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L2 has arrived. It's actually happening.
Get ready for the prime buzzword of Q4/Q1 2021.
Next few months, shit will get very real very fast.
Anyone still holding L1 bags... oh man.
Few understand.

Also did you see the video of Sirgay with Emir? His facial expressions say it all.

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What are L2 bags? There’s no optimism or arbitrum token.

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Link to video?

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I fucking love the data link layer

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Got a few month till normies figure this anon, accumulate while they stack ETH

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Nigger, stack what?

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so buy LINK, AAVE, SNX, UNI?

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If there is no token, how can I stack it? Are you saying to stack synthetix, uniswap, and Chainlink?

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No anon stack XRP and HEX

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ETH. Idk what OP is thinking other than maybe trying to fud ETH?

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frens help where do i buy L2 token? cant find L2 on uniswap i dont want to miss out again

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This but unironically

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uniswerpx good sirs, good day sirs

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He has been probably the biggest advocate for L2 lol.

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dont fuck with me im sick and tired of missing out on everything where can i find L2?

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It’s not a token. Dyor on what “layer 2” is stop asking to be spoonfed. You’ve already got the hints itt.

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Isnt SNX just basically wrapping and unwrapping everything therefore using whatever pool is staked by SNX holders? So basically not L2 yet

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yet has been the biggest fuder of Arbitrum

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im literally laughing, gonna fap smoke and continue coding. In that order

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You fucking retards. If you seriously don’t know what L2 solutions even mean and can’t differentiate them you probably should stop playing this game.
Here’s some for starters: Loopring, xDai, OMG.
What you get wrong though OP is that L2 has been a buzzword this entire year. Maybe you meant a buzzword for the normans. The solutions have been around. Some since 2018. But nobody uses them. Because it’s hard to integrate them successfully. There’s lots of L2 already out there. More than I named.
And you’re doubly retarded if you don’t realize that ETH 2.0 will kill all need for L2, so L2 is not really needed dependent on the timing of ETH 2.0, which could be within a year.

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Well OP is correct here. I tested SNX L2, minted SUSD and it cost me nothing with almost instant confirmation.

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No news since 2017, proven fake
proven fake
will be proven fake tomorrow

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price prediction eoy and eoy 2021

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You must have missed the part where all the biggest teams in defi are going live on Optimism testnet right now. It's not theoretical anymore. It's here. Teams are tired of waiting for ETH2.

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Bullish for SNX?

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Sure they are bud

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EOY: $5 (political chaos will crash market)
EOY 2021: $40-$60

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ETH2 will not kill the need for L2.

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>arbitrum token

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where's the demo results pic from?

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I haven't heard of this stock? Ticker: LINK? What purpose does it serve Arbitrum, sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me and I know my stocks.

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post vid

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>arbitrum token
they are using chainlink token you fucking retard

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muh dude its taking eth almost 5 years to come up with a solution, if it even works, in the meantime other companies have solved it. fucking retard.

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>stack XRP and HEX
haha wtf?

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You think? Re-read Stani's (Aave's founder) tweet and consider the implications for all of Link's customer, with Snx being their biggest one.

I'm getting the same vibes about this than when discussing town crier only attracted five replies for example.

I'm going to make it very simple: right now defi teams are still heavily fucked by how much price feeds cost, even with Sirgay footing most of the bills. They've been rolling out feeds slowly and waiting for this very day. When you reduce costs x100 what this means is you can launch x100 price feeds for the same prices as before. I think there's some disbelief because OK we've been seeing talks about muh one gazillion TPS ETH killer for a few years ago so it all seems like marketing mumbo jumbo bullshit. No. This is the real deal, actually happening, on Ethereum, with Ethereum's network effect. DEFI on steroids starting EOY. Massive explosive growth will follow.

Pic related for a little taste of what's to come. Are you beginning to understand the implications of defi teams being able to scale up their functionalities x100 thanks to cheap gas?

And Optimism is just the warning shot. Arbitrum now has a fire lit under their asses and will fire back. T-sigs coming soon. ETH2. Some viable L2s like AVA and Polkadot gaining traction by making it easy for Solidity devs to switch over... 2021 is going to be very exciting.

You wanna keep being ahead? Consider the role Framework Ventures is playing in all this. They went from small fish to the whale of the DEFI ecosystem in a couple of years by making all the right plays. They know all this is coming. What are their next bets?

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If they rush the development of L2, there are more windows of opportunity for competition not less. Too many chances to make a catastrophic error. Meanwhile the competition develops a solid product and releases it after any trouble occurs with L2.

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Less gas, cheaper price feed means lower price for chainlink token, no?

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What besides Link/Eth/Uni/Synx/AAVE will benefit from the next DEFI wave?

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MKR, YFI, everyone.

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Rottenswap. Chef is ready.

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>t. Retard

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I'm really curious about Teller


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But first.. the big financial crash that is 12 years been in the making is about to show its face.

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stay poor, doomer

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It's bullish for eth brainlet

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Why don't funds like Framework Ventures offer index tokens? I'd buy a token that represents a basket of locked holdings representing the projects they've invested in.

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I assume that XSN and WALT stand to gain from these milestones, correct? Or am I completely off the mark? I'm still new regarding crypto but I try to stay curious and all.

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>Teams are tired of waiting for ETH2.
Midwit take.
Rollups are designed for sharding.
Rollups scale linearly with sharding. It's literally the best case for ethereum. 300tps optimistic and 2k tps specialized zk rollups now -> ethereum scales to 10x users in two years -> just as that starts getting congested, full PoS with data sharding happens -> scalability multiplied by number of shards.

Ethereum with billions of daily transactions and paying >$100M in fees daily is going to be insane. All fees go to stakers (indirectly). In 2030 128 staked ethers are going to generate thousands of dollars in daily income.
I expect so many posts from 30+ and 40+ year old anons (in 2030) that didn't accumulate eth and missed their only real chance at financial independence.
This is also the timeline with brain implants and human augmentation, so wealthy people are going to regularly live over 100+ years as a cyborgs. Artificial limbs and organs are probably going to be priced like new cars, lots of precision engineering, pricing out most of the population. I expect a full artificial body (except for the nervous system) to cost the equivalent of $1M today.

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god he talks like such a reddit faggot

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Vitalik was writing about ETH L1 being used only for final settlement in 2014.

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So what does this mean for Chainlink?

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good thread OP thanks
so basically since LINK is the arbitrum token, just holding LINK is akin to holding L2 bags yes or am I mistaken?

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I have 240k LINK and have no idea what L2 means or does.
Enough runway capital to last until 2024. $2.4M in cubes to visit Stani if I run low on fiat.

Im gonna make with or without L2

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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>they are using chainlink token you fucking retard
how can they scale using Link?

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Ill get excited when i see actual results, actual functioning, actual use-cases. Sick of this vapor-ware blue ballsing. Webe been getting this "WHOAAAA THIS TECH IS REVOLUTIONARY GET STRAPPED IN YOUR ABOUT TO SEE SOME SERIOUS SHIT" then nothing ever comes of it

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Why the fuck should I care of TSLA coming soon on STX?

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you're a fucking retard who can't see what's happening in front of your own face. were you even in crypto 2 years ago? did you try doing live order matching on EtherDelta? it was a fucking shitshow. now you have AMMs and yield farming and flash loans and metamask and fucking ledger live and you think nothing is happening, fucking retard.

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I think you might be delusional but I got a bit of a chub reading your post so I hope you're not.

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It doesnt really matter for link because it will be operating across any and all L2 solutions. Sergey is playing them all against each other right now

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I sold all my btc at 300 and never looked back. I personally dont know what the fuck any of this means. QRD? and why its significant vs just another stepping stone to easier to use for everyday stuff

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>? did you try doing live order matching on EtherDelta?
yes they matched

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i still scan biz occasionally but this flew under the radar. am I blind or were there few threads?
100x in a year, its not fair
probably still a piece of shit scam but I want gains.

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>it's a scam
Maybe the fact that you're a confirmed shit-eating retard had something to do with you missing out on these obvious puzzle pieces coming together? Fuck I hate nolinkers. Actual cockroaches.

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>Framework Ventures

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brainlet here too but I have heard it would be a new token. Would we get 1 for 1 with our old Eth? or is the new token theory off the mark?

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Optimism is such a dumb name though. They really couldn't come up with anything else??

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Makes sense

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Last few vids I've seen of him he looks exhausted bros

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Big Macs will do that to you

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Colored coins reloaded

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Thanks OP, I think most people in here wouldn't have gone much further than using binance for transactions.
The Gas cost issue is painfully obvious to anyone using any sort of defi platforms (Uniswap, AAVE etc). I almost shit the bed in anger when I had to pay a $50 gas fee on Balancer.
Scale out my rage over a $50 gas fee to any chainlink node operators paying that gas fee over 1000 times in a day. This shit can't come soon enough, right now it's unsustainable - anyone who has used Defi knows this but this stuff makes it work.

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Nobody gives a shit about the TPS meme other than late adopter bizfags shilling their shitcoins. There have been like 30 Ethereum knockoffs since 2018 and nobody uses a single one of them. Why can’t brainlet newfags understand network effect?

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You forgot BSV.

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sounds like you didn't get in on 100x either.

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Wasn't this already dumped by the KuCoin hacker?

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ETH2 will not make L2 obsolete, it gets faster.
OMG is an obvious buy since it's the only L2 focused on fast trustless payments.
No, chainlink will be used more if gas fees are lower.

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based thread ty anons. LINK usage means number go up

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it's not because of network effect. 30 knockoffs failed to solve the problem. if you sacrifice trustlessness for scalability, you didn't solve the problem.
at first glance, that looks like what SNX does. you buy a bunch of worthless ERC20 tokens and hope someone else honors the agreement for the underlying asset

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It’s all of those things. All the muh tps chains claim they are secure and decentralized but there’s no way to know because nobody uses them kek

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eth 2 phase 0 does nothing for scaling. sharing is at least two years out. you are retarded.

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You don't even know what ETH v2 phase 0 means.

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XSN is the only Layer 2 solution I need.

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>ETH L2 before BTC L2
Bitcoin Core is a fucking joke hahaa

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boy are you fucking retarded lol!

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I finally made it this year, it makes me wonder if this is proof quantum immortality is real and I’m destined to live forever with my new metal body in a few decades.

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He's right. You're wrong. Phase 0 does nothing for scaling. It's beacon chain. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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This seems most realistic, I think longterm we go much higher as btc hits ATH in mid 2022-early 2023

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i don't like the fact that you can't exit for 7 days
need better solution than that

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