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Election uncertainty. Riots when trump wins "mail voter fraud", corona rising etc. Macro looks disgusting short term.

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what else would you be bullish on? gold? stonks?

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US dollar finally truly becoming the worthless monopoly paper money that it is

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Us dollar is keeping the world from falling into hell. Fuck back off to plebbit

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who gives a fuck about a bunch of mentally ill people rioting in the streets for a week or two. markets will survive. nothing major will happen

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why do you people think crypto relies entirely upon american economy?

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Bitcoin is the new gold

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>Us dollar is keeping the world from falling into hell.
exactly, thank you for proving my point

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heh yeah bro, we here at 4channel have full faith in the US dollar. if you think otherwise, back to the pleb zone

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>corona rising
dude, trust me. no one gives a fuck about that....get over it dude, you're likely mentally ill

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US stock market moves everything

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i am bullish for BBQ

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