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Ok /biz/, I actually like you schizos so I'll let you in on a bit of a secret. Seems like some anons found out about the Fantom Coinbase stuff however the dates are a little too optimistic.
However I will just leave this here: 10d 4h

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What's the fantom coinbase stuff

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10 day left huh cool

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lmao right

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Thank you BASED anon.

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More fucking breadcrumbs from fantom faggots like your cbdc and muh dubai smart city that never materialized KEK.

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You are clueless.

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The God of DEFI has blessed you with inordinate gains, HAIL CRONJE

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should i dump my 400 free uni into FTM or wait until unis worth more to do it

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Seeing as though the Fantom team can drop the Uniswap fork at any moment now the metamask stuff is done I'd say now.
As soon as it is deployed we are going to pump to a new support.

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wat stuff tho

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Is the shilling by coinmarketcap a sign its coming to coinbase?

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Whispers around the private groups are saying that Covalent will be the next 10x in a week. The IEO that's not even announced yet is oversubscribed 5x, and it's all whales

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maybe. heh.

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