doesn't mean they WILL.

How much would they burn? I promise you, even if the XRP burned was 10x higher than it actually would be, it would still be cheaper than the current system. And that's before you factor in any other benefit. Moving money around in legacy systems is not cheap.

I've explained why XRP isn't being used by anyone. Regulation/legislation did not exist regarding it until very recently.

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Lmao xrp is in escrow

Anon ur I’d was oJhAl1iE in the last thread and you got fucking nailed this fud is weak shut up

Fucking retard lol

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if you think the global shutdown happening to line up with bitcoin’s supply issuance halvening dipping below the average usd inflation is a coincidence I question and lovingly urge you to check your schizosenses.

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To replace the current system with XRP, you would need an entire infrastructure overhaul, training, etc. Most banks aren't going to go through the trouble of doing that for a token that isn't worth anything.
Nice refutation. Remind me, how many banks are using XRP right now? Oh that's right.....not one.

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half a penny

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Do you think legislation is passed and the banks sign up and start transferring hundreds of millions of dollars using it overnight? It has literally been a week or two since regulatory clarity was provided. Don't be silly.

It didn't pump because it had no reason to pump. It's a utility token. It'll pump when adoption arrives. If you can't see how legislation changes the game then you simply don't understand the world of finance.

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What do you call it when you have a very large stack of XRP to overcompensate for something else?

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What do you think is happening as we speak?

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I can't believe this is real ffs

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This is your god?

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The mere word of it alone would've at the very least increased the price, or served up SOME sort of price action, but it didn't. It actually dumped, and has continued to do so.
Banks aren't going to adopt something that has no value, and XRP right now is basically nothing but a worthless, abandoned project and has been for years now.
Ripple itself hasn't done anything to upgrade or make any sort of improvements to it either. All they have done is go out and shill for people to adopt it, even when there are even cheaper tokens and systems on the market for banks to adopt like XLM, or even the new FedCoin which will be released shortly. Why would any bank use XRP when FedCoin will hold value just because of it's issuer (The Fed?) XRP will be relegated to the garbage can once that happens, because if FedCoin is released, it will essentially be the "Do All" token, and there won't be any use for XRP.

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As we speak? The price of XRP is currently dumping like it always has.

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It's already October. Where is the moon mission?

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reminder not to feed the fuds, they bump the thread for free.

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If you cannot see the significance of legislation for XRP, why do you expect the rest of the market to do so?

You think we are going from the current financial system where, problematically, the US Dollar is the reserve currency of the world...
to a financial system where the FedCoin is the reserve currency of the world...

Wow, all that bother, we might as well just forget about modernising finance...

CBDCs will need a bridge currency. That much is certain, even the IMFs own literature state this.

It's time to take bets on what that could be. hint: there aren't too many options

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lmao yea at least he got the balls to doxx himself. i can't imagine what you poor autistic faggots look like after a long day of larping as day traders with uniswap scam coins

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And I've already explained why so I'm not sure what else to say.

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Moooornin' XRPrince's.

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>CBDC's will need a bridge currency
And central banks will be happy to provide that as well. They're going to stay in the same circles. Finance will continue to be controlled by the same people, and they're never going to allow an outsider company like Ripple to take any of the skin they have in the game. Central Banks CAN and WILL provide everything they need to operate and control this new finance system, and they don't need XRP to do it.

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The same people... like... idk... the Rothschilds? Who owns a stake in SBI holdings?

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Morning brother.

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>SBI Holdings who only have 8% of the XRP supply, which is essentially nothing.

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>Banks make all their software from scratch

Hope you're getting paid for this.

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Check the last thread, anon. You slept through a good one.

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Laughable statement.

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Done already with my first cuppa. It looked comfy as.

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>Muh laugh
>Muh paid shills
Nice. Get back to me when XRP is actually considered valuable by anybody except it's cult following. Unfortunately, you guys aren't enough to even make it worth a quarter.

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oh wild day already

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A-anon, I...
>World Economic Forum Names XRP As Crypto Asset Most Relevant in Central Bank Digital Currency Space
Seriously, if you're doing this for free then kys.

>> No.22977651

Ok, you go off and flip SPERM token and we'll contact you once XRP moons.

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Mar wtf is this real life?

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Explains a lot actually
> rich due to dad
> freemason connections due to dad
> short due to dad
> overcompensating due to success of dad
> craves attention that he doesn't receive from dad
> explains the smugness he gets from being right, something he can never receive from his dad
> need to be successful, so he can prove himself a man infront of his dad
daddy issues but still a legit messenger

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XRP cultists responsible for a market cap of $1,072,160,012

>> No.22977695

And again, this means nothing. The price of XRP actually dumped after this article was published.
>Once XRP moons
Fuckin LEL

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>And again, this means nothing.
Honestly, how many drops are they paying you per (You)?

>> No.22977745

>Hurrr it means EVERYTHING!
Then why did XRP dump after this announcement?

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Cugs was not lying about enjoying the show
Trump and the NWO are really making this October one to remember

>> No.22977756

price, price, price lol
just go buy whatever goes up the most then

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His dad gave him 25,000,000 Leaf dollars as a start up. Real rich family.

I think alot of his attitude comes from how rude his followers are, idk why they even follow him.

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How many xrp do you hold?

>> No.22977848

>13 posts by this chode

And doing it for free apparently.

>> No.22977849

As it stands, the total number of XRP is 0.00002% of the total supply of USD currently in existence.

Can't wait for the moon.

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The shills and pajeets really didn’t know what to say to all that 432 Hz talk, funny to see them out in force now

>> No.22977871

When the FUD someone can provide basically amounts to price, price, price, they aren't worth listening to.

>> No.22977921

Whoever posted the pike predictions fuck you, spreading bullshit and cant even research before taking fact


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What will be the lowest XRP price we see in Oct? Hoping for below 20... Maybe Oct will be full of FUD

Also what did Baba mean by 'Plot Twist' re Donald's covid test?

>> No.22978074

We could be down to .20 by tomorrow afternoon.

>> No.22978090

To summarize:
Trump says it's time for arrests.
17 says marathon ended.
The clock said 10/2.
Trump war room tweets Evergreen.

Trump goes into quarantine for safety.
Clinton Foundation announced as a criminal investigation.
Red October.
Rig for red.

WTF is going on. Is this Q stuff? Someone fill me in

>> No.22978099

>Also what did Baba mean by 'Plot Twist' re Donald's covid test?
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show.
This is all a bread and circus but at least it's entertaining.

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checked. comfy as ever

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indeed brother. enjoy the show enjoy kek.

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Hey, that's me!

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We'll only know for sure if people start getting arrested.

I don't follow any Q stuff, it's very hard to take it seriously as a non-American (Australian) but I know alot of Americans are very serious about it.

This Trump covid announcement sounds like a pro-wrestling storyline atm.

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Checked lol
Love u guys we all schizo together

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wow anon. well done.

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Some how it's good for his campaign. If it was bad for the election he'd just pretend he didn't have it.

It's more likely that he's fine and lying for an advantage than it's real and its bad for him.

>> No.22978666

What is up with all the satanic shit in the comments of this?

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You tell me.

>> No.22978687

Rogan slayed it today.

They are starting to wake people up.
Whole show is good. Start at 29 min in for the heady stuff. almost 1 million views already..

>> No.22978694

Please yes, 200 bucks per 1000?

>> No.22978715

Maybe Q related events are too pan out. Possibly into hiding?

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>> No.22978751


theory is he's going into hiding and the swamp is about to be drained

>> No.22978752

>You won't see me for a while

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Child trafficking at 29

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Yo.... that gave me tingles Anon.
Lets pray biz.

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And here I was expecting nothing to happen in the month of October. Looks like the happenings have just begun.

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wew lawd the roller coaster on the markets is still going down

>> No.22978917

Nice digits, the comments are in Ethiopian or Armenian, looks like something Pol or X would organize.

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>> No.22978948

what website is this?

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From Dark to Light.
Stay vigilant, frens.
God Bless.

>> No.22978975

qanon dot pub

>> No.22979028

Thats funny to see this posted, I would have put more effort in. If someone could make walter pepe less sad and fix my dodgy phone photoshop that would be sick.

>> No.22979064

Is it really a happening though? With the number of people Trump interactd with it was only a matter of time before he tested positive.

>> No.22979065


>> No.22979130

Did he test positive though? Remember we're watching a show.

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Nothing is a coincidence, fren.

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Two books written in the 1800’s predicts that a man named Donald Trump will be “the last President” of the United States.

In 1890, author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote two books that highlighted with pinpoint accuracy our current political situation. These two books are “Baron Trump’s Marvlous Underground Journey,” and “The Last President.”

In “Last President (1896)”, there is an underdog that ran for President who no-one believed he would win. He lived on 5th Ave in New York (Trump Tower is actually on 5th Ave). There were riots and protests all over the land as a result of his Presidency. His Secretary of Agriculture was named “Lefay Pence” (check out pg. 16).

In “Baron Trump (1893)”, he lives in “Castle Trump,” and is a wealthy aristocrat guided by “The Master of all Masters” called “Don” to find “Goggle-Land” somewhere in the middle of Russia, which is described as a “World within a World” where everything is made of silver with marble roads.

>> No.22979258

>8 red minute marks
8 days? Time will tell (pun?)


>> No.22979360


>> No.22979388

English Ordinal Gematria
Mickey = 396
Corona = 396
Isa coinkydink right?

>> No.22979396

Q supporters are winning state / local elections. Think 3 so far.

>> No.22979409

WTF.... are you serious.......

nice digits Anon

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>> No.22979598

If Trump actually drains the swamp I will officially declare my support for him.
Will have no friends left but whatever.

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Kek, October really is gonna be one to remember.

>tfw /xsg/ has prepared me to expect some kind of happening for months now
>Cugs himself kept repeating October was gonna be a wild month
>had suspicions of my own that a Constitutional crisis was gonna happen throughout the end of this year and beginning of next one
>markets all crash b/c of Trump's "positive" test, BTC pumps for one last time
>Phase 3 of XRP really coming true with the financial reset imminent

I don't think I've been this /comfy/ in a long time. We really are in the endgame right now and I am strangely calm about it all after fretting since April. WAGMI bros.

>> No.22979639

death 2 the unbeliebers

>> No.22979667

If he does this and your friends dont support him; do you want them as friends?

The cognitive dissonance is on another level. People literally glitch when talked to about this stuff.

>> No.22979719

Who has been following /XSG/ the past few days?
So much of what we all talked about >>22978137 is in Anons pick.
That is some trippy @*&$

>> No.22979768

> Nothing will happen prior to the election.
> Trump announces he has Covid.

Bet Baba didn't see that one coming!

>> No.22979769
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Check out results for Ulisano

>> No.22979779
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trump better has to watch out before the 4th-dimensional police will focus him, he could destroy this timeline...
>careless time traveling and signaling at once

>> No.22979922

What the fuck

>> No.22979955

mfw garlic has that post
mfw it might not be a larp
mfw the 4d confederation might be real
mfw the orion is probably going down if all of the above are true
lawofone.info for those who haven't read this stuff

>> No.22979963

but covid is literally nothing anon.

>> No.22979996

how about Craig Phillips, Klaus Schwab, Christine Lagarde, Benoit Coueur, Warren Buffet, Yoshitaka Kitao, Brian Brooks, and the people who run the Edmund De Rothschild, Blackrock and Greyscale investment firms?

>> No.22980020


much like the protocols of zion and majestic 12 documents, the Pike letter was a hoax designed to muddy the waters by releasing true information in a fake vehicle

>> No.22980095

Wtf I love Baba now

>> No.22980130

Where are anons storing their MIOTA?

>> No.22980148
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>4d confederation
the jump from 3d to 4d is very important as core fundementals change, it's critical for the stability of the whole that knowledge doesn't spread to too much timelines as even higher beings use this as testing grounds, becoming aware ruins this... and the cycle has to be reset

>> No.22980192

ofc it is but elite are pushing the narrative that isnt to norms and they buy it. seems more than 'coincidental' that he gets it now. fake trump death incoming?

>> No.22980214

cultish and improbable is when people interpret vague tweets. i dont think brad garlinghouse literally being seen with members of the IMF is 'conspiratorial'. its so blatant. what do you want to see, him licking christine lagarde's butthole while she shouts XRP?

>> No.22980258

well there is a chance he could be assassinated and it being sold as corona-casualty but it could also be the biggest middlefinger to the swamp
>70+ years old dude with one of the most demanding jobs in the world beats his MSM adored rival with "The horrible Corona" flu rebranding
coin could fall both ways

>> No.22980265

>moving the goalposts

>> No.22980311

they were talking about a manhattan-project type of project to preserve the US' trade dominace
I bet that nuclear bombs and fission were High-tech sci-fi or conspiracies in the 40's
>then the bombs went
don't under-estimate the CIA/NSA they know what they're doing

>> No.22980337
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>testing ground
Kek i just imagine 7d complex's laughing at us and their buddies wandering the 3d world...who knows...some of us are probably 6d on some mission we have to fulfill...some people even come in with the knowledge but that's not as fun. Fukn cheaters

>> No.22980358
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This time travel story seems more realistic each time I read it.

>> No.22980395

He, like most total fuckwits, needs a journalist on television to tell him straight -

>Today, XRP became the standard

Like people in business and banking show the unwashed masses their hand mid-negotiations.

>> No.22980456


>> No.22980469

it's like a game, which variables to tinker with...
>well I guess that didn't work out
>Trash instance, start over

>> No.22980572
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update your memes

>> No.22980601

Makes sense. Funny to think about though, especially when considering ones individual position in the game. You sound much like Ra, the last harvest is most important is what they say iirc
We talk about a great reset but there could be one even greater kek

>> No.22980606
File: 1.25 MB, 1200x1200, 67C93972-9681-4DB7-A664-3A824E754753.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stinkers - have a glimpse into the near future

>> No.22980609

trump sick with covid on 10/2
like those mickey mouse arms
is it happening?
do we keep holding?

>> No.22980632

oh shit
its happening in 2 days

>> No.22980645



>> No.22980718


>> No.22980720

let's hope trump doesn't pull a sisyphos

>> No.22980743

>do we keep holding?
Your beefy, vascular, forcep-like forearms know the answer.

>> No.22980839

What's that? You're alone on a Friday night with no XRP?
God you're pathetic.

>> No.22980885

Judging by the rest of the board, Trump's corona has tanked all markets.

Problem, reaction, solution?

>> No.22980891

Sell the dip.

>> No.22980899

thank you mr TRUMP
I was waiting to buy the dip.

God bless ya

>> No.22980934
File: 953 KB, 1182x968, nigger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gold wil spike, oh man the predictions are all lining up

>> No.22980963

>he ate the ham
>butterfly effect
roll it back boys

>> No.22981070

we're looking for 3k USD for gold right?

>> No.22981080

It’s not going to happen

>> No.22981146

It will, probably something horrible will occur this month that wil upset the establishment even more, the president of the world getting the meme virus is setting the stage

>> No.22981391

That’s a God palindrome get, checked

>> No.22981408

Is it really gonna dump to 15c?

>> No.22981450


I have no idea.

I have buy orders lined up:
all the way down to

I'll buy everything. Feel free to dump your bags on me.

>> No.22981490

No dumping going on here. I need another 2k to sell on the way up @ ~589 for some spending cash. Particularly if it moons before flair.

>> No.22981592

watch for gold prices in the coming months boys, that will be the signal for your last chance to pack the bags, as prediccted by melon

>> No.22981662

I’m pretty new to all this, so wonder if someone can help.

Is it possible to set conditional orders?

E.g.: “If XRP hits $100, set sell order at $80, if it hits $150, set sell order at $130... and so on?

Basically, either (i) a ratcheting sell order that follows it up, set at $X or X% below defined high points, or (ii) the same ratcheting sell points but set against a reference(not previously defined) high point, like previous days’ mid point?

>> No.22981697

Trump catching Corona will probably speed up the (forced) vaccine process. May God have mercy on our souls. I will NEVER take that fucking vaccine or chip.

I've watched many dystopian movies and fuck this feels even more dystopian than many of the movies. You literally have gay beta males forcing you to wear a mask and to vaccinate you and your children while at the same people those people are forcing you to accept sodomy. Never do they mention the fact that Aids has killed more people and has more victims etc. They have never found a real cure or vaccine for that, neither for cancer and many other diseases yet they will be able to find a 'cure' and roll this out in a few months..
Some are all ready in phase 3.

>> No.22981738


>> No.22981771

garlic, I don’t understand

I thought Trump was not someone you trusted? I thought he was just the other side of the coin? How can you believe that, but also believe that he is an inter dimensional superhero, trying to stave off nuclear holocaust?

if the nuclear holocaust is really the Revelation end times, are you saying that Trump is fighting the will of God?

>> No.22981772
File: 29 KB, 552x310, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who cares?, we got Christ on our side

>> No.22981776

Why cure things once when you can treat them forever?

>> No.22981789


>> No.22981837

"fud" is getting strong, i think something big is happening

>> No.22981967

We agreed to this mission before we were incarnated. Synchronicities and intuition act as guideposts. The good guys have to do it this way so as not to violate the galactic/inter dimensional laws. We’re organizing a reality-wide jailbreak...consciousness liberation through love. We’re literally all going to make it

>> No.22981984

Law of One Materials is a hell of a read. Service to others vs Service to self

>> No.22982021

Worth reading all 5 books?

>> No.22982077

checked, based and lovepilled

>> No.22982202
File: 776 KB, 2000x1700, XRP daveswitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

actually checked
dude you replied to doesn't have digits newfag

$2kEOY boyz, fud is strong as ever and the trade bots are in full swing
they're preparing for the switchflip

>> No.22982357


>> No.22982358

blessed dubs

>> No.22982371

No, he ruined them by being a newfag

>> No.22982377
File: 640 KB, 758x802, 1598707243373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon when will the dumping stop?

>> No.22982384

or he gets cured with HCQ
vaccinefags get screwed

>> No.22982460
File: 16 KB, 457x524, 1601071042733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22982499
File: 723 KB, 474x266, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22982532

POTUS sometimes talks to anons directly on 8 chan (when Q was still using it, now 8 kun) as 4 10 20 or Q+

confirmed multiple times with Qproofs

>> No.22982535

Checked, when the switch is flipped

>> No.22982551
File: 412 KB, 1085x1500, ancient mew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>id matches the money in the gif
based af
Yuge Green Dildos EOY confirmed

>> No.22982887

Anybody? Any exchanges/programs that would allow this?

>> No.22982933

you can fill out orders on like almost any exchange.. you can also script your own using like Binance API for example

orders are also coming to Uniswap soon

>> No.22983013

So do I swing my 400 uni into xrp prior to market open? I’m diversified but feel uni will crash today. Then buy back the difference and keep the xrp on the way back up?

>> No.22983139

Thanks - I’ll take a look at Binance. I had thought it was just one-offs on there, rather than something I can set up in advance (with all the ratchets defined already) and forget.

>> No.22983199

the crypto market never closes newfag
UNI already tanked

>> No.22983276

I mean the stock market fuckwit because bitcoin follows it and then the others follow. Xrp seems stable though. Uni tanking further or just buy any dip in xrp then?

>> No.22983324

No, its not worth the time...its a larp

>> No.22983418
File: 42 KB, 680x780, 1594360214683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22983467

stocks are obviously going to crash but when shit gets bad enough people turn back to BTC and it will decouple from the stock market

I expect gold and silver to spike upwards as well, supposedly XRP might spike with gold idk
I'm holding everything and buying the dip

>> No.22983524

Geez I’m tapped. Time to whip out the credit card. What do I buy besides my extra 2k of xrp?

>> No.22983540

Any of the ISO2022 coins

>> No.22983672

link and eth

>> No.22983837

Good morning Kings. This is all a planned out show. Trump is NWO, Q is real but not a good thing. Enjoy the show. We’re all gonna make it. Find Jesus, ASAP.

>> No.22983857


Have to say, we're not even well into October and I already want it to be over. REEEE

>> No.22983858

Just bought myself a big 50,000 bag. I hope you anons are right

>> No.22983909


What did he mean by this?

>> No.22983925
File: 86 KB, 1078x813, EjUpu-tXYAM-_zc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not sure if this israel

>> No.22983936

Can’t come soon enough, anon. Every day I wake up and hope we’ve landed on the moon while I slept.

>> No.22983951

Hey massreplyanon how are you going?

Any idea what comes next?

>> No.22984074

this could be the case. and we see everything mooning after elections. this was the autumn bottom?

>> No.22984084


Every day I meditate and imagine myself being worth 100-200M. The life that I'll live. The tropical beach. Sun on my face. Sipping my favorite cold beer after a 100% REAL natural meal.

Please make this happen fucking soon. Can't take it anymore.

>> No.22984134

This isn't true one bit kek. If trump had a time machine he would essentially be a god. The Rothschild and many other families are a trillion times more wealthy than trump. They hired him to be potus and bailed him out from financial ruin. He sold his soul for like 8-10 billion. All this is some elaborate made up bs.

>> No.22984378

Trump does have a time machine, his uncle was one of the fed's they sent to Tesla's house immediately after he died and took his most recent and advanced notes/designs
He passed Tesla's works on to DJT
4D chess really is 4D

>> No.22984379

Quit making these threads. Follow orders, just sit back, relax and enjoy the show

>> No.22984410

Soon brother soon, I try to take my mind off it as much as possible besides posting here to help pass the time.

>> No.22984443

>Follow orders
Gay and neurotypical-pilled

>> No.22984525


Will peruse through this and report my findings

>> No.22985144

New thread?

>> No.22985266
File: 448 KB, 1125x2436, 21FB282E-14A7-49D5-A6FD-0ACAF66B5563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22985308
File: 157 KB, 830x949, 1595780449355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22985593

probably the gayest fucking shit ive heard in a long time, just call normal people normies and autists autists

>> No.22985672
File: 14 KB, 750x375, 17858278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Symbol reminds me of something.

>> No.22985764
File: 1.46 MB, 1210x1282, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.22985799


>> No.22985812
File: 45 KB, 400x268, the_ricky_gervais_show.karl_pilkington_cartoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>8 red minute marks
>8 days? Time will tell (pun?)

I understand the 8 min.
but you said "8 days? Time will tell (pun?)" wtf are you talking about
what did i miss...
did trump or somebody say something about 8 days?

>> No.22985825

Thanks for posting anon.

My initial (very quick) reading.

Mostly deals with the operability of the D€ in Europe. Quite high level. Looks at various possible forms without committing to any.
Does not mention Ripple, XRP or bridge assets at all.

They appear concerned about the impact of stablecoins gaining wide acceptance as this may hinder the ECB’s ability to direct monetary policy. This suggests they may seek to ban stablecoins.

Massively Bullish points (In my view):
1. Talks about the importance of interoperability with other CDBCs; and
2. They are concerned with the risk of too much use by non-EU persons. They would like to limit to EU persons and select non-EU persons only (concerns relate to too much of D€ being transferred outside of the EU and the replacement of other national currencies with D€)

Taken together, 1 & 2, above, imply that a bridge asset would be useful. They don’t want people sending D€ outside of Europe but want interoperability. Having a bridge asset would solve that problem as you send the bridge in cross border payments and not D€.

>> No.22985830


>> No.22985843

>12% body fat

ik you're all beta looking faggots so you dont know what this means but, but being 200lbs at 5'9 with 12 body fat means this dude is jacked asf

>> No.22985919

Yeah, we know. The guy in that picture has massive quads, he definitely doesn't skip leg day.

>> No.22985930

>Ripple Wins US Patent for New Oracle-Based Smart Contract Design
Ripple Wins US Patent for New Oracle-Based Smart Contract Design
>Ripple Wins US Patent for New Oracle-Based Smart Contract Design
Ripple Wins US Patent for New Oracle-Based Smart Contract Design
>Ripple Wins US Patent for New Oracle-Based Smart Contract Design
Ripple Wins US Patent for New Oracle-Based Smart Contract Design


>> No.22985961


>> No.22985969

XSG is generally 315ish before new thread. Still a little way to go.

>> No.22986201

hey, Baba. Any advice for October besides HODL?

>> No.22986252
File: 355 KB, 1076x1884, 20201002_091053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22986279
File: 675 KB, 1080x2046, 20201002_091110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It keeps going.

>> No.22986303

why would trump allow himself to be cucked by the fed res and all the people above him.. hes a puppet face it your little 4d chess mental masturbation isn't real kek.

>> No.22986310


Do you have everything in 1 pic?

>> No.22986500

What's the most trusted paper wallet bro's?

>> No.22986527

Will spark/flare really be worth half a cent

>> No.22986656

I have always used the jatchili minimalist ripple client with no issues

>> No.22986704

Is buying 150 of these enough? Should I buy more to maximise my profit?

>> No.22986707

Meh no thank you. I guess I will use the one from bithomp.

>> No.22986720
File: 101 KB, 720x533, 5C495986-CCE0-4429-B876-9757A61965A0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22986736

If I did, I wouldn't have posted 2, anon. Lol. The image was too high resolution to post-- its massive. Just search "derivatives infographic"

>> No.22986757

Half a cent? Where did you hear that? Lol.

>> No.22986767

Get as many as you can. I'm buying more next week

>> No.22986773


>> No.22986815
File: 1020 KB, 1048x4112, d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22986984



Though I might prefer:


>> No.22987041

Thank you!

>> No.22987067

Gonna ask this before I fuck up and use something garbo but what app/program should I use to buy it? Something preferably with cold storage I presume

>> No.22987069



>> No.22987148

RIP linkies

>> No.22987320

Holy shit someone go check on the linkies they must be on suicide watch

>> No.22987356

lol. someone start a Nico thread to bully them. >=)

>> No.22987415
File: 48 KB, 600x600, 1601260199725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Link to $0 EOY

>> No.22987419

You can buy on any exchange that sells XRP, like coinbase, binance, kraken. I personally use kraken. Cold wallet is a digital wallet that is not connected to the internet so it would be hardware wallets like ledger nano, trezor, keepkey..., you can also do a paper wallet. Hot wallets will be wallets that are connected to the internet, like online wallets: exodus, xumm, coinbase wallet

>> No.22987441

Many of you forgot this happened

>> No.22987531
File: 170 KB, 600x600, dr-pepper-pepe-1589416562572.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bruh, crack open a nice crisp cold dr pepper, its happening for real

>> No.22987581

>nooooo but gematria is fucking fake you losers!!!!!

>> No.22987644

Why does everybody keep wishing trump a 'SWIFT' recovery?

I saw xrp on a number plate yesterday.

Hodler here.

>> No.22987662
File: 156 KB, 2047x1156, EjOmja8WoAcvGN2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"we are going to have 7 strong years" (starting 2014)
>"I don't know whether it is going to be G7 or the G20"
3 months remaining.

>> No.22987679

Or 7 years of tribulation.

>> No.22987708

What are all these rumors that xrp has fallen behind in technology?

>> No.22987785

Lol no

>> No.22987892

Is this the October FUD?

>> No.22987902

where the fuck did u hear that from?
Ampleforth thread?

>> No.22987978
File: 487 KB, 500x214, this is all you deserve.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22988167

Checked and based. I see a lot of 589s and 76s on license plates these days.

>> No.22988262

>Taken together, 1 & 2, above, imply that a bridge asset would be useful. They don’t want people sending D€ outside of Europe but want interoperability. Having a bridge asset would solve that problem as you send the bridge in cross border payments and not D€.

Lmfao yesssss

Last good message board around

>> No.22988461


Trump isn't actually sick. He's taking HCQ FFS. This is theater. We're about to have some fun!

>> No.22988471

What they are is fud pulled out of your ass and posted just before it could plop onto the designated shitting street.

>> No.22988491

What would this look like for bitcoin

>> No.22988498

Weak FUD
Mellon addressed this in pre-/XSG/. Even if a coin comes out with better tech it doesn't matter because the NWO picked XRP a long time ago.

>> No.22988709

Wow the Ripple derivatives patent is even on Nasdaq dot com... Holy shit we’re gonna fucking make it

>> No.22988878

Kek. He doesn't know.

>> No.22988950

Thanks mane appreciate it

>> No.22989003

End of this month/beginning of Nov

>> No.22989117
File: 97 KB, 1186x682, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Linkies on suicide watch

>> No.22989155

Blockchain voting?? Hmmm

>> No.22989581
File: 11 KB, 230x225, 71b3_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22989618

reminder G20 2020 summit will be held Nov 21 and 22 -virtually- for the first time ever. The third of the three major topics to be discussed is essentially Blockchain/crypto/IOT related. I am expecting some major announcements. Not convinced October or early November is the true catalyst for XRP, but G20 might be.

>> No.22989646


>> No.22989673

Too late for implementation this time, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it moving ahead.

>> No.22989694

yet another company that is going to get swiped away in the great reset

>> No.22989721

is that also the revaluation of gold/silver? I thought the revaluation was sometime in october

>> No.22989822
File: 102 KB, 701x828, g202020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have heard that too but cannot find anything about it.

>> No.22989851

Best pack your IOTA bags before

>> No.22989930

fellow schizos, can i store my XRP on xumm app without nano ledger ? And after that can i still claim spark tokens? I think XRPmight be a moon rocket.

>> No.22990001
File: 11 KB, 500x500, 1591654360865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I think XRPmight be a moon rocket

>> No.22990070

bruh they are literally in contract with bank of america. And i heard about the 4. industrial revolution, some people say XRP will be the new currency.

>> No.22990138

i dont believe the 2k dream.. but i still gamble and got 60k stack

>> No.22990148

Yes, XUMM is its own software wallet, separate from a Ledger. https://flare.wietse.com/ follow the instructions there.

>> No.22990159

get out of this thread with this crazy nonsense! This is a xsg ffs

>> No.22990223

can i buy this crap with a credit card without having to send photo fucking id to some website

>> No.22990266

get bitcoin and send to binance

>> No.22990275


>> No.22990279

I wanted to believe something would happen on 10/2 but nothing ever happens

>> No.22990299


It's coming late October. Watch: https://youtu.be/PhBr_TyvHUc?t=1244

>> No.22990312

I only hold/want a few positions outside of XRP but that is one of them. Just in case. I'm schizo but too Southern... have heard the "dont put all your eggs in one basket" meme too many times not to diversify a bit.

>> No.22990382

Again: that's not how a software or hardware rollout works.

>> No.22990426
File: 43 KB, 640x360, 1C05AC6D-F9B8-4A83-AD3E-879423DC6D1C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>33 days from the election

>> No.22990429

Don't go IOTA i don't know where the idea came from that you would get a good ROI, it won't have as good of an ROI compared to XLM

>> No.22990513

nice digits but what am I supposed to take from this? I watched a lot of it then started jumping around and I don't get what applies to XRP or crypto at large.

>> No.22990521

It comes from the value proposition of IOTA
Already running smart cities(Taipei)
Already been tested by the UN
Mastercard just made a patent for using the IOTA tangle

STFU about XLM kid. There's no money to be made there

>> No.22990554

HAHAHA what a fucking retard, are you fucking new? did you not read Mellon's threads? XLM is silver to XRPs gold

>> No.22990591

>how to spot a newfag 101
XLM is for the masses if anything
no serious money to be made there
I'll take the lynchpin of the 4IR and the backone of IOT data and value transfer thank you very much

>> No.22990621

good luck bud, but i know only one to two anons post about IOTA in these threads.
But anyone DYOR can tell that right away.

>> No.22990667

please I beg of you
Refute ANYTHING I said in >>22990521
You can't. Because its all true

Nevermind the fact that they're also partnered with Fujitsu who coincidentally also built the Nikkei

Again. Please point out where I'm wrong. on ANYTHING

>> No.22990737

XRP price EOY 2021?

>> No.22990766

I don't have to, I already did my own research, like I said, anyone doing the same can see the bullshit. XLM follows XRP, always has, when XRP moons, XLM will follow.

>> No.22990832

It doesn't sound like you have. It sounds like you read a LARP that told you what they what wanted you to think
Look kid, XRP is going to be profitable.
But the fact that you LITERALLY CAN'T dispute anything I said about IOTA is hilarious.
Look up anything I said. You haven't done any research. You read what you're told

>> No.22990858
File: 330 KB, 656x777, 1600930988212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22990874

Ok bro cool

>> No.22991014

When talking abut the internet of things - machines talking to each other, passing information to each other and making payments to each other - I would have assumed that we’d be taking about fractions or fractions of pennies. There’d be thousands/millions/billions of individual requests and transfers of information a second. How are you justifying a high valuation for IOTA? Is there limited supply? Adoption/success does not necessarily mean high price; not if the product only works at a low price.

>> No.22991044

see, not hard to do quick research
thank you anon

>> No.22991048


One for the ISO 20022 fans

>> No.22991069

>tfw Scottish
A-are you me from the future?
What's your name?

>> No.22991113

Ha, I did no research - it just seemed like an obvious question.

I see iota shilled by one or two in almost every thread with no explanation as to why it’ll do well other than ‘smart cities’, ‘Internet of things’, without, it seems, any explanation of why smart cities/IOT = high price

>> No.22991122


The only thing I can think of is that the decentralized messaging app is going to be a part of the Feds digital wallet app on your phone and that the messages will be stored on a decentralized ledger instead of a social network database making messages impossible to censor.

>> No.22991129

where to buy IOTA though? It doesn't trade on exchanges that US retail can trust.

>> No.22991143

yeah despite these guys arguing over IOTA I stayed out of it. I am interested in it and will purchase a little eventually. Want bigger XRP and ALGO bags FIRST. In that order. Also finally finished registering for my FLARE DROP BOIIIIIIIZ. So someone now explain to me why I did all that shit it took a long time and now I have so many wallets pw and pass phrases I'm going to need to go transhuman to remember all this shit. What the fuck is FLARE. And will it be profitable?

>> No.22991184

Just to add - compare it to XRP. In that case, the high valuation would be necessary and desirable as part of its primary use case.

I can’t see a high valuation be either necessary or desirable in IOTA’s use case - in fact, I’d see it as the opposite.

This isn’t knocking you. I freely admit I know little about it. Can you explain how you go from the use case to a high price?

>> No.22991185

Data is the new oil. IOTA network will contain data on every single device imaginable. Companies will buy/pay for this data.

>> No.22991196


ID: "tism"

>> No.22991202

You know what I have a few minutes left before I have to jump on the phone, so sure, I'll spoonfeed you since you asked nicely.

That's literally the point of IOTA.
When you purchase mIOTA it means you're purchasing 1 million IOTA.
It is divisible down to that number, literally, for that purpose.
Considering its feeless and frictionless, and only increases its speed with more transactions, due to the nature of its DAG, it is designed for micro payments.
There is a limited supply of 2.7B mIOTA.

suck a bag of dicks you illiterate fucking muppet

>> No.22991211

Use the Flare drop to buy more XRP

>> No.22991228

I have no idea about FLARE desu, too stupid to understand it but it's something I'm getting for nothing as I hold XRP so might as well sign up for it. I think I will just hold it and see what it does.

>> No.22991247

what if ratio improves down the line? I am holding for this reason. I don't expect XRP:FXRP ratio to be at it's peak on day 1.

>> No.22991289

Consider the fact that we already have a lot of IOT devices.
Now consider the fact that number is going to explode in the coming years.
Those devices capture data.
That data currently is contained within that particular ecosystem.
Now imagine that a marketing team wants to purchase FitBit data.
Or a logistics company wants to use supply chain tracking to not only verify where its products are coming from, but the most efficient ways to move them.
And someone wants to buy that data.
and so on and so on

>> No.22991357


The only thing there that explains why the valuation would go up (again, it’s main us case would demand a low valuation - you lose the benefit of splitting up in to mIOTAs if it starts moving up in price), would be the limited supply.

I struggle to understand however why someone would design this type of product with such a limited supply. In most visions of the IOT (as fully realised), there would be more than that many machine Interactions per second. Something seems missing in what you’ve set out there.

>> No.22991394

Don't worry fren. I also hold a small bag of mIOTA. Sold my stack before at 35 eurocent.
I hold a small bag of xlm and xdc too.

>> No.22991432

Planning to get into ALGO, IOTA, XLM after we get 2 k EOY.
Just hope I don't miss the boat... Maximising FXRP anyway so at least there's that...

>> No.22991439


>> No.22991600

you know if only 5 billion xrp is registered, we get 9 SPARK for each XRP

>> No.22991641
File: 68 KB, 742x1024, 13462534654273654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it can be divisible further. Its infinitely divisible.
And feeless.
And only gets faster the more its used.

Not to mention we haven't touched on the fact of quantum supremacy.
Its around the corner if not already here.

IOTA has been designed from the ground up to be quantum resistant....

>> No.22991663
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Question from previous thread, why did Jed just receive another 120 million xrp from Ripple?

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No they'll limit it to maybe 2 per XRP and burn the rest

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funniest thing I have seen a while - IRL lol at work bro now they know I'm on 4chin fugg

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I am an investor who believes in Jesus
I'm investing in xrp. I'm also 23 years old. How many xrp is enough?? Also what is your xrp prediction? Please tell me your Twitter contact. I would like to contact you

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I am an investor who believes in Jesus
I'm investing in xrp. I'm also 23 years old. How many xrp is enough?? Also what is your xrp prediction? Please tell me your Twitter contact. I would like to contact you

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I am an investor who believes in Jesus
I'm investing in xrp. I'm also 23 years old. How many xrp is enough?? Also what is your xrp prediction? Please tell me your Twitter contact. I would like to contact you