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>it took 5 days to double my money

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what do you mean proof? 5 days for double is below average. Lurk moar

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these daily humblebrag threads are a nice change of pace from the ">tfw another day wasted on 4chan" threads last month, keep it up

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What a time we live in where you 300% your money but still feel a loser because you should've 3000% it.

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>only up 10% today.
>feel like a loser

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>it was a no gain day becaise ur waiting for the big moon day

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>you finally ended a life of nocoin and bought $55 of BAT

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It took one week of HODLing (didn't trade or sell anything) and it's not even doubled. Will I make it, guise?

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*didn't buy or sell anything

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>invested $350
>$1200 as we speak

This isn't real. This isn't real. This isn't real. This isn't real.

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>£800 in two weeks ago
>only at +50%

Feel like this is genuinely slow by /biz/ standards, even if it's insane by normal standards.

bought Waves, Factom, ETH and BTC

Need a meme coin.

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>only made an average +9% per day since my initial 25€ investment
>it would still take me 5 months to reach my first million

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Crypto is the best thing that could ever happen to NEETs.

Stay neet and actually make money.

Exciting times , exciting indeed.

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/biz/ standards are artificially high, any fuck head can post a blockfolio with over $10k and be like "200% in 5 minutes guys"

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>100% return
>only put in 150

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Took me two weeks to triple

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>only up 1000% since 3 weeks ago

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>I will be a crypto millionaire in 2018 instead of 2017 because of 10x roi instead of 50x roi in a shitcoin
>its a linear growth instead of exponential

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Ever wondered why pretty much all block folio threads are just pennies?

It's because very few bizers can consistently make these kind of returns because they're mostly just buy-and-hold retards, and thus completely reliant on a massive bull market.

If you could just CONSISTENTLY double your money every month you'd be a millionaire very quickly.

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How do you faggots make money so quick, give me some tips. I started last month with a 10€ investment and was barely able to make anything. Please

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Smart man. I've almost doubled my throw-in of $68.

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If you started literally last month (meaning beginning of May, not May 31st), there's no way you couldn't have made massive profit, unless you buy high and sell low.

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What do you mean, you start with 10 and now u have 150. Are you retarted?

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>Started with 98 euros on Wednesday
>now 215 euros
Was at 260 late Saturday but DGB tanked

Will soon invest another 50euros on Stratis

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>tfw you felt for the crypto meme
>tfw you didn't pass a steem degree so you could get a good job and finish to pay your house in 40 years

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Why would you sell all the time in a bull market?
It's way better to just sell half of a coin when you have a ROI of 100% so you can reinvest that and hodl the rest of the coin for a long time.

The bull market is doing most of the work for you. You only need to start doing actual trading once the market is getting less bullish.

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Exactly that.
This problem is when you next invest was bad and you are stuck.

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Been thinking of getting in on this whole scheme. Have a 1000$ I can pretty much throw away. Spent the last week reading up and observing the market, but one thing I can't wrap my head around is the whole wallet system. Do I really need a specific app for each individual currency? Isn't there some universal wallet application somewhere?

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fuck off, I've only doubled in a month holding ETH

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>Been thinking of getting in on this whole scheme. Have a 1000$ I can pretty much throw away. Spent the last week reading up and observing the market, but one thing I can't wrap my head around is the whole wallet system. Do I really need a specific app for each individual currency? Isn't there some universal wallet application somewhere?

At least, you are playing it safe.

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>tfw only made %300 gains on $300 investment in 3 weeks


This is feels more like a wageslave life.

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>only doubled in a month holding ETH
ETH was good earlier. Now it's too big to flip.
Gotta get the new coins to get the big gains.

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Well take a look at these fucking gains.

My overall had been +$3200 in 11 days.

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i forward this.
only doubling in 5 days is beyond retardation, when x5 is average in cryptomememarket.

are u even trying OP?

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Up 60℅ on my first day of trading

Didn't even know what /biz/ was until I saw some guy post his portfolio on r9k

Lambo soon.

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>not trading crypto during class

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Pepecash m8. It's literally a meme based coin.

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and you bought same coins as he has in percentage ratios?
what to buy now, only have btc at this moment

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Why not both? CS degree is probably the best combination with crypto since you'll make a lot more money if you program some sort of service that uses cryptocurrency as a currency.

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Well, I want to actually make money. Working a 9 to 5 job for the rest of my life is out of the question, but I need to know where to put my money.

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I put in $50 about 30mins ago. Already up a dollar.


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The memes are real. They always were...

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Why does your blockfolio have mr krabs?

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And to think that if you had listened sooner you'd be in lamboland by now. :^)

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Because he's a jew like us.

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I only discovered this place after r/AMD kept bitching about the lack of GPU's after the miners got them for ETH.

Now I'm mining ETH because I have spare GPU power doing fuck all. Soon I won't use them for gaming because I could be making money.

They're fucking memes. It's like kek (praise be upon him) controlling the fucking US election.

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I bought all the same coins he had
Sold off the xem, regret the SC, and bought in early on xvg at 100 sat when I saw it being memed on. Xvg have me most of the profit, haven't lost any money except on SC.

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Tfw started 3 months ago and only turned $500 into $13.500 during this bubble, because I'm retarded

Not sure if I should just kill myself now or keep hoping for something good

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fuck this thread for making me feel bad

Is from 1500 to 5000 in 2 weeks really that bad? I bet you all a bunch of bagholders

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literally me
i sabotaged my gains by going to a job thinking it would infuse my capital more, turns out i should have just stayed at home and traded, i would have made way more money.

at 13k from 500 as well. ive been locking profit away over time so my gains are a lot slower now. best performance i had was a 3x in feb.

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Doing good mate. Are you memeing us?

>1500 to 5000 in 2 weeks
Not bad at all. Try telling a stock investor you're up 333.3% in 2 weeks.

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Yes, 3x is about as far as I got as well. I haven't cashed out ever, though, I just keep starting new positions, but now mindlessly throwing hundreds/thousands in, because it's more like some kind of game at this point.

No, I missed out on everything truly worthwhile and now we're at a point were pretty much 95% of all polo/trex coins are already pumped. I also fucking suck at holding and I seem to get worse at it every day. I believe not a single coin I held didn't go up significally at some point after I sold.

Besides POSW, of course

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Take this as a lesson to HODL.

You will do well, anon. There are and will be more opportunities to make sick gainz.

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my btc if you gain

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>tfw you realize mooncoin is shit so get out at 3sat for a 50% gain only to realize it's going to be a long term hold.

I still don't know why so many people are buying that shit

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I think we are entering a period where we need to look at which coins will retain as much value as possible for an inevitable crash, then get on those early gains when money is pumped back into it

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