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Previous thread : >>22932083

Website : https://www.xeth.finance

Alternatively known as the /e/ crossboarder paradise for shitcoin gamblers. Get comfy, buy or don't, at least I tried to tell you if it succeeds and you avoided a dangerous bullet if it fails.
Last thread got a little more active posters than usual, which is nice. Perhaps I won't be alone bumping this today.

Advantages and reasons to buy
>xETH ONLY HAS POSITIVE REBASES increasing your holdings by 7-10% in value each day, if its price is above 0.01 ETH
>Token is deflationary everytime someone sells, decreasing the supply and is an attempt to prevent too big of a sell pressure
>Price is always sitting between $4.5 - $8, so no matter when you buy in this price range you'll be in profit given 2 or 3 days worth of patience (see chart on CG)
>Team is open and seems legit, will burn half of their funds (52% wallet on etherscan) by Friday and reimbursed a retard who got his PC hacked

>There is NO real answer to the "What's the usecase of xETH?" question
>low liquidity so wild price swings, doesn't sit wiell with how the token is designed around organic growth and daily interest
>Volume dies or people stop buying dips : WILL CRASH sooner or later since everyone will want to secure their rebase profits and sell first

It's been 11 days since I bought. I'm happy with how my portfolio is in the green now, but the fact remains : xETH is still risky. Nonetheless, the dev team burning half of their inflated funds by Friday should certainly pump the price a little while creating a short term hype.
The issues tied to volatility will be fixed when LP-Staking is available, hopefully soon™ because these niggers delayed it when it was supposed to launch tomorrow.

I think that's it. Happy fapping /biz/!

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i love you

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Y-you too

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I forgot to add it in the OP when I say I would last thread, but this link is a nice dashboard displaying all of the past rebases : https://xeth-rebase-dashboard.herokuapp.com

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Now back to the good stuff.

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So what is this exactly? Explain to it to me like I’m retarded

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To explain how it works and make it very simple to understand where the interest lies, I'll try to explain with an example understandable for brainlets. The percentages and numbers in this post are only for illustration purposes.

Let's say you bite the bullet and buy 1 ETH worth of xETH at $6.
You're happy with your purchase, you leave it be. You check back 23 hours later, you see that some nigger sold and now price the is sitting at $5.40
You just lost 10%. But ten minutes after, you receive 10% bonus tokens of your stack thus nullifying the loss, along with every other holder. That's the positive rebase increasing everhone' stack and share of the marketcap. As long as the price remains above $3.5 or so, this phenomenon occurs.

So imagine if the price remained at $6, you'd be 10% up.
So imagine if the price mooned overnight to $12, you'd be up 110%.

>Wait but if everyone gets free money daily that means everyone will sell, right? How is this sustainable?
That's why there are deflationary mechanics built into xETH, to at least partially reduce the will to sell as I've explained. I say partially, because some people might already be satisfied with how their stack has grown and are selling their daily excess.

Besides, the 10% (once again an example) you receive daily are compounding. So the longer you hold, it'll go like this :
Day 1 : 60 eth
Day 2 : 66 xeth
Day 3 : 72 xeth
Day 4 : 79,2 xeth
Day 5 : 86,4 xeth
Day 6 : 94,8 xeth
Day 7 : 104,2 xeth

Human greed and the token rewarding holding for long periods of time can explain how this has managed to stay alive for 2 weeks. And looking at the weekly chart, you can see how the idea is attractive since the price always goes back up from $4 - meaning there are people who want to be part of this too.

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I hope my explanation was satisfactory, because I realize myself that I might have poorly written my post.

But in very short terms :
>you buy
>you hold
>if price of xETH > 0.01 ETH = your stack increases by 7-10%
>you hope that the bonus tokens received help you break even if xETH price decreased in the meantime or you rejoice as the price stays stable or even pumps as your wallet grows in size everyday

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>and now price the is sitting at $5.40
And the the price is sitting at $5.40*

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>and the the price is sitting at $5.40

Fuck I wish my computer would stop shitting the bed I hate phoneposting with a passion but at least it gives me an excuse to bump

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Sounds competent enough

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Do you want more of 02, or anything specific?

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Yes more 02

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You only need to ask.

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Very very nice

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Could you just dump all the 02 you have?

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I hope that the thread becoming a 02 general won't make the price fall to $2, now that would silly haha


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Really good stuff

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Glad you like it. Bump

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based big titty waifu poster

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>banned on the ENTIRE SITE for posting this on /v/
OP here.
Sometimes I may complain about /biz/ jannies but they're probably amongst the most tame, along with /an/'s
Bump and fuck advertisers

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I didn't notice, but it looks like someone made another thread about xETH, see here : >>22955816
It's concise and straight to the point.
Abandon this thread as it seems most of the activity and discussion moved there. Unless you want me to dump pictures.

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Didn't I see you here yesterday anon? you posted some shit like this

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>Abandon this thread as it seems most of the activity and discussion moved there.
You mean a thread filled to the brim with pajeets and shills who shared the link on telegram. Keep posting anime girls anon, your thread at least explains what the token is about

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Dude, STOP.

This is garbage. It's a mix of all the past scams and you need to go BACK.


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The one and the same.
Well it's probably the case, but at least people are actually discussing the token. In my opinion, it's better than seeing one autist constantly shill for a token and talking alone most of the time, even if I do satisfy coomers.

But I won't deny that your post made me slightly happy anon.

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>shitcoin developer makes his own coin
>doesn't intend to get rich
>just wants an excuse to post hot anime girls.

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I'm not the dev (bought on September 20 or 21) but yes I've been shilling for the token in the last 4 days.

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Bump. I like these threads

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I love when other people contribute as well.

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Now that's what I'm talking about anon!

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Fuuuaarrrk great taste

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The game was somewhat less enjoyable than previous ateliers but god it did deliver with Reisalin.

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I agree 110%

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The things I'd do to be in this situation.

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Are you invested in anything aside from xEth?

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I have a smallish bag in VELO, but can't withdraw my funds for now since it's traded on Kucoin and all. I'm glad I saw a thread about one week ago and decided to follow that anon's advice. Nobody replied to his thread and for me that was a sign he was onto something, it pumped x2 since.

Otherwise most of my funds are in USDT, I bought 191 xETH ten days ago at $4,7 and I regret not putting more. I now have 399 tokens.

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who's this? this is a good thread

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If this ends up being a scam I'll fucking kill you, OP. Playing with my feelings and lust like this

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It's Erina from Shokugeki No Soma. Artist is haneru
We cannot be certain of anything. Nevertheless, the team has displayed good faith and honesty this far. It's not a matter of if xETH is a scam but if it will be sustainable or not, and that depends on the marketing ability of the team, dumb luck and retardation.

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thank you anon

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You're welcome.

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Price seem to be slowly but surely. New bottom seems to be between $6-7, which is impressive.

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i'm still having second thought about buying this

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Price seems to be slowly but surely pumping*
And nobody besides shills or pajeets will blame you if you don't, after all the whole thing is uncertain. Many people, myself included have been boasting about the daily rebases and gains, and while I'm happy with what I got so far there is no guarantee that it will continue. Even if the charts seems to indicate that the absolute bottom in the last 10 days has been $4. My main objective is to lay down the facts in order for anons to make an informed decision. My second purpose is to at least leave something good for people who don't buy. So you can just let your eyes rest and enjoy the threads

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do you think buying now would be a good idea? christmas is coming soon and i think a lot of people will probably cash out weeks before that

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That's a fair question, actually. But that's also hoping for the token to survive until Christmas, or at least till November.
Seeing as the "purpose" of the token is to be an ETH peg, I expect the price to be closer and closer to 0.01 ETH as time advances along with more liquidity provided that will reduce the volatility, while increasing buy pressure for a time but ultimately giving whales necessary funds to sell.

However, since LP-Staking hasn't been made available yet and seeing the growing interest for xETH (just compare the daily volume to one week ago, of see the holders list steadily increasing) I think that it has at least 1 week or two of profits to be made thanks to the positive sentiment following staking being implemented, the dev wallet burning half of its funds, and marketing. But that's my hopeful take and I'm not really a good market trend analyst.

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always love your threads op. godspeed

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Happy to deliver.

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Last bump for today.

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Thank you anons I just came to Ryza
I won't buy xETH though

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you're saying the bitmex event is bullish for xETH specifically?

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"Notice to all xeth holders :
Due to a fault in the smart contract tied to the gulp function in charge of the daily rebases, one wallet ended up receiving the cumulated sum of ALL REBASES made to be distributed to each holder in proportion with their current holdings. At this time, we're unfortunately unable to determine who this person is or if he's even aware of the situation. We ask of you to be patient until this mess gets resolved, but we won't blame you if you decide to withdraw your funds as a precautionary measure for the time being. We apologize for the disturbance. "


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>At this time, we're unfortunately unable to determine who this person is or if he's even aware of the situation.
it's over, everyone knows it was planned by the dev.
they exit scammed, I knew I should have stayed in xBTC

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aaand rugpulled

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Do you think OP knew about this

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Nice try ranjesh, no I won't buy xBTC
it's funny, when the price pumps you see posts and thread like these
everything is fine. it's fud, go check yourself on telegram. It's fud

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fucking kek

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So did it rugpull or not? I want to laugh

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Fuck you op, stop making xeth threads you idiot. Kill yourself! Saged

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Rug pull just like the others, be careful. Ops fucking retarded and is fucking up hardcore

>> No.22966368

Good job faggot, with your daily threads it was a matter of time before fudders and other biz degenerates would come along

>> No.22966469

Scam though and through

>> No.22966529

scam or not I'll lurk these threads, pretty based OP

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If I find you in real life I will end your fucking life you faggot shill simp fuck autist. Kill yourself in the time being cunt

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