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Am I turning into one of the fucking crazies here? I remember brrr being created by an anon on here, I remember pee per poo poo being said in every link thread for months even a year, does every original meme come from the autists on here? What the fuck

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that peepee rig

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4chan creates culture, that culture is then adopted by normies at a much later date.

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magic is real, (((they))) don't want you to know, it's how they rule us, it's not an evidence-based system

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This is true. Cringe when no net white girls talk about memes. "It's a meme anon"

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Yeah brrr meme was made here on /biz/. I remember the guy making the money printer wojak. It got quite popular back in the lockdown to normies.

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How do you mean, are you talking about meme magic? Is the culture we create here being siphoned off as it’s one of the last original bastions of anonanimity and not vacuous ‘content for self’ promotion? Should I start worshiping Saturn for real?? I don’t get how these memes created here can literally be adopted by the entire world time after time. It bamboozles me.

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Yes I remember anon, I’ve been lurking longer than I care to admit, had some breaks but almost since the site was created.. Fucking nuts the shit that now get from here into mainstream media within literally a few months now

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It makes me cringe so bad when normies use memes made here and words we use. I forget we are actually the cool fuckers and they are the cringy children.

I hate when I see simp used to much now it makes me cringe so much.

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4chan is like the evolutionary sludge from whence ideas are created, before being kidnapped and peddled on more mainstream sites like reddit and then insta/twitter

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Saturn is a great teacher, he doesn’t need to be worshipped.
And if you can’t understand cause and effect and visualize the memes originating here and spreading through the collective neural network like ripples on the surface of the pond then you must DYOR more

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I've started seeing 'Imagine the smell' and that sniffing meme posted in normie places recently even.

When you see shit from here in mainstream, it feels surreal. You realise how autistic/addicted to /biz/ you are but also how easily influenced normies are by anything they see and hear. My favourite is when far left sjws start using memes /Pol/ makes. They don't realise where all the things they post even come from.

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>bitmex bogged connection

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We are the cultural gatekeepers.

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chaos magic has been summoned

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It's amazed me since 2005 how much shit here becomes pop-culture. Like, a bunch of autists on a chinese cartoon imageboard are influencing the world's sense of humor and political views

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>I see simp
That's black vernacular though

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Also no one even mentioned ITT the “We are all in this together” meme that became a slogan for our post-corona reality meanwhile stinky autists had been posting it for years here kek

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There was the head of the FCC complaining about the "Orange Mad Bad" policy of social media giants.

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That thread was glorious.

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It's the anonymous nature. Anyone could be here and bring what they see here to other websites.

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delet this

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>newfags first meme rodeo
bet you came in 2020

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Magic is the imposition of will onto reality.

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Its basically what the elite have been doing for thousands of years. People are controlled and led by images and concepts, most of it subconsciously. The conscious power of human thought is the strongest energy in the universe. Thousands of people anonymously all thinking the same thing at the same time gives it life. Its what we are. Its prana. Energy flows where attention goes. They can't stop us if we realized the strength we have ironically. Its just a matter of time before all the memes become reality.

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you need to go back

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kek. Leave it to an autist from /biz/ to spot the donkey's tail in this clown world.

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Donald Trump is the president of the United States. The power of 4chan meme culture is at its absolute peak, you're living in the golden age.

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what the fuck

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checked, dubs confirm

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They are trying everything from AI manufactured consent online, to literal death grids of 5g towers to dull down your magnetic field.
You really think they put flouride in the water for your teeth? Cmon

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Yeah simp was never ours. You can tell by it's etymology: "Suckas idolizing mediocre pussy". It's way to ham-fisted for it have originated here, but sounds just like something a low-IQ negro or redditor to come up with and think is funny.

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BTC $100k EOY

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case in point

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can't find the warosu thread, but the screencap in the link is from a /biz/ thread

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Simp is probably the best ebonic term I've ever heard though in all fairness

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>The power of 4chan meme culture is at its absolute peak
>you're living in the golden age.
That means it's all downhill from here

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I thought it meant "simpering fool"

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I like thot a lot better. And based is technically ebonics although it's current meaning is completely unrelated to it's old definition; i.e. being a crackhead, probably derived from "debased".
Most people say it's "suckas idolizing...", and language is defined by it's users, especially slang, so...

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No its just blacks like to make silly acronyms like thot for example. Simp just happened to coincide with simpleton or what you just said

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>we the peeple
You fucking tryhards.

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The pee pee poo poo memes were part of a campaign to take Pepe back from the normans who started posted it.

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You don't gotta tell me son Lmao. Indeed they are. They are losing their grip on the public every passing day. Eventually we shall inherit the Earth.

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We still have 8 and endchan

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The first time I heard "simp" was in 1999 in Aphex Twin's Windowlicker video. One of the black girls said "simple ass nigga", not sure if that counts.

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