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The wage difference between median workers and CEOs was a lot smaller in the 70s, but you get called a "communist" for saying that you should go back to a system closer to the 70s, which many of the people calling you a communist at the same time see as the golden era of the US. Try making sense of that.

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enjoy your mcjobs while they last.

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people should aspire to become CEO if money is how they define success

if not, shut the fuck up and get my nuggies.

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The share holders control the company, if the CEO was getting too much money then they would change his pay.

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>tfw no CS degree so I need a mcjob

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You probably deserve to be at the bottom desu. A degree is not indicative of success

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Imagine working at McDonald's over the age of 18 and thinking you deserve to get paid to do a job that trains children to do something other than sit at home jerking off.

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the top marginal income tax rate during the red scare years (1950s) was 90% lol

you'd 100% be called a communist now for suggesting a progressive tax rate with the highest earners paying 90%

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Main problem with not having such a progressive tax is that if you don't counter the fact that having more money makes it easier to make even more, you get ridiculous concentrations of wealth, leading to people like Soros destroying your nations.

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Thank you for your misdirection from us, goyim.

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If you have a problem with 1 person having $100 billion while everyone else's pay, despite being more productive, gets worse and worse , then you're a communist. Simple as that, end of conversation.

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If the CEO worked for free, each of mcdonalds 2.1 million employees would receive an additional 38 cents per paycheck
eating the rich won't make your wages higher.

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everything socially is pointing towards a swing towards a liberal period. we've been in a massively conservative period since the late 70s and it's gotta end at some point. trump is gonna lose but not after he's made a ton of people very anticonservative. based imo. i believe in the free market but jesus fuck wealth concentration at the top is ridiculous right now and social services are godawful in the USA

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get a better job retard

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That’s just the company’s richest employee. What about the actual owners? A quick google search tells me the yearly profits are $5.5 billion, which makes a 20% profit margin.


If McDonalds were willing to reduce its profit margin to the average for a large US company of 8.7%, that would give it an extra $3.1 billion, or $1480 per year to the average employee.

That’s not even counting the fact that the company’s main purpose is growing its REAL ESTATE holdings (the burgers are mostly to cover the cost of buying and sales tax). McDonald’s assets increased an average of over $1 billion per year for the past couple decades, so the owners are already making money without the need to rake workers over the coals.


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*i meant property tax, not sales tax

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Daily reminder that the USA is dead and Asian stuff like Suterusu (before Polytrade launch) is all you should be looking at until 2022.

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I support this. Cut the CEO’s pay in half and then half again
Make McDonald’s decrease their profits from 20 to the 8 like you said. Same with Walmart.

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It will happen when ubi finally rolls out.

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Nobody's forcing you to work at McDonald's. Get a better job, wagie.

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Still $7,017 more than this faggot will ever make

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ubi will just get eaten by landlords
hope you're a homeowner by the time it hits

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macdonalds burger flipper used to be able to buy a house


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Guess what happens when you get a cheap CEO.

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Vote with your dollars and eat somewhere else. Vote with your labor and work somewhere else. Voting for socialistic policies and/or less economic freedom just means more money lining the pockets of politicians special interest groups and existing monopolies like mcdonalds and microsoft.

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Thank you.

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It's unconstitutional to make kaws that don't apply to everyone.

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if you actually read their annual report you'll find that the $22MM is mostly stock options. It's a performance incentive

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Taxes have remained at about 20% of GDP since WW2. It doesn't matter what the tax laws are. The government will get the money somehow.

Dude the middle class has only grown. Global poverty is nearly wiped out, and "billionaires" are only "billionaires" due to market cap on shares that they hold, which isn't even real money.

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You actually get called a Nazi because the real reason people made more money back then was because there was far less shitskins in our lands and women were not heavily in the work force.

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>McDonald's has 205,000 employees
>21 million dollars divided by 200k is 100 dollars
>100 dollars extra for every employee of the ceo didn't get paid
Wow, it's literally nothing.

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This, also related to the Laffer Curve
Something around 19.5% tax of GDP is the optimum rate at which the govt will bring in the MOST revenue, if taxes are raised or lowered much more or less than that, the government empirically bring in less money due to dragging on the economy too much or not exploiting the available revenues enough, respectively

However to say the middle class has only grown is a gay statement so broad as to be basically a misstatement
The middle class has grown worldwide and so too has poverty dropped, but mostly these effects are in developing nations, namely Jina and Looland

In the west wealth has increasingly stratified with the purchasing power of the working class broadly speaking having gone down since 1970, whereas the wealth of the upper class having matched increases in inflation and productivity

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>the real reason people made more money back then was because there was far less shitskins in our lands and women were not heavily in the work force
This is the only thing that matters, people are too stupid to see it or too uncomfortable to confront it

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What do you think happens when you grow the labor pool by more than half (immigration + women working)?

Instead of the man working, and making income for the whole household - both parents have to work, make the same amount of money, and kids get raised by TV and Youtube

Shame men have become too cucked to confront this harsh truth

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If you care about poverty there are plenty of graphs showing it having gone down in the US, that isn't exclusive to developing nations.

>In the west wealth has increasingly stratified with the purchasing power of the working class broadly speaking having gone down since 1970, whereas the wealth of the upper class having matched increases in inflation and productivity
That's true for everyone though.

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Anyone working for mcdonalds should be allowed to have their paycheck be in company stock rather than usd.
Or they should make employee atock options real easy.

I mean isn't mcdonalds a public traded company?

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McCEO doesn’t pay taxes and we fight for him

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median impact of McDonald's employee for the wellbeing of the company 0.0000001
median impact of CEO for the wellbeing of the company 10000

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Insanely based

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its no different than working at a successful restaurant that makes alot of money and getting paid an unfairly low wage to do so

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Employees are also way more numerous, if you add up all their salaries they make more than the employer

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>macdonalds burger flipper used to be able to buy a house

Prove it fgt I want to see proof that you could buy a decent house in a middle class neighborhood AND KEEP IT on a McDonald's burger flipper salary. I dont want to hear one-off stories of one burger flipper who lived with his parents for 20yrs saving pennies until he bought a rundown house in the hood

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This right there

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You're better off owning as much mcdonalds stock as you can than ever working in one of them.

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Median employee salary with no ceo: $0

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Thanks anon I kek’d

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i'm a wagie, and i don't see why wagies are so angry about people who make more than us. if you want to make more money, get a better job. i'm happy being a security guard, i'm at work right now shitposting on biz and watching anime. so what if the pay is shit, i'm literally in an extension of my living room. fellow wagies, shop around, whining never got anyone anywhere.

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>i believe in the free market

>but lets just try communism again, i'm sure it will work this ti---

>andddddd we're all starving

>thanks anon

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Tell you what. We bring back high corporate tax rates AND McCarthyism. Deal?

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I think this scales pretty well when it comes to the IQ range between a McDonald's wagie and their CEO

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>ba da ba ba daaaah

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How are you guarding the security if you are watching anime, amerilard? That means your job is pretty much useless and even shameful.

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one flips burgers and can't make correct change for an order, the other is responsible for the largest commercial real estate company in the world for the benefit of it's share holders. I don't see the problem

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Ok incel you keep believing that "your country" you can't steal something that is already stolen

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I unirocally want to work at Mcdonald now. my shithole salary is like 400$ at most

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Thanks to crypto we have all a chance to make it!
Grab it while it's there because this crazy pumps will not last forever.
I f you are not trading or actively investing. Buy some eth, fleta, and polkadot and stake it and wait till the right opportunity to sell

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