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Where do you people keep your meme coins? Is it ok to just keep it in binance or some other trading platform wallet and then just have one stable offline coin wallet for long term holding? I mean, I don't see a point in having a separate wallet for all those coins and then having to pay double transfer fees. Anyway: What is a good strategy and sorry for the newb question

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>Dude, get a fat girlfriend who will do that shit for you. I’m not really joking about that one. The sooner you get a girl who cooks and cleans, the better your life will be. I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking: “I want a girl who’s on my level artistically, who’s creative and intelligent.” Fuck that. Ok? That’s gonna end in such heartache for you, you will wish you were dead if you go down that path. “Oh I want a girl we can talk for hours and hours and we like the same niche video artists and we watch Netflix all the time and we watch B-movies and scary stuff and we’re real into Troma“ Shut the fuck up man. Get you a retard, no brains, bubble-head, dum-dum HEY DUM DUM DID YOU CLEAN MY CLOTHES TODAY? HEY DUM DUM DID YOU MAKE OATMEAL THIS MORNING? ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE FOOD TODAY DUMMY? DUHHHH DURRR. That’s the kind of girlfriend you want, I’m telling you.
Was he right?

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Also buy a Ledger or a Trezor

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based and pilled
I just made like 50 bucks from FTM so I'm basically making it financially, gonna quit my job tomorrow.

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Good pussy really breaks a nigga

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Bought a trezor and hasn't arrived yet, fucking Czech lorry drivers are slow