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Does someone have the video of the LINK/Tesla demo where they peer-to-peer rent a Tesla using Chainlink? Can't find it, thanks!

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I accidentally dropped it in the Ganges this morning during bath time.

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fuck yeah

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thats because it doesnt exist you retard

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Really, no one?

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Thank you fren!

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Hey that's pretty crazy, why's nobody talking about this?

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It's free money at this point

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>that pic

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That's really awesome.
DeFi insurance will be applied to this too.

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What the fuck. I haven't heard about this yet. This is actually fucking insane.

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Kek highly disturbing

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I will interpret my old meme as dream come true
top kek

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Why isn't the board all-over this already? Really makes you wonder...

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Getting my plaid tesla for sure

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> Linkies actually believe I'll allow this

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He literally can't stop it, nor would he care.

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> so your delusion level wasn't a legend
> you guys really are entertaining I'll give you that

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>Does anyone have the video of a non existant product existing and working?
Trolls trolling trolls

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Try harder Rakesh. Video here:


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This makes me want to buy more eth. Also this would have to be super overcollateralized.

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Is this what will trigger the normie fomo?

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>I wonder who could be behind this post

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So the product does exist after all?

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>21.5 mins
Jesus wtf tldw

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God I hate nufags

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Really interesting stuff. Rough like the internet in 1997 but shows what is going to happen and why everyone should have LINK.

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It's literally only because eth is slow as shit and outdated (plus they were on a testnet I'm sure).

Fuck you nigger my tendies are going to get cold, an important /biz/nessman such as myself has hentai to watch not some meme tesshit advertisement for half an hour.

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this is some cyberpunk level technology

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jesus christ he is literally wearing a hitler stache, omegakek

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kek isnt this what the retards at idIOTA been trying to do for years?